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From time to time I will post some ‘Cosmic News’, when the planets are having a major impact or there is a cosmic configuration of particular interest.

I am not an Astrologer, however, any Tarot practitioner will know that each of the 78 cards in the deck have a direct affiliation with the planets and Astrology. Therefore a working knowledge of the Heavens is a requirement for any serious Tarot reader. I also post the ‘Cosmic News’ on my Facebook page and Twitter.


Hello everyone

Well, this has certainly proved to be a challenging year!  The good news is that the latter part of August will be a much gentler month. It is a great time to take a deep breath, reevaluate and prepare for the last quarter of 2020, which will not be as calm as this month.

I’ll say more about that in my September ‘Astro News and Tarot Card of the Month’, available from 1st September, make a note in your diary!

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For the time being, I am not giving readings in person – However, I have found that Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or phone readings work very well.

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We all know this is not a typical summer, however, there can still be fun in the mix! The Sun is in Leo until August 22, which will encourage us all to experience inspiration in our day-to-day existence. Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday, August 4. The planet of ideas and communication remains in Leo’s extrovert domain until August 19.

Meditate on the ways in which you can bring some creative flair into your life. This could be as simple as adding extra colour to your environment or for example, you may feel drawn to undertake an online art class. Imagination and creativity will be at their peak, especially round the New Moon in Leo on August 18, a great time to embark on a new creative project.

This is also an excellent time to re-establish friendships with those you have been out of touch with and to nurture those already in place. Communication is key. This month highlights the importance of friendships. Find an excuse to celebrate together this month: Socially distanced, of course!

Mercury enters down to earth Virgo on August 19, with the Sun following into Virgo on August 22. These combined energies assist in shifting your focus onto any lingering items on your to-do lists. The latter part of August is a good time to get to grips with chores, as Virgo brings a much-needed ‘can-do’ attitude to help you tackle both domestic and work-related tasks almost effortlessly. It is a perfect opportunity to clear the clutter, both physically, mentally and on your communication devices.

2020 began with the super-rare and potent Saturn/Pluto Conjunct, which was then followed by a series of Retrogrades and potent Eclipses. In the latter part of August, we get some respite, a chance to catch our breath. August also brings the powerful Lions Gate Portal, which will be a welcome rest from the intensely transformative energies 2020 has provided thus far.

The Lions Gate Portal brings many opportunities to enhance our energy, recharge our vitality and to concentrate on raising our vibration to higher frequencies.

August is a slightly gentler month, however, if we are observant we may see that it is also preparing us for what will present in the final quarter of the year.

One aspect that stands out this August is that Mars, the planet of motivation, challenges, anger, disagreements and determination is making his presence felt.

For some (not all) of us, this may mean a heightened tendency to argue or disagree.  During the first week of August in particular people may find their dissatisfactions bubbling to the surface and needing expression.

This is a pity, in view of the many challenges 2020 has already brought us!


August 2 – Sun Square Uranus

Where there has been weakness or instability in your life, this is likely to demand attention. However, this energy will not be a surprise, rather it will confirm what we already know consciously or intuitively. Sometimes, even though we recognize that it is time to ‘let go’ of certain elements in our lives, we become reluctant to do so, because these things are so familiar to us, a sort of ‘Linus blanket’.   We hold onto things out of fear or because they feel safe, even if we instinctively know that it is now time to relinquish them.  Should there be anything in your life that needs to be released, this Sun Square Uranus will provide a gentle push that will assist you to ease it out of your life, thereby making way for something much better.

August 3 – Aquarius Full Moon

The energies of yesterday’s Sun Square Uranus will also be heightened on this Aquarius Full Moon. Perhaps now that our lives have been somewhat shaken up, we are beginning to notice other attitudes and beliefs that are no longer necessary or valid.

This Full Moon is very cleansing and it will help to slough off any outmoded attachments from the past. It really is time to let go, release and restore yourself to you. This Full Moon is really guiding us to release the things that are no longer serving us.

August 4 – Mars clashes with the planet Jupiter. Many believe that there is never a ‘bad’ Jupiter alignment so encouragingly, it shouldn’t be too demanding.

August 8 – Lions Gate

The Lions Gate Portal energy will be felt as early as 3rd August and will continue until around the 9 -10th. The Lions Gate Portal is triggered by the Sun reaching the zenith of Leo, the star Sirius, and the alignment of the Earth. Under this portal, high-frequency energies will be accelerating our growth and spiritual awareness. It is also possible to access higher dimensions and our psychic abilities will be enhanced, we may even experience ourselves being energetically healed and aligned.

The Lions Gate Portal: Every year on or about the 8th day of the 8th month (August 8th), there is a cosmic alignment called “The Lions Gateway”. The Lions Gate is a period of heightened cosmic energy influencing both the physical and spiritual realms.

 The Lions Gate has associations with ancient Egypt and for centuries has been observed and respected as a time of a vast energetic activation.

 This gateway happens with an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. As the star Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and from our view point on Earth, it appears that Sirius (the brightest star we can see) comes closer to the Earth.

 The star Sirius is twice the size of our Sun and 26 times brighter. Sirius represents abundance and fertility.

 This alignment is called the Lions Gate because it occurs when the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion). As a Zodiac Sign, Leo is associated with the heart center and represents the individual expression of the Divine.

 The Lions Gateway energy encourages intensifying the awakening of your spiritual side and embodying Divinity within a physical form.

 The Leo energy that we will all experience (regardless of our zodiac sign) is associated with royalty; therefore this alignment can be interpreted as a period of accelerated ascension. In 2020, together with the already potent waves of change and transformation, it is supercharged…

 August 13 – Mars Square Pluto

 This alignment demands our attention, as it will set the scene for the coming months.

Mars will be a very active influence in September and this energy will be present until to the end of the year. Mars is about to go retrograde too, so the alignments it is making now is highlighting situations we may have to revisit in future.

Be very aware of what unfolds on 13 August – both globally and on a more personal level.  It might not make sense at the moment, but during the Retrograde cycle, whatever transpires now will most likely need to be revisited. This configuration between irate Mars and livid Pluto may result in arguments. Yes, there are some challenges this month and all we can do is remain conscious and aware.

August 15 – Uranus Retrograde

Uranus spends the rest of 2020 Retrograde, going direct again in January 2021.  Uranus’ Retrograde movement is subtle and one that we may feel more on a subconscious level than on a conscious one.  It suggests a time to review and reflect upon how we have developed over the year and to honour ourselves for the changes we have made and the obstacles we have overcome.  It is likely that we may also revisit events that occurred earlier from January 2020, or maybe just reflecting on this time with renewed clarity and even grace.

August 18 – New Moon in Leo

Our thoughts may be on the future and we might be wondering about how to plan our strategy for the coming years.  This is a wonderful New Moon for setting courageous, bold, inventive and brave intentions. If we are moved to ‘take a leap of faith’, the current energies support us to make the most of new possibilities. Goddess Eris, (the dwarf planet), will square Pluto too, which assists us to find our fortitude in tackling challenges.

August 22 – Sun in Virgo

This heralds the season of the independent and strong Goddess, Virgo. It is an excellent time to explore our feminine attributes and to remember that this is a powerful aspect within all of us. The Divine Feminine has nothing to do with gender – it resides in all of us and is a part of the life force of the Earth.

Virgo’s symbol is the virgin. The virgin is free to do what they wish, they are whole and complete in whom they are and they don’t need a partner in order to make them whole. The Virgin urges us to listen to our inner compass, and then we will always find the strength and intuition to guide us through any challenges that occur. The Virgin is fierce force, with an open heart, always lead by the power of love.

August 24 – Mars Square Saturn

Here is another day on which to watch for clues, for what occurs on this day is likely to be something we will need to revisit in future. Mars is the planet of action and energy; it will go Retrograde on September 9. This energy will see tensions escalate, heated exchanges or even aggression. With Mars alignment to Saturn, we may observe some hints as regards where the stresses and tensions may occur, or what is being seeded that will draw us to the lessons and growth that the forthcoming Mars Retrograde will bring.

August 27 – Venus Trine Neptune

This is a very subtle energy. I include it because its energy has magic! Trines indicate harmony between two planets, in this case the Goddess of Love, Venus, is in harmony with the planet of imagination, dreams and creativity, Neptune. Together their combined influence will emit gentle, romantic and creative energy into Universe. This leads us beautifully into the Pisces Full Moon, which occurs on September 1st.

The answer this month is patience.  As Saint Augustine said ‘The reward of patience, is patience’!

So, you may be asking if there is any positivity to all these clashes? Absolutely, if you realise that getting angry very seldom resolves anything!

On a more positive note as August comes to a close Venus, the planet of abundance and love, is active from August 25 onwards, which brings in much needed harmony.

Remember, Mars may be challenging but it is also the energetic drive and motivation planet that will assist us to get things done!


ARIES:  Earlier in the year it is likely that you’ll have taken a big step out of your comfort zone in order to accomplish the much strived for objective of personal progress.  Stay committed to your path.  In the past you may have set aside your goals in favour of assisting others.  Prioritise where you put your efforts and focus on your aims and desires.  Try not to take on more than you can manage, this is an ideal time for you to concentrate on you.  Stay focused and you’ll see real progress this month.

Tarot Card:  Four of Pentacles –

Practical achievement, consolidation, business and monetary progress. Possible property matters. Power and influence through wealth.  Can indicate a miserly or clinging attitude. Time to let go of the old, be less conventional perhaps? Recognize what no longer serves you.

 TAURUS:  This August you’ll feel more ‘at home’ just being at home, or putting your energies into matters family and domestic.  People that make you feel you are part of the ‘family’ are not necessarily of the same blood.  If you are contemplating starting a family of your own, this is the ideal month to plan ahead and have the necessary discussions.  The focus on home suggests you may also feel the urge to make changes, adjustments, repairs indoors and get to grips with the garden and out of doors areas.  There is a sense of needing to make your home space your sanctuary and to communicate to those who are (and those whom you consider to be) ‘family’ how important they are to you.

Tarot Card:  The Emperor – The emperor is the powerful leader and father figure.  He is authoritative, sure of his position, confident and sometimes insensitive to others. He is assertive, can be dogmatic and yet he represents rules, order, family values.  He indicates that you are in a much better position you imagine. You may need to seek advice from and older, more experienced person.

He suggests a strong person, a boss, strong partner or a person of power, an ambitious leader, a man of influence.  Someone fearless and firm.  One who commands respect. Outgoing, confident and enthusiastic, straightforward and determined. When he appears he highlights that now is a good time to get matters in order, to take control. Reach for promotion.  You may be feeling strong and ambitious, determined to succeed.  It is a good time to deal with people in authority.  Influential people may cross your path.  It is a time to impress, to display good manners, responsibility and being efficient and practical.

GEMINI:  You may feel slightly overwhelmed with the constant flow of ideas that come to you these days.  Challenges seem easier to solve and inspiration bubbles up in a seemingly endless supply.  Family, friends and work-mates will seek you out for your opinion or advice.  Just be aware that not everyone will agree with your viewpoint.  You can only offer the advice and let others act upon it, or not as they choose. Try to adopt a soft approach.  Regarding your own projects, you may feel a surge of confidence and this is a great time to focus on either a creative project or career advancement, or – if you make enough time for yourself, both!

Tarot Card:  The King of Swords – Logical/Authoritarian. Analytical, ruthless, he is intellectual and emotionally controlled (possibly emotionally remote).  He can be both charming and urbane. Ambitious, speaks his mind, can be a bully, impatient. He represents Law and Order, officialdom and possibly legal matters.  He makes a protective and determined friend but a challenging and unforgiving foe.

 CANCER:  It seems you want the quiet life this month.  Matters may have been complicated and demanding of late and now you crave peace, space and no dramas!  Choose carefully whom you spend your time with, try to avoid controllers or high-maintenance people, seek out the uncomplicated.  By all means make plans but ensure these are minimal and simple.  The aim this month is to keep things calm and relaxed.  You may need some solitude.  August is all about restoring inner balance.  You’ll need this respite because September will bring its own challenges and personalities for you to deal with so make this time an oasis of peace, calm and relaxation.

Tarot Card: Queen of Wands – Energetic and versatile. Fun loving, full of vitality, she may be a flirt! She is spontaneous and gregarious, an extrovert, a great hostess and an accomplished networker.  High spirited and impulsive, she can be quick to anger.  She makes a bold entrepreneur.  The Queen of Wands is very perceptive and can ‘read’ people very well.  She is a loyal friend and potent ally. She does not hide her thoughts or feelings!

 LEO: Your birthday month is always significant and this August is no exception. This month sees you ready to take a ‘leap of faith’ and step further towards your gaols and desires.  Not only can you identify new opportunities when they arise, you can also generate them yourself!  Leo is all about how you present yourself, so make a plan for how you present your personal style, your brand and your voice. There is a New Moon in Leo on 18 August. This is a significant date. Here is an opportunity to explore and expand your creativity, your self-expression and your self-esteem.   You can reach high goals now if you keep your commitment and strategy to the goal in place.  Remember to give yourself a much needed ‘pat on the back’ for all you have accomplished.  Appreciate and honour who you are and what you will achieve in your new year.

Tarot Card:  Ten of Cups – Security, solid relationship based on trust and mutual respect.  Emotional stability and satisfaction.  Wholeness and completion. Coming home.  At peace with one’s self.  Maybe ready for new stimulus. Harmony, forgiveness and a happy home life.

 VIRGO: August urges you to slow down and look within.  Here you’ll find that what seemed so important only a couple of years ago has lost its appeal or urgency and that you ‘inner landscape’ has shifted, therefore your priorities have also changed.  This month requires a conscious ‘going with the flow’.  By establishing ease and calm in your mind and environment you’ll begin to see what is most important to you now, you’ll start to understand where you can incorporate more of what you want and let go of what you don’t want.  Let your imagination roam freely, allow more spontaneity to emerge, break up established routines and you’ll become aware of a deeper purpose and the quest for a stronger sense of fulfilment.

Tarot Card: Temperance – The word ‘temperance’ comes from the Latin ‘temperer’ which means to ‘mix’ or to or ‘to combine properly’.

Notice that the angel is mixing water between the cups but the flow of water is physically impossible, as the lower cup is not directly beneath the upper.  This suggests that the character of Temperance has achieved a ‘magical’ balance.  Also the angel has one foot in water. Water is symbolic of feelings, emotions and the sub-conscious, so again there is a dialogue between the physical and emotional/spiritual worlds.  This indicates a character that has achieved a certain sense of harmony, of balance within themselves and they are comfortable with who they are and how they respond to challenges.  The yellow Iris, in the language of flowers, suggests ‘Good News’ it is also the national flower of France and was an element of the royal French coat of arms. The path leading to the sun between two peaks indicates that there is always an alternative way/view and by taking ‘the middle way’, the more balanced view – one will reach the desired out-come. The triangle on the angels robe indicates that mind, body and spirit are in accord. The halo, or aura, round the angels head shows mental activity that is blended, mixed and ‘properly combined’. Staying calm and getting life into perspective facilitates progress.  The ability to mix the various elements may bring forth new ideas. It is a time to heal wounds, mend hurts, be forgiving and act with grace.  Moderation in all things is required.  Compromise, resolution and mediation.  Having the willingness to work with diverse aspects to achieve harmony.

LIBRA:   You have a tendency to soak up other peoples issues like a sponge! You do not have to shoulder the weight of the world.  During August the planets urge you to assess where you are spending your energy.  You are encouraged to incorporate some much needed self-care and self-nurture.  Part of this is to be firm about setting boundaries, particularly when others are demanding that you spend your energy on them. Stay informed by all means but, be aware of your own needs too – and don’t feel guilty about looking after yourself for a change.

Tarot Card:  Ace of Swords- Making a decision.  The sword of truth, the sword of success, the sword of justice. Employing logic and strategy to achieve progress.  New Ideas, mental clarity, discrimination and resolution. A new-found confidence, being sure you will succeed. Using your intellect rationally, logically and positively. Cutting out ‘the dead wood’ and cutting old outmoded ties in order to forge ahead.  Watch your health and stress levels.

SCORPIO: August highlights that you are being invited to leave behind what no longer serves you and start on a new path or challenge.  You may initially procrastinate but once you commit, you are ‘all in’ and like to plumb the depths of the matter.  This month you may become aware of a fresh idea, a new start, something that catches your attention and requires looking into.  August heralds a cycle of fresh inspiration and the letting go of, or closure on an old outmoded project.  Now you can begin to feel passionate about the new and unfamiliar. Consciously let go of whatever is taking up unnecessary space or time in your life, release it so that the new can be welcomed in.

Tarot Card:  Four of Wands

Moving home, changing job?

Celebration and completion.

Reaping what you have sewn, harvest time.

A family celebration.

Achievement, success.

Feelings of abundance, of ‘fitting in’.

A new project you can’ get your teeth into’

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll need plenty of patience this August.  You have so much to give, to teach and to share.  Others look to you as ‘the voice of reason’, for guidance, for wisdom.  You catch on quickly but not everyone in your life has that gift.  You may experience some circular conversations.  To avoid irritation, challenge yourself to ask some probing questions in order to really find out about others experiences and what has shaped their views.  Have fun, be patient with others and you’ll find you establish a deeper rapport than ever before with your circle.

Tarot Card:  The Star – 1 + 7 = 8 This is a most significant number in Tarot.  Remember the 3 cards crowned with the symbol of infinity or 8.  The Magician, Strength and the Two of Pentacles.  It indicates power, karma (reap as you sow), evolution and moving on. 17 denotes the unconscious activated.

The Star is under the auspices of Aquarius, the water bearer of the Egyptian God of the Nile, Hap.  In Greek mythology he was Ganymede who made it rain and poured wine for the Gods. Ganymede also represents caring service to others, honesty and humanitarianism. The bird in the image is an Ibis, another Egyptian symbol of the God Thoth.  He was the original inspirer for arts of all kinds.  The star is a joyful card of reflection, renewal and hope. Renewal of mind, body and spirit.  It heralds the dawn of a new optimism. Knowing that you will be successful. New trust in a relationship.  It represents the heavenly bodies that guide us and strengthens our ability to be in touch with that guidance. Elegance, peace and tranquility.  Belief in your better qualities, shine like the star you know you are!  It is a calling for self-healing and trust that the heavenly bodies (cosmos & planets) are assisting you.  Make a sincere wish and have faith in a beneficial outcome.

CAPRICORN:  The emphasis for you this month is taking time for yourself.  Aside from needing a well earned break, there are some ideas brewing away on the back burner that require your full attention.  You can only focus on them if you make the space.  You also require the time to put into place some strategies for the last quarter of the year, both in your personal life and career-wise.  You’ll also need this time to re-charge your batteries, as September will be a challenging month.  Try meditation and keeping a diary of ideas to assist you with your forward planning.

Tarot Card:  Nine of Pentacles – Success and the achievement of goals.  Prosperity and comfort. Harvest, rest and relaxation. Solitary leisure, learning to be friends with and to appreciate ones self. Liking ‘the finer things’ in life, feeling that you deserve them.  Knowing you have the ability to progress, growth and advancement.  Possible free-lance work or self-employment.  More autonomy over your time.  A craving to be in nature.

AQUARIUS: Your key word is ‘adaptability’ and goodness knows, this year has demanded buckets of it! There is a Full Moon in Aquarius on 3 August, it’s a good time to review the adaptations you’ve had to make and the progress of goals you’ve set since your birthday.  August offers you the opportunity to incorporate innovative new ways of doing things.  Uranus, your ruler, goes Retrograde on 15 August giving you the chance to see things from a new perspective.  It is a very good energy for revisiting ideas you have left brewing on the ‘back-burner’, you’ll be assisted with a surge of enthusiasm.  It may be to your advantage to review notes from old brainstorming sessions, there is a gem waiting for you there!

Tarot Card:  Eight of Pentacles – New opportunity or

avenue at work. Building a foundation.   Working very hard.  Putting things in order.  Productivity, being diligent and paying attention to the details. Honing your skills. Solitary efforts, success from past endeavors, recognition.

 PISCES: This is a month where you may feel as though while you want to be useful and of service in some way, you may also feel that you don’t fit in anywhere!  It is hard to want to do something important and powerful when you suspect the world doesn’t value you for who you are.  This August the astrology suggests that you are about to experience a flash of insight that gives you the key to exactly where your unique gifts can be of benefit.  Just be yourself, speak from the core of your integrity and be honest, even if it is hard for the recipient to hear.  Trust that when you commit to doing what you love, the Universe supports your efforts and will show you that you are of great benefit to the world.  Try to do something just for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do this month.  It sends a message to the Universe that you are ‘worth it’!

Tarot Card:  Ace of Wands – A new venture, a new and creative start.  Spiritual enlightenment.  Primal power, a feeling of vitality, a dynamic spark of inspirational energy. The impetus to make positive changes.  Receiving possible important communications.  A passion for the new.  Enthusiasm.


Since April I have run a very special ‘Lockdown Special Offer’.  I have reduced my normal fee from £70.00 to £40.00. This offer continues until Friday 21st August, when my fee will then revert to £70.00.


For the time being, I am not giving readings in person – However, I have found that Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or phone readings work very well.

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My guest contributor this month is Cilla Conway, creator of The Intuitive Tarot, The Devas of Creation and the Byzantine Tarot.  Cilla and I are friends and colleagues, having worked together many times and we have travelled throughout Turkey, gathering research material for the Byzantine Tarot deck.  You can see images of this deck on my

Cilla Conwaywas born in Holland, brought up in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), and moved to London in 1971. She began painting her first tarot shortly after that, and found it connected her to some deep wisdom that, as she said, educated her in everything she needed to know. She left her despised office work in 2002 and four months later, her tarot deck was accepted for publication (The Intuitive Tarot). At the same time she began to paint The Devas of Creation. For the next 14 years she read tarot for Watkins Bookshop in London, and then moved to Italy. She now concentrates on her painting although she still gives a limited number of Skype readings. Contact her at   +44 7949 766634 (or  +39 392 636 9504

JULY OVERVIEW– from The Shimmering Veil Tarot and the Devas of Creation

10 Earth. As we emerge slowlyfrom the pandemic this card reminds us of our long evolutionary journey – from single-celled amoebae, to sea creatures, through the dinosaurs and finally to mammals. This is our inheritance and we need to be thinking seriously of the future – as we see the great timeline of life roll up towards us, into the future, what do we want it to be? It is clear that with our global connections, we are at risk as never before from health hazards, pollution, and the limitations of financial and political systems.

The response, given by the Devas of Creation, is Metamorphosis. This is certainly true – we need a metamorphosis of value, of physical possibility. The appearance of this Deva (devas are blueprints of creation) indicates we are now in the process of changing into a new state – after illness, depression, or some other withdrawal from the world. We can choose to spin ourselves a different story, to emerge as a butterfly rather than a mayfly or a mosquito…

Many of us may be feeling empty or unhappy, incomplete or even terrified at
what the time of lock-down has revealed to us. However, the appearance of this Deva is an indicator that transformation is happening, even while it seems that many of us just want to return to ‘normal’ as fast as possible.

The card for the rest of the year – the One of Water.

This is a multi-faceted card. Most of us are aware of the pollution of the sea and waterways of earth, and are aware of the work currently taking place to attempt to clear them. At the same time, the card is about connection with different life forms in the sea (whales and dolphins, particularly). It is not only the sea and land that are threatened by plastic pollution; we ourselves are at risk from micro-plastics. However, if we could return to more harmonious ways of life – where we have a communion with and care of all creatures – including the wellbeing of the earth – our chances of survival greatly increase.

The next card drawn is the Deva of Worlds


The bridge between the worlds. Our human perception is so limited that every now and again, we need to be reminded of what’s important. This pandemic has forced us to do this. So what have you realized over the last few months? What has become important – even vital – in how you see the world? Have you made any changes in how you live? Or, if you are still in lock-down, what are you planning to do when you finally emerge?

The last card for the next few months is Courage (the big Wave).

This is an interesting thought … it is not necessarily the Pandemic; I was under the impression I was asking about the future racing towards us. The interpretation still fits the pandemic – that sometimes we find ourselves caught up in a tsunami of events, and have to allow ourselves to trust that there is meaning and purpose, even when things seem very bleak.

It may be that – as many of us have felt – our time of plenty and security is metamorphosing into one of chaos and uncertainty. Indeed, in many areas of the world this has already happened, as we see from the multitudes of refugees and displaced people who have been attempting to flee wars and starvation in their own lands.

Courage is not only the ability to confront fear or danger, it is also trust in, and surrender to, a greater truth. This year of 2020 is a testing time, for all of us. We have no choice but to continue, facing the future with fortitude, whatever it turns out to be.Cilla Conway.



The cosmic set-up brings us a rare phase where six planets are retrograde at the same time.

Neptune in Pisces: 22 June 2020 – 28 November 2020

Shattering illusions, accessing spirit via dreams.

Mercury in Cancer: 18 June 2020 – 12 July 2020

Nursing childhood wounds, healing family traumas.

Venus in Gemini: 13 May 2020 – 15 June 2020

Relationship needs – mirroring the other side.

Saturn in Aquarius: 10 May 2020 – 1 July 2020

Revolt against entrenched structures, wealth redistribution.

Jupiter in Capricorn: 10 May 2020 – 12 July 2020

Exposing media disinformation, global unrest.

Pluto in Capricorn: 25 April 2020 – 4 October 2020

Unmasking undercover dealings and conspiracy theories.

Following the two June eclipses, July 5thbrings us a Lunar Eclipse, with the Sun – Moon opposition between Cancer and Capricorn, heralding changes both in career matters and in domestic situations.  The energy urges either climax or resolution.

This month there is every chance that we will all be required to adopt a very mature attitude when confronted with occurrences or situations that trigger emotional responses.  We also need to adhere to our chosen direction and not become distracted by others dramas.  While many have been in close proximity to our families for extended periods recently, we need to be aware of our own independence – whilst still respecting family and its values.

This Lunar Eclipse encourages us all to take a long hard look at how family has changed our attitudes and to look at career issues in a new light.  We may question our career path choices; are we trying to please our family or ourselves? It is an ideal opportunity to become your own guide and follow your own unique desires.

July sees the conclusion of an astrological cycle that began two years ago, paving the way for new directions. The influences involved urge us to liberate ourselves from any closed thinking, or outmoded or dogmatic belief systems.  This clears the ground for new thinking, new ideas and inspiration.  It may also indicate unrest and upheavals.

At this time patience is essential.  Patience with both family and authority figures, as our working landscape will shift and change.  Even if you are working from home you’ll notice that routines will be altering. This month The Sun and Mercury are in opposition to retrograde (in Capricorn) Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn suggesting and imbalance between professional and domestic life.  Keeping the lines of communication open and clear with family and colleagues alike is key at this time.  Discussions are likely to prove beneficial for all parties.

Together with the aforementioned retrograde planets, July also sees Mars in Aries (its home position) this influences us to courageous choices and actions, an urge towards moving away from the old and embracing the new.  However, we are also likely to revisit old or postponed projects as we now have the impetus to see these through and thanks to Mars, with a new found confidence.

July keeps resentments and frustrations simmering on the back burner, where they will remain until August 2020 when the planets situated in Capricorn Square Mars, may see tensions erupt into conflicts.

Therefore, starting now and in every aspect of our lives we all need to embrace the habit of weighing up the pro’s and con’s, the habit of seeing both sides to a situation or argument, we need to cultivate patience, tolerance and the ability to understand the consequences of our actions before we make our moves.

Under this planetary phase our strengths will be professionalism, calm, a reasonable attitude and the skills to formulate strategies.  It may well be that plans made now will require re-evaluation in a couple of months time, but don’t let this faze you.  It is all part of current cosmic energies and handled with grace, will actually produce positive productivity and benefits.  Try not to resolve all issues at once.  Pace yourself!

July 12-16 sees Mars and Chiron conjunct. Under this energy we may well find issues we thought long dealt with resurface for a final reckoning.  It is a great opportunity for the completion of healing. This requires self-awareness of where we might be feeling defensive or aggressive and also why.


This July, with Mars in Aries and Venus in Gemini we all feel more inclined to make new connections and to be more pro-active in doing so.  Our social life will take centre stage; also our intimate relationships will receive a new energetic boost!  We’ll become aware of the relationships that allow us space and individuality and we’ll be able to recognize those that are possessive or drain us and take action accordingly.


ARIES: Your feelings are very optimistic and positive this July. Matters seem to go unfold effortlessly and your diligence at work will be rewarded. Continue to progress towards your aspirations, the current energy from the universe assists you during July. The Sun is in Leo after July 23, and you might find that you are working even harder towards your professional goals. This is also great energy to begin a workout routine you’ll benefit by feeling both energized and upbeat. Regarding relationships, it could be that you are more sensitive than usual. Open up and to express to your partner your more vulnerable side, this will strengthen your connection and allow it to grow even more.

Tarot Card: Justice – The imagery is of Justitia from the Greek Titanis Themis, originally the image was blindfolded, denoting that the law does not discriminate.   The number 11 is a ‘master number’ and relates to the psychic, thus Justice is required to ‘see’ and so she is not blindfolded in the Tarot.  The upward pointed sward indicates resolve and the ability to piece illusion to gain the ‘heart of the matter’.  The two edged sword symbolizes choice; the figure has one foot visible and one foot hidden in her robe.  Feet are about stance and stand point.  We are formed by the actions we have taken in the past and will be by those we choose in the future. Taking a rational view is essential. Diplomacy. Tact. Arbitration and peacekeeping. Objective thinking, interaction and communication. Accepting the truth, taking responsibility for your choices, looking at both sides of an argument.  Weighing things up, justice, morality law and order, legal matters. Take advice before making a decision.  Compromise may need to be considered.  Apologies may be required.

TAURUS: Mars is present and so you may find greater focus and clarity in your thoughts. Any goals you have set in both career and relationships are easily achieved this month.  This is a time when not only is curiosity aroused but a need to soak up knowledge as well.  It is an ideal time to learn something new or carry out research.  In relationships you are demonstrating a greater level of empathy and understanding. Kindness is key.  You’ll be able to put yourself in another’s shoes so that any disputes arising this month have a good chance of being resolved satisfactorily. There is strength in trusting enough to show your vulnerability.

Tarot Card: The Empress – Abundance, creativity, harmony and union.  Matriarchal figure.  Maturity, healing, love of home garden, countryside and simple pleasures.  She is wise and understands the value of love. Venus relates to love, sex, marriage, possessions and money and how we deal with those areas of our life.  Indicates our attitude to and what we expect from marriage also personal relationships, be they personal or business. Mother figures are important in your life. Focus on beauty, harmony with the natural world.  Sensual awareness and luxury. She is associated with Ishtar, Aphrodite and Erzulie, all of whom are quite grand.  They also signify a passionate approach to life.  The goddess aspect of The Empress is associated with agriculture, hence the grain at the feet.  In Europe she was ‘The Corn Goddess’.  Her crown is of 12 stars, the zodiac, her necklace is nine pearls for the 9 planets. She is literally wearing the cosmos as her jewelry! She can indicate great satisfaction on all levels but also the stubborn insistence on a purely emotional approach – which is not always productive.  Whichever way you look at her, she is a ‘force of nature’.

GEMINI:   It is likely to be an emotional month for you. Any suppressed feelings will surface and require attention. By facing your emotions and feeling you can negate tensions and uncertainties.  You also need to air your feelings with friends and loved ones.  By doing so you’ll gain both calm and clarity.  This month you’ll find solitude more to your taste than gatherings.  It is key to communicate openly and honestly.

Tarot Card: The Hierophant – The Hirophant represents all forms of divine law, as understood by man. Teaching, spiritual matters, traditional ways, faith, vows, oaths, promises.  His qualities include patience, persistence, reliability warmth and romanticism.  His archetype is The Pope. He is a conformist in certain ways but freethinking in spiritual matters.  He encourages inner reflection. He indicates that consultation with an official prior to a ceremony such as a marriage may be taken.  This is a good time for prayer and reflection, a time to take up study of spiritual matters. He suggests knowing how to act appropriately, discrimination from knowledge, accepting discipline. He can herald a meeting with someone you have known before who will be of assistance to you in giving guidance. I feel he gives confidence via faith.

CANCER: This month you may be required to take more of a leadership role, not one that sits very comfortably with you.  However, you will be able to guide and mange others effectively.  Your communication skills and ability to strategize are heightened this month. Collaboration with others and possibly family members is indicated.  Watch your stress levels and look after yourself. You may notice that you are more observant of others, particularly of your partners needs.  It is a good time to demonstrate your empathy and support.

Tarot Card: The Moon – 18 1+ 8 = 9 Culmination and synthesis of all previous experiences. Spiritual knowledge from understanding. Compassion, enlightenment. Prepare for a new cycle, fate, self-awareness. The Moon is governed by the sign of Pieces, sensitive, artistic, imaginative, intuitive, kind and sometimes over-sensitive. The moon as full and crescent indicates the transitory nature of all things.  It also encourages paying attention to ones intuition, perception and dreams.  The Moon represents the feminine, mysterious, intuitive, goddess.  The Moon warns against being taken in by illusion. Sometimes the moon brings us confusion, apprehension or worry but notice the crayfish emerging from the water. Water symbolizes the sub-conscious and so the crayfish is facilitating the emergence of the sub-conscious into the conscious mind. The dogs indicate creativity and the path is the path you instinctively know you must follow from the core of your individuality.  A complex card, the Moon also deals with our sense of security.  Trust in the ‘deeper realms’ particularly your own ‘inner voice’. Be aware of the possibility of self-deception.  A good time to explore spiritual knowledge.  Coincidences and ‘magic’ may happen around you, a creative time and encouragement to ‘know thyself’.

LEO: A cautious approach to spending is advisable this month. It could be that you need to make a budget plan and stick with it.  Any larger purchases would be better made next month. Regarding relationships, there is a heightened energy of excitement, spontaneity and adventure.   Introducing new experiences into your relationships will facilitate growth and deepening of connections.

Tarot Card: Two of Cups – Consolidating feelings, stepping closer to another, wanting intimacy, falling in love, seeing someone again after a first meeting. Harmony and understanding. Meeting of hearts and minds, coming together.

VIRGO: July sees you feeling very calm and at peace. You’ll also bring a very reasonable attitude to any obstacles that arise and you can deal with them best them with a realistic attitude.  In your relationship, it will be best for you and your beloved to find some time to escape if you can.  Whatever form this takes, being out in nature will help you to appreciate each other more and to reconnect  There is a chance that someone may wish to ‘rain on your parade’ or belittle your ideas.   Just remember they could be projecting their own insecurities onto you so let it all roll off your shoulders pay no attention to it.  During the second half of July, new opportunities will present.  Welcome to them because they could assist you to reaching your goals.

Tarot Card:  Five of Cups – Loss, possible (temporary) breakdown of relationship although not necessarily irretrievably.  Emotional difficulty or disappointment. Reappraisal of your feelings.  Appreciate what you have.  Knowing that regret for ‘water under the bridge’ is a waste of time.  Gratitude and knowing that the best is yet to come.

 LIBRA: This month there may be some occasional air of despondency.  Go with the flow and know that this is a ‘clearing’ making way for the good stuff. Consciously seek out activities that bring you pleasure, this will aid growth and healing.  Don’t deny your feelings, they have come up to be healed. Career wise you may well find a boost in demand for your services, you can achieve a great deal and also gain recognition, even promotion.Within relationships you may well experience easier, communication and an ability to express your thoughts and feelings clearly.  Openness and honesty about your feelings will bring you closer together.


Tarot Card: Eight of Cups – Loss, but the loss of something that has ‘past its sell by date’, letting go in order to move on.  Realizing that something is no longer working.  Walking away from that which no longer serves you.  Withdrawing and taking stock.  Gaining a new perspective.  A willingness to embrace new values and head in a new direction.

 SCORPIO:  You may well be feeling very tired, if not exhausted.  Time for some much needed self-nurture.  Time out will trigger inspirational ideas for future projects.  It could be that you feel a little distanced from you partner – it’s a good time to air thoughts and feelings to ‘clear the air’ and ensure you both understand the others viewpoint and expectations.  This may trigger discussions about spending more ‘quality time’ together. If single you’ll use this energy to take batter care of yourself on every level.

Tarot Card: Ace of Swords –  Making a decision.  Sword of Truth.  New Ideas. Mental clarity, discrimination and resolution. Using your intellect rationally and positively. Cutting old ties to forge ahead.  Watch your health and stress levels.

 SAGITTARIUS:  July may see you considering an alternative career path.  Just as well, considering that you may well be presented with a fresh opportunity. Be open to new ideas even if they don’t make sense to begin with.  Trust that as they say ‘the Universe has your back’.  It is also possible that you’ll meet someone new and dynamic, be open, go with the flow.  This is a great month for the unexpected!

Tarot Card: Ten of Pentacles – Financial and material stability, prosperity. Family and home. Domestic security.  Traditions. Sometimes indicates family money/inheritance. A sense of family solidarity (if you have no blood family this can mean a strengthening within the circle that you regard as ‘family’).

CAPRICORN:  A new sense of family solidarity and connection with friends urges you to make contact.  It seems you may have been working uber-hard, ‘nose to grindstone’ style and therefore had less time to devote to family and friends. Now is the time to show loved ones that you are there for them. Intimate relationships flourish, however, you may find someone from your past manifests.  Listen to what they have to say, they may well have changed and this encounter could bring you closure that was previously incomplete.

Tarot Card:  Ten of Wands – Feeling stuck in a rut, restless, ready for change of direction and new challenges.  A need to use your energy positively.  Burdens and responsibilities.  Not seeing the wood for the trees.  Feeling resentful.  Having taken on too much, needing to clear some burdens, also – don’t over complicate matters, your goals are not unreasonable and are achievable.

AQUARIUS:  Be aware that under the current planetary set-up you may feel both vulnerable and emotional, this could well cloud your judgment. Try not to let your feelings control your actions. Be realistic when viewing your situation, see your circumstances as they really are, not how you would like them to be! Follow your intuition this truly will guide you.  There certainly is an element of ‘wishful thinking’ this month so make sure you are not viewing people through ‘rose tinted spectacles’ and try to avoid putting certain people on pedestals. If you look and see truly, you may find they are actually even better than you had first thought!

Tarot Card: Three of Cups – Romance, union, falling in love, developing a relationship.  Joy and sharing. Celebration, a party, a birth or marriage.  Receiving a present or gift.  A sense of belonging, having ‘found your tribe’ of like-minded others, community spirit.

PISCES: Creativity is highlighted this month.  Collaboration in creative projects may prove beneficial and teamwork is indicated this month.  Any project you really have faith in can truly take off under the current cosmic influences.  Be bold, use your inspiration and enthusiasm to your advantage.  If single, you could well encounter someone who takes your interest this month, if paired you’ll find your relationship deepening.


Tarot Card:  Knight of Wands – Indiana Jones!  The adventurer who is both passionate and inspired, courageous and broad-minded. Possible travel, being on the way to success, taking a risk, ‘just do it’, attitude. Bravado, muster the energy and put in the effort.  The Knight of Wands may also indicate a dashing but somewhat unreliable suitor.



Hello everyone, normally I only post at the start of the month but because this New Moon & Solar Eclipse is so significant (it won’t occur on a Summer Solstice again until 2039), I wanted to tell you something about the influences and energies involved and how you can use them to your benefit. Please feel free to spread the word!  Thank you x

As previously mentioned, I am not an astrologer, however, Tarot and Astrology have very close links. Each one of the 78 Tarot Cards is linked to a Sun Sign or Planet.  So a working knowledge of the cosmos and its dance is essential for any serious reader.

I am not writing about individual sun signs here, nor giving individual Tarot card of the Month, please see my June 2020 Astro News & Tarot Card of the month, however I will draw and interpret three cards to see what they have to say about the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

I’ll be posting July’s Astro News & Tarot Card of the month on 1stof the month.  My guest contributor in July will be Cilla Conway, author and artist of The Devas of Creation deck and The Byzantine Tarot.

Rosemary’s Tarot Offer: In view of the extraordinary response to my April, May & June special offer, I am extending this for the foreseeable future.  I am now offering readings at the special discount rate of £40.00 over Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime or phone.  I am also giving FREE readings for NHS Workers.

Tarot Tutorials: In addition, I am giving mini Tarot Tutorials, 3 x 1.5 hour sessions, tailored to your requirements.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning the basics of Tarot or enhancing your knowledge  07771 854343


 On Sunday 21 June there is a Solar Eclipse in Cancer.  This is also the Summer Solstice.

Saturn is the maininfluence on this solar eclipse, bringing an imbalance between personal responsibility and freedom, and between restriction and self-expression.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is also under planetary influences that herald enthusiasm and initiative. However, these energies may also provide a tendency for impulsiveness, pleasure-seeking and recklessness.

Under this eclipse phase we all need to be patient, cautious and maintain a responsible attitude. Although open-mindedness and flexibility are also indicated, which will assist you to navigate your way through the changes to the current level of restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

A New Moon Solar Eclipse is powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun. Solar Eclipse in June 2020 is an annual solar eclipse, so not all the Sun will be darkened. In this type of partial eclipse, the apparent diameter of the Moon is smaller than the Sun’s, leaving a ring of light around the eclipsed Sun.  Sometimes called ‘the ring of fire’.

The strongest and most significant aspect of this New Moon Solar Eclipse is Sun conjunct Moon.This configuration signifies that all possibilities can be made manifest, plans for the future that are seeded now will be fully supported to growth.  It is the optimum time for fresh new beginnings, a time to challenge yourself on old outmoded habits and ways of thinking, a time for boldness and invention, if you do this, progress is assured.

The Sun conjunct Saturn, creates inner conflict between freedom of self-expression and an awareness of duties and an onus of obligations. There is a sense of constant striving to achieve the fulfilment of your own personal needs, without neglecting your responsibilities and this can trigger heightened inner tensions. If the imbalance is greater rather than lesser, a conflict could develop regarding your self-esteem, physical or mental health, career path, or within a significant relationship.

Try to avoid the swing between maturity and recklessness. By placing too much focus on your own wants and desires, you could neglect yourself in other ways. Having the freedom to enjoy yourself means something else may suffer. It could be your work, your significant other, your children, or your confidence.

The key to ameliorating the influence of Sun quincunx Saturn is taking responsibility. What are the most immediate and important matters in your life? Attend to these first and don’t procrastinate! Know your limitations, set boundaries. Ignore the nay-sayers and the critics, and remain steadfast and true your own path.

Diligence, self-discipline, and self-control will eventually bring about greater self-confidence, personal freedom, self-expression, and a sense of achievement. Self-respect and gaining respect from others manifests via the achievement of personal and career goals.

The Sun quincunx Saturn transit creates an imbalance between your desires and your responsibilities. Although you may be experiencing certain limitations, you are still capable of self-expression.

The combination of liberation versus limitation is now likely to alter. So be flexible, adaptable, and open-minded as you adjust to greater or lesser responsibilities or restrictions to progress. Patience, hard work, self-control, and self-discipline are also necessary.

Past mistakes or misdeeds may evoke sadness, loneliness, separation, guilt, worry, or fear. You may feel disappointment due to a lack of achievement or recognition for your efforts. You might experience criticism or disagreement, and generally feel held back.

You could sense an imbalance between your goals and the expectations of others. Due to this, there might be disagreements between you and power or authority figures such as a boss, parent, or teacher.

Solar Eclipse June 2020 Summary

A major theme of the June 21st Solar Eclipse is an invitation to use the present influences to assist in achieving a balance between your personal freedom and self-expression. With altering severity of rules, restrictions and responsibilities, in order to avoid heightened stress levels, adaptability and flexibility is key.

The current planetary set-up brings inspiration, enthusiasm and initiative – however, also the lean towards pleasure-seeking, impulsiveness, and recklessness. This emphasises Saturn’s requirement for a responsible, cautious and patient approach to new personal freedoms or new restrictions, particularly in consideration of the current pandemic.

During the next fortnight, the June 21st Solar Eclipse energies will enhance the themes of the Lunar Eclipse that took place on 5 June,  (impatience, sexual frustration, and lack of self-control). Then, it will complement the influences of the July 5 Lunar Eclipse which will last through to November 30, 2020.  More about that in my July Astro News & Tarot Card of the Month.

The current cosmic energetic influences may not be comfortable but they are very significant.  You may feel torn between a multitude of different responsibilities and also experience a sense of needing to work extra hard, all of which can lead to both tension and exhaustion.  The good news is that a conscious effort to make even the smallest of positive changes will have a greater beneficial effect than you can currently envisage.  Compromise, adjustment, flexibility, adaptability and the avoidance of procrastination will bring greater balance, harmony and progress.  It is not a time to shirk responsibility nor to take on more than you can reasonably handle.  Financially it’s a great cosmic set-up to ‘clear the decks’, or rather, clear the debts or make a start on that if you can. Just take one step at a time and focus on your greatest responsibility first, then the rest will seem like a breeze!

Don’t forget to self-nurture at this time, we are all under various degrees of stress and the planets can make us feel more than a little ‘out of kilter’ both physically and emotionally.


Card One:  Two of Swords – Decisions you may not want to look at but know that you must make. What is the bigger picture and what are you reluctant to see? It indicates that you are facing a challenging decision, but you are unclear about which option to take. Both possibilities may seem equally good. It is often a card about partnership and balance. It usually refers to a “partnership” with just one other person as opposed to with groups of people.This card shows a need for give and take (none of us are always right 100% of the time, and everyone to some degree has something to offer.)

The Two of Swords astrological affiliation is attributed to Libra/7th house. The ruler is Venus. Venus is sociable, friendly, cooperative and accommodating.

Card Two:  Judgement – In a general context, perhaps you have been to hard on yourself, or on others?  Alternatively you may have experienced a gradual feeling of ‘coming to your senses’ in some regard.  This is not a card of endings, it is a card of fresh starts but with knowledge of the previous karmic lessons up to this point. Its influence encourages calm evaluation of yourself and your choices to date.  You can now tap into new-found self-awareness and allow healing to take place. Atonement or reparation for past misdeeds will unfold organically.  This card confirms that we are ready for a new chapter in our lives, and a greater degree of self-trust is indicated.

The cards planet is Pluto, which can be a demanding planet. It takes 248 years to complete an orbit and rules Scorpio.  Its watchwords are power, regeneration, elimination, taboo, transmutation, subversion, obsession.

Judgement is a karmic card.  The phoenix rises from the ashes (Scorpio is all about transformation), a new start is offered. Rebirth, rising above, regeneration, recovery. What goes around comes around. Judgement comes from a higher place, not from mankind.

Break through and break free, put your foot down, speak from the core of your integrity.  Make more of yourself and welcome fresh chances.  Taking responsibility for your actions.  Reap the reward of past actions, new cycle, new project, reinvent yourself. Feel more comfortable ‘in your own skin’.  A new appreciation of yourself.  Keywords: Pursue, New Chapter, Calling, Ready, Initiation

Card Three:The Wheel of Fortune –  Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of ‘luck’.Jupiter was once ruler of the Gods. Optimism, justice, expansion of knowledge, new learning, justice.

The Wheel of Fortune represents cycles of life and the essence of karma, the Wheel of Fortune blesses us with change and it is an indication that Jupiter is providing beneficial influences. The Wheel of Fortune’s symbolism is rich in the Fixed Signs of the zodiac. It is likely that you may receive communication relevant to one of the Fixed Signs, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, or Taurus.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears, it is a very optimistic omen, your luck is truly taking a positive and beneficial turn. Your positive karma is returning to you, so expect rewards when the Wheel of Fortune appears. There is nothing you need to do, and no action is required. Rather, this is an external influence that positively alters matters in your favour. Expect events to happen quickly!  When the Wheel of Fortune arrives be aware that this is a message of karmic hope, and things are about to take a positive turn, to finally turn in your favour. The message of this card is to justbe patient. Your karmic reward is well on its way.  Opportunity, chance, good fortune, inevitability, luck, timing, destiny. CHANGE!  Steady movement and progress. Synchronicity and coincidence, taking advantage of opportunities.A new phase of life begins, embrace it! The wheel may signify a new relationship OR infatuation, how you respond is up to you.  Change for the better.  Positive thinking, you CAN make it happen.  Now is the right time.  A turning point in your life, help coming to you. Also watch for over indulgence!



Special Guest Contributor: This month I have invited Shawn Stone, a friend and trusted colleague, to contribute to this months Astro News. Shawn and I go back a long way, we met when working together at The Mind Body Spirit Festival and have since worked together many times.

Shawn is totally sincere, genuine and caring.  His readings are sensitive and accurate. He is a considerate reader, a kind listener and has a thriving practice both in the UK and America.

I recently read one of Shawn’s Blogs about what happens when you die.  I asked him if I could include the piece here, as I have recently encountered a lot of anxiety and apprehension on the subject.  Shawn’s insight is both uplifting and helpful.


Hi friends, welcome to my first blog, which has been created to inspire, encourage and enlighten you on all things Psychic and Spiritual. I also wanted share my journey as a Psychic, Medium and Healer.

Almost daily, clients ask me about this subject and I felt guided to write about ‘what happens when we cross over to the Spirit World’?

What Happens When We Cross Over To The Spirit world?

Since the age of four, I have been communicating with the Spirit World and have given many readings to people, providing them with evidence of the afterlife. This has given me great insight into what happens to our own spirit when our physical body reaches then end of its journey here on earth.

Just Before We Cross Over

As our physical body is shutting down (and just before our heart stops beating), our brains are flooded with Dopamine, which produces feeling of pleasure and ecstasy. The face may change and we can appear younger and more youthful, this is truly a magical time as the body lets go and all pain is taken away as the spirit readies itself for transition. 

The White Light And The Tunnel

Many, who have experienced near-death transitions, often describe their story as a tunnel of white light.  This is in fact true. As we are crossing, the veil between the two worlds is lifted and our aura, which was connected to our physical body, releases. This is the part of us that does not die, it holds the memory bank, karmic records, emotions and personality – these also transition with us when we pass. `The silver chord`; is an etheric chord at the back of the neck, it disconnects the physical and etheric bodies.  This is when the white light and the tunnel appear as a passageway, opening into the realm that some perceive as heaven and others perceive as hell.

So Where Do We Actually Go?

 The different realms:

So, is there really a heaven and a hell? There are no white clouds and cherubs, and there is no devil and pit of fire.

The Spirit World consists of ten realms, which consist of six higher vibrational realms and four lower vibrations realms. When we pass, we transition into the realm that holds the vibration we started to create on earth.  If we have been an enlightened, good person who has done good deeds, then our spirit will naturally connect to the higher realms.  However, if we have lived a dark existence and caused pain to others, then we transition to the lower realms.  This is not to say anyone on a lower realm cannot, in time, progress to a higher realm.  This can occur with learning and self-forgiveness. For some this may take a few years. Some may never achieve reaching the higher vibrational realms.

What Can We Do To Pass To A Higher Realm?

If we want to ensure that we pass to a higher realm then firstly, we should focus on our Spiritual development.  This is not about burning incense and purchasing a statue of Buddha, it is asking yourself why you are here? Asking yourself what positive difference can you make, as you create your Auric energy on earth.  

Forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, meditation, creating peace around you and others and spreading a little light wherever you go.  These actions will help your vibration to evolve to a higher realm when you are ready to cross over.

We all have the opportunity to make better choices and change our vibration. Perhaps you will think about making some changes today? We never know how long we have left here on earth – remembering that we are energy and energy never dies, it just changes form.

To understand the afterlife, we must first understand our life here on earth.  Since the Worldwide pandemic, the veil between the earth plane and the Spirit World has become thinner and as a result, many people are waking up as we are encouraged to shift into a new vibrational energy field. 

Keep shining.  Shawn Stone

If you would like to contact Shawn for a reading please do so at  –

Like myself, during ‘lockdown’ Shawn is offering a reduction on readings.  Both he and I recognise that there is currently a greater need for our services and we both want to be accessible to those concerned about finances at this time.

Rosemary’s Tarot Offer: In view of the extraordinary response to my April & May special offer, I am extending this for the foreseeable future.  I am offering readings at the discount rate of £40.00 over Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime or phone.  I am also giving FREE readings for NHS Workers.

Tarot Tutorials: In addition, I am giving mini Tarot Tutorials, 3 x 1.5 hour sessions, tailored to your requirements.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning the basics of Tarot or enhancing your knowledge  07771 854343


June is a month where patience is required.  When we pause, become still and reflective, we can then allow key realisations to emerge from our subconscious and this is one of those times.  The planetary set-up this month is challenging.  It won’t necessarily be a comfortable month however, it is urging us all to reassess, re-evaluate and consciously shift our perspective and our priorities. This is a month for seeking quietude, to allow for introspection.

June is a time for rejuvenation and personal transformation. All change begins from within us, let’s benefit from the current influences that are encouraging outer change from within.

There are six planets currently in retrograde motion.

Venus began its retrograde phase on May 13 in the sign of Gemini, indicating a period to review your requirements and desires. When Venus is retrograde, our values can alter and we can experience changes in our creative processes. Venus turns direct on June 25, assisting us all to progress with greater comprehension of ourselves and of others.

Mercury begins its retrograde phase in the sign of Cancer on June 18. If any relationships have unclear expectations, you may find confusion, even resentment creeping in unless you are clear and communicative about your needs and goals within the relationship.

The slower-moving outer planets (with longer retrograde periods that will last throughout the summer) went retrograde earlier this spring, these are Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – and then Neptune will turn retrograde on June 23.

Personally and collectively, we will experience their influences on a more subtle level – the energies involved may well cause us to examine where we stand in the world.

In a nutshell, this month is an excellent time to explore your ‘inner landscape’ and ask yourself what is the work that you really feel called to do?

Eclipses in June

This Friday 5 June 2020, there is Full Moon & a lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius, sometimes called a ‘Strawberry Moon’.The lunar eclipse presents a cosmic configuration that brings with it an impulsive and aggressive energy, this is because of the Moons aspect to Mars. The Moon is also opposite Venus retrograde in Gemini, this is an uncomfortable alignment for close & love relationships. Established and strong relationships will navigate these influences by demonstrating patience and unconditional love.

However, the lunar eclipse highlights any stresses present in less robust relationships. Lack of self-control, impatience and frustration could all herald resentment, thereby bringing about impulsive behaviours. The June 5 lunar eclipse also suggests the possibility of heightened conflict between enemies, this alignment can sometimes portend great upheavals such as earthquakes.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

The full moon is intensified by the eclipse, bringing domestic, family life and intimate relationships into greater focus. Issues of opposites, e.g. work versus home, or needs versus desires, can create inner conflict and external tensions, which could spill over into conflicts that become a drain on your energy.

Emotions and intuition are at their peak during a lunar eclipse. Employ your heightened emotional understanding and intuition to resolve any potential relationship challenges.

Awareness of your ‘inner landscape’, (your subconscious), will provide a platform to resolve personal relationship issues in a balanced and impartial way. Your intuition will guide you to clearly perceive the dynamics present in relationships and will provide you with an awareness of any negative emotional disharmony.

The lunar eclipse brings a broad brush that sweeps away the previous six month of emotional baggage and enables to you ‘reset’ your emotions in a more balanced, positive way.

Lunar Eclipse & Mars

Mars is clearly the most significant influence of the lunar eclipse in June.

Any simmering resentments or anger may surface, so diligence in control of emotions is required to avoid being hurt or causing harm to others.

You may well find you are prone to losing your temper with loved ones, or you could encounter emotional outbursts from others.

Should you be feeling impulsive, or considering taking any risks at this time, make sure you are aware of the dangers involved.  Some emotional discomfort is bound to occur under this phase – however, if you avoid the need to be defensive and apply courage in facing frustrations or threats, you’ll navigate your way through the turbulence of these challenging energies.

Lunar Eclipse – Venus

This lunar eclipse takes place opposite Venus. Under this influence there could be a tendency towards laziness, over-indulgence, financial carelessness and lack of discretion in love.

You may feel that you require more demonstrations of love and affection, yet find yourself unable or unwilling to give this to others. If single and dating, you may unconsciously lower your standards in order simply to be to be partnered.

If already partnered, tensions could emerge triggered by different expectations or emotional conditions. Should your emotional needs be unfulfilled by human contact, you could find that you compensate by indulging in calorific foods, alcohol, mood-altering substances, or by over-spending.  Be aware!

Venus retrograde renders the giving and receiving of love and affection more challenging and it may also indicate financial stresses. It is possible that under this phase old friends or lovers could reappear.

The Good News:

However, pleasurable connections and ‘destiny encounters’ are also possible and you could meet your soul mate and experience a feeling of familiarity, destiny and ‘rightness’ in the relationship.

Venus Square Mars

This influence sees an increase in your libido which could cause a lack of self-control and impulsiveness.  There is also a tendency towards conflict. Compromises will assist in avoiding hostilities.

If dating, sexual encounters are possible but, be aware not to lower your standards or take risks because of your heightened libido. Established relationships need to pay attention to partner’s intimate needs, as ‘wandering eye’ syndrome is often a symptom under this influence.

Threat of Conflict

Mars and Venus retrograde are both portents of war. This lunar eclipse influence indicates an increase in the risk of conflict. At this time Venus rises before the Sun, as the morning star.

The Mesopotamians knew Venus, not only as the Goddess of Love and Procreation but also as the Goddess of War, while her periodic re-emergence was associated with the seasonal fertility of the Earth. Her evening manifestation was said to bring men and women to the act of love in bed, but her morning appearance woke them up to go to war. Credit: Deborah Houlding

Lunar Eclipse – June 2020 Summary

The June 5 lunar eclipse is quite challenging for strained relationships. Maintaining harmony in healthy relationships will require extra effort. Patience and unconditional love are essential to avoid frustration and irritation escalating into anger and resentment.

The June lunar eclipse may test even the strongest of love relationships. Regarding enemies, the danger that impulsive actions could lead to conflict is a real possibility.

The chance of conflict is highlighted by the “boldness and a drive to gain power” from the star Ras Algethi.

Ras Algethi, also called Alpha Herculis, is a red supergiant star whose diameter is nearly twice that of Earth’s orbit. It lies in the constellation of Hercules and is of about third magnitude, its brightness varying by about a magnitude every 128 days. It is 380 light-years from Earth.The name comes from an Arabic phrase meaning “the kneeler’s head,” referring to the Arabic name of the constellation.  Credit: Encyclopedia Britannica

More Good News: The influences of the June 5 lunar eclipse may not last the usual six months after an eclipse because it is superseded by the July 5 lunar eclipse. But the June 5 lunar eclipse will form an eclipse phase of at least two weeks duration lasting until the June 21 solar eclipse.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 21 June:

The Suns aspect to Saturn points to fluctuations or losses in career matters or within masculine relationships (lover, son, father, brother etc), however, it also signifies an abrupt ‘release from control’ or from any restrictions.

Your security is now related to domestic matters, your home, family and activities such as decorating, cooking and gardening. You may experience emotional swings. It is important to release, let go and to forgive. Avoid over-thinking things. You may perceive the world through a very personal and subjective lens at this time; Cancer brings a heady, rich emotional mélange into the mix and you can use this to create an authentic sense of what you really want to do and where you feel you belong in the world.


Aries: As June begins you may find yourself more deeply aware of your own feelings. Compassion for yourself and for others is intense this month and all your senses are heightened. If you have been experiencing negative repeat patterns in work or relationships, really focus on your intuition and emotions to point you to a solution.  It is also a great time to re-asses where you are ‘spending’ your energy. It may be frustrating that you cannot solve everyone’s problems, but remember, you need your energy for you as well. If you are feeling ‘taken for granted’ have a look at setting boundaries.  Be on the lookout for those who will nourish you as much as you nourish others!  Re-asses your personal and your professional parameters. Observe where you need to make changes, and register the actions required to create a better balance for yourself.

There is likelihood that this month brings opportunities to meet new and stimulating people. At home, you’ll be able to introduce a way to shake up existing routines. Regarding relationships, June could bring passion into the equation. You might meet someone with whom you resonate on every level!

Tarot Card: Temperance – Staying calm and getting life into perspective facilitates progress.  The ability to mix the various elements may bring forth new ideas. It is a time to heal wounds, mend hurts, be forgiving and act with grace.  Moderation in all things is required.  Compromise, resolution and mediation.  Having the willingness to work with diverse aspects to achieve harmony.  It also suggests the idea of entertaining the possibility of a new direction, or of doing things differently.

Taurus: This month the focus is on your relationships. You can achieve a deeper level of trust, intimacy and awareness at this time. People need your sensitivity, authenticity, and wisdom. Allow your heart to be open, it will inspire loved ones to reciprocate.  June urges you to reach greater levels of self-expression, communication and vulnerability. Sounds like a tall-order? Remember that you can facilitate this from within, by entering into in a more open dialogue with yourself:  What can you no longer ignore, procrastinate about or push to one side?  This is a time to speak your truth.

Seek out ways in which you can develop greater closeness in personal relationships, begin to share the energy of intimacy. This will bring about new vitality, enthusiasm and optimism for a better future.

Tarot Card: Three of Wands – Success through being in the right place at the right time.  Accomplishment and visionary planning.  Dreams/ideas become reality.  Healing or healers card.  Also travel and partnership, especially with one’s self. Foresight, expansion, exploration, contemplation. Following up clues, seeking new adventures, having an open perspective.  Staring on a new journey.

Gemini: Caution when considering commitments is key this month, especially if you have the slightest hesitation about keeping them.  Better to spend your energy seeking inner clarity.  What are your priorities and expectations?  The retrograde Mercury influence can assist you to a better understanding of your expectations, and to gain clarity on which part of your life now most needs your attention.  Be aware that others may ask you to over-extend yourself. You might also find yourself unwilling to keep appointments or promises, have a look at how this impacts others.

Clear focus and using the June energy to assist in getting your priorities sorted will make a good basis for strong future progress.

Tarot Card: Two of Pentacles – Money can be made available for new projects.  Time to develop practical plans.  Balancing, dexterity, flexibility, juggling (financial commitments/time/jobs), agility in dealing with material things, adapting to relationship needs, dealing with several problems at once, feeling confident in your abilities, understanding change.

Cancer:  You seem to be questioning your very foundation? With the present level of uncertainty and change in the world, you may be asking yourself how, or if, you’ll be able to make any significant changes in 2020.  You could be looking for a deeper level of satisfaction at this time. Past ideas of fulfilment may require updating, as you find yourself needing different challenges and fresh goals.  Try not to limit your ideas or stifle your imagination.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it.  What you seed now will bear fruit in the future, but diligent nurturing of ‘the garden of ideas’ is needed.  Even if your ideas are undefined as yet, set the intention to find a new path and you will.  Close relationships will require attention and support.  Your finances may also benefit from a new way of budgeting.

Tarot Card: Eight of Wands – Rushing ahead, needing to take action swiftly, news, options. Re-evaluation of decisions, taking stock, making clear your intentions. News coming in which may require one to act quickly and decisively. Establish priorities and commit to change.  Energy is speeding up, maybe too quickly. Falling in love, infatuation, drama. Travel overseas.

Leo:  For you, June’s influences may lead to miscommunications. Be very clear about your intentions with others or misunderstandings could occur.  Be mindful of clarity with both your personal and professional contacts.  Mercury retrograde could further muddy the communication waters, so be very precise in your interactions with others. Technology may play up (a normal effect of Mercury retrograde), keep calm in the eye of others emotional storms and practice patience.  You have the potential to come up with some significant, if not brilliant ideas this month.

Tarot Card: Seven of Cups -Looking at a situation and making a choice – you may have many options.   Making emotional decisions, introspection. Illusion and fantasy, being deluded. New friendships and relationships.  Wishful thinking and fantasizing about what you can achieve, an array of options open to you. Also, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is!

Virgo: June could see you questioning ‘who am I’? You may feel a little off kilter. All this is due to some large cosmic events assisting you to revisit your sense of identity and your place in the world.  It may feel confusing at times as you realign your views on many matters.  Old insecurities may be shed, and your stance on a variety of issues could shift.  Rather than living up to old expectations (your own or others), you’ll commence a new, improved relationship with yourself, your self-esteem, your identity and your priorities.  Question yourself about what you really want and don’t judge yourself for wanting it! Accept that it is possible.

Tarot Card: The Sun – A joyous card, creativity, success, holidays, joy of living, a return to health, enthusiasm. The sun gives us everything, food, light, heat and energy. Contained within the card is the notion of innocence, a joyous connection to one’s ‘inner child’ and freedom from constricting reality. Liberation. Also matters to do with children – enjoying their company and playfulness. A card of happiness and innocent fun.  It can denote looking at the world in a new light, above all it is a card of optimism.

Libra:  Libra likes to weigh everything in the balance, to see both sides of the issue, but this is not a time to over analyse things and get bogged down in the details. We often default to the ‘What do I thinkabout this’, instead trust your intuition and ask ‘How do I feelabout this’.  Inspiration and spontaneity will serve your decision making well during this phase, trust, trust, trust! June poses some questions for Librans: Where is the doubt coming from?
Why do you need other people’s advice?
Are you aware of looking for outside validation?
Do you value enough your own perspectives, versus outside opinions—particularly when making your own decisions?

The cosmic set-up in June suggests that you need to understand your fears regarding taking more control in your own life. It’s time to extend a far deeper level of trust in yourself.  By all means make the decisions you’ve been putting off. Whether it concerning a commitment, trying something new or breaking away from the past, it’s time to heed to your intuition.  If you are about to embark on a new venture, things will begin to speed up.

Tarot Card: Ten of Cups – The card of family harmony, compatible relationships, promise of more good times to come. Security, solid relationship. Emotional stability and satisfaction. Wholeness and completion. Coming home. At peace with one’s self.  Maybe ready for new stimulus.  Completion of a cycle.

Scorpio:  You are not normally easily diverted from your course, but June feels a bit different. You may be feeling sensitive and tender. The strong carapace you usually show the world has been somewhat eroded. You may experience more distractions and be feeling a bit raw and in need of some caring attention. It is safe to be vulnerable and reveal that at times, you just need time out.  This month sees you craving more time to re-charge your batteries, with slower moments when you can be introspective and recalibrate. You’ve pushed yourself so hard over the last few years and may have forgotten how to attend to your own needs and rhythms sometimes. The universe indicates that June is a time for self-nurture. Put some energy into to connecting with your closest friends and most trusted confidantes—the ones you trust most to sooth your gentle heart.  Self-pampering is a must!  In June you could make new friends, your innate charm and eloquence will be at their most attractive.  You’ll be drawn to those with similar intellectual interests and you may want to enhance your knowledge of certain subjects.

Tarot Card:  The Hermit – The Hermit is inwardly focused and private. Solitary (but not necessarily lonely), independent and secluded.  He gives and receives spiritual guidance.  He highlights our ability to be at home in our own company, indicating withdrawal for contemplation, discovering ones own spiritual philosophy. Seeking a mentor or wise counselor is indicated.  Be ready to listen and ask your own inner self what feels right. Patience and quiet times.  Higher influences arrive in your life, Guardians, Guides, Higher Self, Your own Soul.  A time of personal growth and maturity.  Calm self-knowledge and breaking away from outside influences.  Also, a council against over analysis of a situation and being more intuitive.

Sagittarius:  There is a transformational quality to June for you.  In which area of your life to you long for fresh energy?  Remain open to change and there may well be pleasant surprises!  It’s best if you don’t attempt to ‘control’ the change that is on the way, you cannot really shape how it looks, what it will be and how it will pan out.  You just need to accept that change is coming and welcome it.  Behind the scenes there are elements coming together that will facilitate a major change for you and lead to the next adventurous chapter of your life. So just surrender this month, let go, let it all be as it is, this will encourage the changes on your horizon. Trust in your ability to determine what’s worth striving towards, and what your instinct tell you is coming to a natural conclusion. The great thing about Sagittarians, is that you are naturally geared to seeing the bigger picture. There are many options available to you, so trust that whatever changes occur now – they are just one aspect of a greater journey. Ponder on the notion of surrender and establish how you can apply this in your daily life.

Tarot Card: Four of Wands – Achievement and success.  Family celebrations, a lightening of the load of responsibility. Moving home, changing job, celebration and completion, reaping what you have sewn, harvest time.

Capricorn: You may recently have found yourself re-assessing your responsibilities, routines and commitments.  Changes you have decided to incorporate my take time to filter through, this is because you recognise that you are shifting your perspective on your priorities and values. You may also be coming to realise just what you can contribute, not only to personal change, but also on a broader stage of influence.  2020 has brought to the surface your courage and ambition, giving you an insight into greater possibilities.  Your psyche is demanding something new, and now you are ready to explore fresh terrain. You are being urged to let go of old outmoded habits and be adventurous!  The key to your success in June is patience.

Tarot Card: The Emperor – The Emperor is the powerful leader and father figure.  He is authoritative, sure of his position, confident and sometimes insensitive to others.  He is assertive, can be dogmatic and yet he represents rules, order, family values. He indicates that you are in a much better position than you imagine.  You may need to seek advice from and older, more experienced person. The Emperor indicates a strong person, a boss, strong partner or a person of power, an ambitious leader, a man of influence.  Someone who is fearless and firm.  One who commands respect.  Outgoing, confident and enthusiastic, straightforward and determined. When he appears he highlights that now is a good time to get matters in order, take control. Reach for promotion.  You may be feeling strong and ambitious, determined to succeed.  It is a good time to deal with people in authority. Influential people may cross your path. It is a time to impress, to display good manners, responsibility and being efficient and practical.

Aquarius:  This month you are urged to review the past and see just what progress you have made. You can now look to the future with more confidence as you have come to fully realise who you are and what you require for your on-going wellbeing.  It seems you are arriving at one of those rare ‘destiny points’ in life.  Your inner reflections will encourage you to take care of your closest people as well as yourself.  Your aspirations have been held within the sphere of your imagination, they can now gain the traction to manifest fully – if you are able to discus your desires with intimate friends, you will start to see positive changes and definite moves towards your goals will unfold.

Tarot Card:  Six of Pentacles – Financial stability, money problems overcome, financial reward, charity, philanthropy, sharing, generosity. Beware of setting boundaries if others are expecting you to ‘spend’ your energy. A willingness to assist those less fortunate than yourself.

Pisces:  It is possible that you feel somewhat burdened with responsibilities.  You may have a desire to escape these, however, if you are willing to address the practicalities, to face the ‘nitty-gritty’ and deal with those issues, you’ll clear the energy to enable you to focus on your long-term goals and desires.  The planetary set-up is actually assisting you to address the need to be organised, to find the motivation to take control of these aspects. Once dealt with, you’ll be free to explore what you really want to aim for. Know that you can be successful if you ‘clear the decks’ and ‘de-clutter’, mentally, emotionally and materially. This will release a surge of dynamic energy and propel you towards your objectives.  Be tough with yourself, just get it done!

Tarot Card:  The Lovers -The power of love and how we deal with it.   What do we mean by the word ‘love’?  Seeking wholeness, sexual harmony, being true to your values, romantic desire, feeling drawn to another, knowing what is right and wrong for you personally. Wanting union.  This cards astrological affiliation is Gemini:  Bright twins, quick witted, fast thinking, versatile and good communicators, they are also contradictory, become restless or easily bored – this can make them appear shallow or insincere.  The Lovers card encompasses so much more than the obvious symbolism represents.  While we seek union, we also need to respect that we are individuals.  The Lovers card can indicate that it is time to make a choice about commitment.  It may suggest the idea of one or both partners being ‘tempted’.  The card asks you to think about your perception of love, what do you want from it? Take responsibility for your choices, to be more aware of your values within relationships.  Of course it can also signify the start of new love.  Be thoughtful before you hurt someone’s feelings. Your perception of love may change when old partnerships move on.  Review what you expect from a partner and learn to love yourself first.



Astro News and Tarot Card of the Month Appears Below This Post

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping balanced and occupied. I don’t usually post about the Moon, but this month I wanted to say something about the impact of May’s Full Moon in Scorpio.

We all need a bit of good news these days and the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7th certainly brings this into the mix.

Scorpio is about transformation, resilience and staying power. As a water sign, Scorpio is highly intuitive and can ‘read’ others without effort.  Scorpio combines logic with intuition, making them excellent strategists.

Rather than a detailed look at each sign, I have given a general ‘overview’, as this Full Moon will affect us all in similar ways.

A reminder that May’s Astrology for my ‘Astro News and Tarot Card of the Month’ for each sign was posted on May 1st on my website and on my Facebook page on Twitter: Rosemary_Tarot.

This month the Astrology content was contributed by International Astrologer, Ysanne Lewis,take advantage of her special offer for charts booked in May. Contact her on 07780 690461

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 The Full moon this May influences healing, it is compassionate and encourages a more heightened sense of the spiritual, thanks to Mercury’s aspect to Neptune. This is the first positive moon phase for six weeks.  This full moon generally evokes more sympathy and understanding. It will highlight your sensitivity and also enable you to understand any conflicting emotions. Significantly, it assists you to envisage a positive future once the chaos, confusion, anxiety and suffering from the present circumstances starts to abate.

Full Moon Meaning

The Sun is opposite the Moon and for the following two weeks after May 7th,the Full Moon focuses sharply on our domestic life (home & family), and our close and intimate relationships. We may become aware of an internal conflict arising between work and home-life balance, or in what we want – as opposed to what we need. This could manifest as experiencing external pressure and a drain on our energy levels.


Our inner emotions and instincts are at their most intense during a Full Moon phase. We can use our heightened intuition and emotional strength to resolve any relationship issues. Our psyche encourages a balanced and considered observation of our close and intimate relationships. We’ll be able to see clearly any negative dynamics in our relationships and respond accordingly in order to restore harmony.

This is a very positive Full Moon with the potential for greater balance in relationships and for greater spiritual influences.

Full Moon Aspects

The Full Moon opposite Mercury influences both the understanding of – and ability to communicate our feelings, a significant aspect of this moon phase.


We may well experience conflict between our emotions and our thoughts, possibly evoking confusion or anxiety, and prejudices may surface. Although there is a possibility of misunderstandings, a harmonious aspect to Neptune renders this less likely. This is a good time for reflection or expressing inner feelings to a trusted friend, especially if we sense those feelings are holding us back.


The Full Moon aspect to Neptune intensifies creativity, emotions and imagination. Heightened intuition will assist us in understanding our feelings. This makes misunderstandings less likely and reduces anxiety. However, should any disagreements surface, this compassionate and harmonious spiritual influence will encourage compromises, cooperation, and forgiveness.

This is a Full Moon under which it is likely that our wish to meet someone new, or take the intimacy of a current relationship to the next level, will manifest.  During this particular Moon phase, relationships formulated now will feel karmic, ‘meant to be’ and just ‘right’.  We may be called upon to listen to confidences from others, this brings out our heightened sympathetic nature and we are able to provide comfort and care, this may well extend into the wider community.

So the positives of this Full Moon aspect far outweigh the challenging influences. People will find they are generally more understanding and sympathetic, having a better sense of how we can all more positively shape the world after ‘lockdown’.

We may well find that we are extremely sensitive to energies from others and also from the environment. However, we must trust our intuition and emotions. This aspect provides sharpened perceptive skills, and could also make us aware of our own innate psychic abilities. We may receive spiritual guidance via dreams, meditation, our spirit guide, or through impromptu meetings.

These intuitive abilities will be of great assistance in our communications. This spiritual and compassionate influence will benefit relationships. The quality of our language becomes calming and can contain a healing energy for others.

This Full Moon is excellent for creativity such as singing, art, design, fashion, literature, poetry, and drama. It also promotes relaxation activities, movies, yoga, astrology, tarot, lucid dreaming, and meditation.

Don’t forget:

I am giving mini Tarot Tutorials, 3 x 1 hour sessions, tailored to your requirements.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning the basics of Tarot or enhancing your knowledge 07771 854343


The May 7th Full Moon in Scorpio has a compassionate, healing and spiritual influence, due to Mercury sextile Neptune. This is the first positive moon phase for six weeks. In that period there has been a great deal of disease, apprehension, fear and bereavement – attributable to the current pandemic.

Any Full Moon has a distinct relationship to the previous New Moon. The New Moon of 22nd April (as discussed in my April Astro News), was conjunct Uranus and also square Saturn, so it heralded unpleasant changes that were limiting and depressing. The Full Moon on 7th May permits healing and then encourages the imagining of a positive and harmonious future. The May 7th Full Moons influence lasts for two weeks, up to the 14th April.


Rosemary’s Tarot Offer: In view of the extraordinary response to my April offer, I am extending this into May.  I am offering readings for the discount rate of £40.00 over Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime.  I am also giving FREE readings for NHS Workers.


In addition, I am giving mini Tarot Tutorials, 3 x 1 hour sessions, tailored to your requirements.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning the basics of Tarot or enhancing your knowledge

07771 854343

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This month I have invited my friend and colleague, international Astrologer Ysanne Lewis, to provide an overview of the planetary influences for May 2020.

Ysanne is author of ‘The Time Catcher’ and has been working as a professional astrologer for over forty years.  She is a regular speaker on the subject and specialist in timing, she has many clients from all walks of life, having made charts for babies, children, adults, celebrities and ‘Captains of Industry’.  Ysanne has executed my chart and it’s interpretation – I cannot recommend her highly enough!  She has a special offer for charts booked in May.  Contact her on 07780 690461

Rosemary’s Tarot Offer: In view of the extraordinary response to my April offer, I am extending this into May.  I am offering readings for £40.00 over Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime.  I am also giving FREE readings for NHS Workers.

In addition, I am giving mini Tarot Tutorials, 3 x 1 hour sessions, tailored to your requirements.  Please contact me if you are interested in learning the basics of Tarot or enhancing your knowledge

MAY 2020

With four planets in retrograde, (Pluto from April 25th to 4th October, Saturn from 11th  May, Venus on 13th  May and Jupiter from May 14th) they are closest in their orbits to the Earth – this month we are being encouraged to uncover our inner power, to better understand our relationship needs and take a fresh look at our values.  This is the time for reflection, inner guidance and pacing ourselves.

The Full Moon is on 7th May in Scorpio at 11.45 am BST

The New Moon is on 22nd May in Gemini at 18.38 BST


Your ruler, Mars, changes sign on 13th  May, softening your natural assertive and straightforward edges.  Money matters are highlighted till the 21st  and you will be astute in your with handling of them. Unexpected gifts are not unlikely. Venus is starting its retrograde journey this month until late June, this is in in your arena of contacts and love, expect surprise communications from the past.   A new attraction will have a sense of the familiar! Allow yourself to receive more and let others lead.

Tarot Card:  Ace of Cups – New relationship, fresh start emotionally nurturing energy.  Heart opening.  Love, deep feelings, intimacy. Expressing your feelings, being in touch with your emotions, establishing new bonds, desire for a deeper connection.


With the Sun in your sign until the 20th, make the most of being ‘grounded’. Your ruler Venus is helping you to be more receptive. Home life is harmonious and new ways of communicating plus a slower pace enhances your self- image and self- respect. After 13th May, when Mars enters a compatible sign- Pisces, you become more aware of your love of the arts and music.  You need these now so enjoy your new-found creativity. Just as a child spontaneously loves performing, so can you. Your warmth will benefit others.

Tarot Card:  The Sun – A joyous card of creativity, success, holidays, joy of living, return to health, enthusiasm, representing Apollo, the Sun God. Innocence – a joyous connection to one’s ‘inner child’ and freedom from constricting reality.  Liberation. Also, matters relating to children – enjoying their company and playfulness. A card of happiness and innocent fun.  It can denote looking at the world in a new light. Above all it is a card of optimism.


You are endowed with blessings this month with plenty of planetary activity in your sign. Even with social distancing, don’t be surprised if a new or recent attraction develops. Flirting is in the air! A past love may resurface too.  If happily married, enjoy a new intimacy with your partner. 12thMay brings enhanced communication. After 21st, when the Sun enters your sign, your timing is spot on for making good choices and communicating beautifully. Learning something connected with travel may be of interest.

Tarot Card:  Page of Cups – Young people, children, the inner child. Healing and healing childhood issues. He can denote thestart of a new relationship. He is emotionally curious, eccentric, and psychic. Travel, invitation, visit – possibly overseas.  Information emerging from the psyche.  Going within, soul searching.  The holy grail of knowledge – esotericism. Love is the grail! Allowing the next step to ‘emerge’ organically, no need to fret over it.


You are better at being a strategist than confronter and this month sees you needing to pause and reflect more before acting.  The new moon on 22nd highlights your intuitive powers and you will be on a steadier course after midmonth. Friends can be extra needy at present, so be aware of placing boundaries and the wonderful Cancerian shell of protection, knowing when to say ‘no’. Get more rest if you can. It is not your time for pushing forward especially around 10th/11th.

Tarot Card:  Seven of Swords – Where are you giving away your power? When you give generously, remember to set some boundaries or else people may be tempted to ‘take’ from you with the expectation that this is okay.  It is a card of emotional theft.  Protect your intellectual property. Be careful who you share your ideas with. Making an important or informed choice – plan carefully.  Avoid direct confrontations.  Underhandedness. Guard your property, intellectual and physical.


The full moon on 7th May highlights career and home matters. Are you stretching yourself too thinly and trying to please everyone?  Now is the time to be extra stubborn. Making choices, to avoid them being made for you, is a challenge but you don’t lack bravery – so prune down or retire from some activity. Softer energy comes your way later in the month but do use wisdom, and respect your values in the first half of the month. A friend from the past reappears. He or she will prove beneficial and bring a needed breath of fresh air.

Tarot Card:  Nine of Wands – Perhaps, loss of faith in oneself after troubled times. Time to try again – the courage and strength is there for success, you can ‘roll up your sleeves’ and begin anew.  Strength through experience.  Standing on your own two feet.  Preparedness, being ready, caution, persistence and perseverance. Independence, decision, also possibly study or research.


Glide into May with a comfortable sense of harmony with yourself and others. You have an abundance of perspective now and your services will be called on to advise and mentor. Maybe offer those skills in the voluntary sector? Whether working at home, elsewhere, or not working at all, you need to have a purpose now. Work/project openings happen after 13th. Then Mars in your opposite sign, Pisces, provides a good balance between logic and intuition. Align them and use them well.  This is a purposeful month you will look back on with satisfaction.

Tarot Card:  The Chariot – Diligence, willpower, honesty, perseverance, motivation. Control over thoughts and feelings, being pulled in two directions (hopes versus fears), learning to stick to the right path, sexual prowess, being successful, determination to win at all costs, wanting victory, high adventure and taking risks, being in the driving seat, mental and physical journeys.

Movement, success, balance, speed & triumph can be yours when you take control of your direction. Moving job or home, rising to a challenge, being motivated.


Lovely Venus, with her sensual and beautifying powers, is very much on your side now. She is your ruling planet and helps you use your gentleness and charm as a strength. The desire to love and be loved is strong now and it is important you surround yourself with this atmosphere. As Venus goes retrograde now till June, be aware of your options. After the end of June these choices will be clearer. Make sure you are self-nurturing. Self-value is your mission this month, for your appearance as well as  your identity. Your dreams will give important messages around midmonth.

Tarot Card:  The Queen of Pentacles – Mother Mary. Nurture, healing, creative, a care taker. Self nurture, fertility, goddess like, the goddess Oestra (her symbol is the Hare).  She thinks spiritually and yet is adept materially, good with money.  She gives practical and down to earth advice from a spiritual perspective, think Julian of Norwich!


Your ruling planet Pluto has just turned retrograde – and asks of you to use your innate power to transform yourself and avoid power struggles. Much growth and self – knowledge will come especially as we are in your opposite (and complementary) time of year; the Taurus month. It is easy to feel trapped now but actually this is a rare month for you to deepen your understanding of self and life itself. On a lighter note, money owed might well return and this is a perfect time for researching subjects that fascinate you. The detective in you is restless!

Tarot Card:  Judgement – Receptive, balance, partnership, unity & co-operation. Judgement is ruled by Pluto, which can be demanding.  It takes 248 years to complete an orbit and rules Scorpio.  Its watchwords are power, regeneration, elimination, taboo, transmutation, subversion, obsession.  Judgement is a karmic card.  The phoenix rises from the ashes (Scorpio is all about transformation), a new start is offered. Rebirth, rising above, regeneration, recovery. What goes around comes around. Judgement comes from a higher place, not from mankind.  Break through and break free, put your foot down, speak from the core of your integrity.  Make more of yourself and welcome fresh chances.  Taking responsibility for your actions.  Reap the reward of past actions, new cycle, new project, an opportunity to reinvent yourself.  Feel more comfortable ‘in your own skin’.  A new appreciation of yourself


Sagittarius is a fire sign, and with earthy Taurus harnessing you somewhat until the 20th, this month is still highly productive for work projects and giving strong foundations for future travel plans. Planets in your opposite and (complementary) sign of Gemini, make you reach out and crave new associations. You can do this on line and join groups that encompass your vision.  The new moon on 22nd sees a new beginning in major relationships for you. Fresh air at last! The last few days of May are great for a new routine or regime in your home. An adventure unto itself!

Tarot Card:  The World – Partnership and the completion of the first part of a project. Ruled by Saturn, the father of the Gods, 29 year orbit denotes authority.  Limitation, control, consolidation, structure, strength, conservation, discipline, direction, wisdom, the shadow, fear, denial, hardship, responsibility. Essentially Saturn is a harsh task master, giving life lessons through pain and limitation.  He also encourages self examination. The world denotes having come to the conclusion of a matter and being able now to face the future with optimism.  It requires the tying up of loose ends.  It also suggests that the world is your oyster.  Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?  It indicates the ability to reach for a better life, a good time to start something new.  Let go of the outmoded, move into a new phase (travel, parenthood, maturity). Be creative and seize opportunities, take charge of your own life.


Your ruling planet, Saturn, is holding court all this year. More than most, as a Capricorn you are aware of the need to have a strong inner teacher and not take shortcuts. Saturn changes direction to retrograde – on 11th until the end of September, giving you a great opportunity this month to re structure and reset plans. There is no rush. Helping others to realise this is your task now.  If you are around children or young people in any way, a closeness occurs which aids them enormously. Later in the month augers well for writing, teaching or learning.

Tarot Card:  The Hierophant – represents all forms of divine law, as understood by man.  Teaching, spiritual matters, traditional ways, faith, vows, oaths, promises.  His qualities include patience, persistence, reliability warmth and romanticism.  His archetype is The Pope. He is a conformist in certain ways but free-thinking in spiritual matters.  He encourages inner reflection.  He indicates that consultation with an official prior to a ceremony such as a marriage may be taken.  This is a good time for prayer and reflection, a time to take up study of spiritual matters. He suggests knowing how to act appropriately, discrimination from knowledge, accepting discipline.  He can herald a meeting with someone you have known before who will be of assistance to you in giving guidance. I feel he gives confidence via faith.


In early May your ruler, Uranus, is accelerating your ideas and projects. You are discovering just how inventive you are, even in lock down! Your social life, though different at present, is up and running. Your domestic life is taking new shape and appearance. This is the month once a year when changes and re arrangements occur in your home and family. This year with the restrictions at work, make them creative. An exciting new moon for you on 22ndmakes you gregarious. As an individualist and maverick by nature, you are enjoying being ‘You’.

Tarot Card:  Nine of Pentacles – Success and achievement of goals. Prosperity and comfort. Harvest, rest and relaxation. Solitary leisure, learning to be friends with and to appreciate ones self.  Often indicates thoughts of freelance or self-employment or having more autonomy over ones time.  A sense of renewal, accomplishment, refinement, independence. Being resourceful, knowing you are in control, an inner sense of security, acting on your own behalf.


A sensual, creative month for you ahead – if you can let up a bit from recent frustrations and irritations. You are keen to get a move on with plans and ideas and this is not surprising with planetary activity in your horoscope arena of the mind and connectivity. Try to balance work and play. If you do, they will feed each other! The Scorpio full moon on 7th aligns well with your Sun and an important project or pending issue sees some resolution. With Venus changing direction on 13th, money matters connected with property will emerge and require attention. A family member will need your assistance. Cooperation is on the agenda all month. Compassion will be needed

Tarot Card:  Two of Cups – Consolidating feelings, falling in love, seeing someone again after a first meeting. Harmony and understanding. Meeting of hearts and minds, coming together.  Relationship, attraction, partnership, attraction, compatibility. Romantic love, establishing a bond, understanding, harmony and cooperation. Reconciliation and forgiveness.


Firstly, I want to tell you that during this ‘lockdown’ I have decided to make my readings more accessible to those concerned about their finances, as to some degree, we all are!

From today, 1stApril 2020, for one month I am offering 45 minute readings for £40.00. I am available to read by phone, FaceTime or WhatsApp.  For details please call 07771 854343 or email me at

Also, as well as astrology and Tarot Card of the Month for each sign, I’ll pull an Oracle Card from Colette Baron Reid’s deck ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’.

APRIL 2020

Each year has an astrological theme or “signature”, a thread of influence that runs throughout the year. In 2020, one of the influences is a series of alignments between Jupiter and Pluto – and April sees one of these events.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance. Jupiter is also about luck, manifestation and passion. Pluto’s energy is about change and transformation. 

Taking all these energies into consideration, we have a real opportunity for extraordinary change, an abundance of passion, positive transformation and a rebirth, heralded by the breaking down of old, outmoded methods, philosophies and institutions.

In April, the Jupiter / Pluto alignment is going to impact us all differently and possibly, some of these changes could be somewhat intangible at first.

When Pluto is prominent, these adjustments can manifest on more of a psychological level.

However, that doesn’t mean that the changes are small, nor are they without power!

This time is certainly an invitation to us all to live more consciously and intentionally.

Change always happens from the inside out, so become aware of the changes you would like to make and allow the power of the Jupiter / Pluto energies to assist you.

This is an excellent time for a massive sort out and spring-cleaning to keep us busy and instil a sense of achievement in lockdown, but also to think about where we can cut out the ‘dead wood’ in our lives.

Pluto is prompts us to release the past, shedding our old habits, moving on, in a life-death-and-rebirth-cycle way. 

You may have already become conscious of these influences; due to the isolation many of us are experiencing.

Ask yourself what it is you need to release in order to really move forward, once this cycle of events is passed.

The positive news is that although Pluto is not a planet whose influence is to be taken lightly – (it is subtle but uber-powerful), the truth is that Pluto is now being triggered by Jupiter and this is a very good situation, because Jupiter has the ‘Midas Touch’ bringing positivity and goodness, even to the most intense of energies and Pluto is one of those energies!

Now is a great time to ponder on where you now want to make changes in your life and to place your intentions to make it happen.

This month we also get a full moon in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign of relationships  – full moons are always about letting go and moving on.


 This Month’s Significant Cosmic Dates…

1st April 2020 First Quarter Moon in Cancer

8th April 2020 Full Moon in Libra

14th April 2020 Third Quarter Moon in Capricorn

23rd April 2020 New Moon in Taurus

30th April 2020 First Quarter Moon in Leo

 ARIES: Professionally you may have been waiting to make your mark.  The cosmic alignments in your career area this month take place in Aries. This can indicate a great breakthrough with work, especially as we have just had a healing New Moon in Aries.  Use this time to plan your strategy and be ready to shine when lockdown ends. The Full Moon in your Love/Relationship area indicates that it is time to move through any relationship pain, or to move on from a particular relationship altogether.

Tarot Card:  Ten of Cups – Family, harmony, domestic happiness, peace joy safe haven. Completion of a cycle, emotional fulfilment, seeing the light, promise of more to come restoration of the status quo

Oracle Card: ‘Co-Create’ – Creativity, art, inspiration, fruition, manifestation. You may not consider yourself a creative person, but in fact you are creating your reality every moment of every day via your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions and actions.  Yet you must consider that you do so in partnership with Spirit, Consciousness, God or whatever names you give your Higher Power.  You are the spark of this Intelligence that works through you, nudging you with inspired thought and intelligent guidance.  You are a paintbrush that co-creates a beautiful, unique expression of your own individuality blended with universal Spirit. You are a product of Divine inspiration, and now you are aligned with it to create miracles.  When you view your life as art, and know you co-create it, only beauty and grace result.  Prepare to be amazed.

TAURUS: Okay, you may be in lockdown but in some deep way your life is actually opening up.  This is due to the 12-year cycle currently impacting your sign.  If you cannot travel physically, you can certainly journey via the books you’ve not had the time to read before now, to or the documentaries you’ve been meaning to view. In the not too distant future you may find you are inspired to write and travel.  It is a good time to find your ‘True North’. The New Moon in your sign this April is really good news for you, as it is a particularly exciting New Moon. Ideal time for anyone looking to change his or her life.

Tarot Card: Strength – Courage, self-awareness, compassion, strength. Facing reality, taking control of your life, learning to take responsibility for your actions, ability to forgive imperfections, being tolerant of others faults, inner strength, awareness of your own instinctive responses.

Oracle Card: Blessed – Something wonderful that is unearned or unexpected; grace that is an unforeseen gift from Spirit.  There are times in life when out of the blue it seems that everything has been orchestrated by Divine intervention. You feel blessed in ways that are difficult to express. It’s as if the Red Sea parts in front of you and events come together to banish your troubles easily and naturally.  You know deep down you did not deserve any of it, and yet here you are. This is one of those times. Let awe and gratitude for all your blessings guide you now.

GEMINI:  Finance and passion take centre stage this month. It’s a great time to delve into those deep topics that others may shy away from and to create a deeper intimacy. In a nutshell, the Jupiter / Pluto alignment shakes up sex and money!  Also this month, you are encouraged to focus on your spiritual life. The New Moon is in your 12th House (Mystery, secrets, spirituality) so it’s the ideal time to do some research or take an on line course.

Tarot Card: Six of Cups – Innocence, nostalgia, playfulness, childhood memories. Acknowledging your inner child, goodwill to all, sentimental memories, playful relationship, sharing and reconciliation.

Oracle Card: Exchanging Gifts: The Law of Giving and Receiving; currency, trade-off’s; weighing costs and determining value. You are entering a productive and enriching time when all manner of opportunities are being offered to you.  You have everything you need to seize them.  Yet in order to honour them, you must put in the time, exchange your experience and skills, and commit heart and soul to what you are choosing to pursue. You can do it! You have what it takes to be successful if you align with the Law of Giving and Receiving.  You must engage in a dance of give and take, push and pull, doing and being.  If you let fear guide your choices, you could deplete yourself and create an imbalance.  This is not a time of just do, do, do.  Use our currency wisely and be mindful of the value others bring to your life.

CANCER: April heralds some major shifts in your relationships.  You can alter the way in which you currently relate to someone close, that will leave you feeling more able to cope on your own and generally feel happier.  If single, it may be the time you connect with a significant other…April also brings your energetic wishing Moon, so ensure that you set your intentions just after 1stApril. They will be super-charged!

Tarot Card:  Changing direction, moving on. Commitment to new values, exploring a different lifestyle. Leaving behind a difficult situation, walking away from the past. A journey of self-discovery, looking for emotional or spiritual truth, realising it is time to start afresh.  Moving on to better things.

Oracle Card: Chaos and Conflict – Disarray; being at cross-purposes with another; the tension of opposites; the value of chaos before order.  Opposing forces come together to create a turbulent atmosphere.  But consider the value of chaos that serves you well, as you become unmoored by it. Scattered to the winds, you leave behind the parts of yourself you no longer need and disperse the seeds to reinvent yourself anew.  Although the conflict appears to exist externally, its essence is also internal, projected outwards and causing disarray.  You may find yourself at cross-purposes with someone else, facing a storm you feel you can’t control.  Yet every storm passes, and chaos leads to a reordering of things. Conflict provides a way to see more than one side of a situation. Look upon this as just a moment in time when you may =need to take shelter and step away from the fray. Don’t be too eager to fight.  This is a time to understand, rather than to be understood.

LEO:  This month you have little choice other than to change the way you live and this is a very significant time for you, in that you can make lasting change both in your outlook and habits.  The cosmic set up for you may be demanding and this may well continue for some time. Your best response to these challenges is to have a set routine that totally supports you. Ask yourself what do you want for your professional life? That is a significant question this month as the New Moon in Taurus focuses on your Career Zone. A very good time to set high goals and to do things differently!

Tarot Card:  Ten of Pentacles – The good life, wealth, security, traditional values. Sticking to the rules, wanting permanence, and continuity, enjoying a happy family life, family solidarity, being secure materially, seeking affluence, emotional or spiritual prosperity, worldly success, also conversations about inheritance.

Oracle Card: Building Blocks – Strong foundations, a beautiful work in progress. You have everything you need to cultivate an extraordinary life.  This is a time  when your focus needs to be on the foundations you build upon. Your work, your relationships, and your very being are underwritten by your values, ethics, morals and core beliefs.  Are they still true for you?  Will they stand the test of time and serve as the solid grounding upon which you construct you life? Now you are making changes that will affect everything in a positive way.  Your destiny is truly a remarkable and beautiful design.

VIRGO: As a ‘giver’ you’ll now have ample opportunity to give to yourself, for a change.  Break the habit of a lifetime and whip up some self-pampering!  You’ll find a balance in the give and take elements of your life that will continue long after lockdown.  Once lockdown is over, you’ll be more than ready for some big fun! Use April to consider how you would like to improve your finances. The Full Moon in Libra encompasses your Money Zone, an energetically positive time for making financial changes.

Tarot Card:  Nine of Cups – Wish fulfilment, emotional satisfaction, sensuality, pleasure. Wishes coming true, enjoying the simple pleasures in life, please with what you have achieved. Smugly content, counting your blessings.  Also administrative and organisational skills.

Oracle Card: A Change in the Wind – A sense that unseen change has been initiated; preparation for a storm; awareness that your plans are not on firm ground; feeling a shift; uncertainty about which direction the wind will blow. It is human nature to yearn for certainty and to resist change – to want the world to remain consistent. Yet nothing in human experience is black or white, nor will anything remain static. The one thing guaranteed is change.  Now is a time of transformation as outer conditions are temporarily moving out of sync with your desires and expectations. Stay the course and remember that storms serve to clear the air, scatter seeds and nourish the soul for better things ahead.  Life is about to get interesting, anticipate it with curiosity as you wonder what is coming on the shifting winds.  The unknown is where the magic lies.

LIBRA:  The great alignment of Jupiter and Pluto takes place in your zone of family and home; there are some significant changes for the better coming here!  Your inner landscape is also experiencing a lightening of the load.  Be positive, the best is yet to come. The Full Moon is in your sign this month so you can use the energy to cut loose from anyone or anything in your life, which no longer serves you or your life purpose.

Tarot Card:  Nine of Pentacles – Accomplishment, refinement, independence, self-reliance. Being resourceful, knowing you are in control of the situation, financial or material security, enjoying the finer pleasures of life, an inner sense of security, acting on your own, self-discipline.  Also some form of freelance or self-employment, more autonomy over your time.

Oracle Card:  Chop Wood – Being grounded in everyday experience, humility. There are times when the big dream is meant to lie dormant in your consciousness so that you can pay attention to the simple chores in your life.  Consider why pruning a tree is the forerunner of delighting in the beautiful blooms when it is in full blossom.  The mundane act od pulling off dead leaves, watering the soil, and then leaving it for nature to take its course is an important step in manifestation.  Taking your attention away from your goal brings you into a state of receptivity. This is the deeper purpose of releasing attachment.  When you engage in everyday tasks in a meditative, contemplative way you clear your energy to receive your ‘aha!’ moments, which brings you ever closer to what you seek.

SCORPIO:  The past few months may have been mentally challenging and you might have manifested some times of feeling low. Be assured that with the Pluto / Jupiter affiliation, you’ll begin to see your mood lifting.  The current astrology totally supports you to move in more positive directions, able to express a sunnier attitude.  Remember – change your thoughts, change your life. April’s New Moon in Taurus this month comes as a blessed relief to those whose relationship/love life has been challenging. It isn’t going to calm down necessarily, however, significant changes are possible

Tarot Card:  Three of Pentacles – Skill, cooperation, team-work, planning. Professional growth, material gain, proving yourself, a competent strategy, being aware of your potential, getting together with like-minded others, team spirit, recognition of skill, paying attention to detail, also property matters.

Oracle Card: Joy and contentment, a sense of fulfilment, a feeling that all is well. Your desires are effortlessly fulfilled now.  Find joy in the present moment, whatever is happening, and be satisfied with things as they are.  You’re free from the shackles of longing and able to experience the liberation that comes from actually being happy moment to moment, for you have chosen happiness over yearning for it.  Now is the time for feeling joy for the sake of joy, and experiencing contentment. None of this is because of something outside yourself.  Your happiness is a result of your being at one with Spirit’s plan for your life. All is well.  The tide is in for now.  Enjoy playfully splashing in it!

SAGITTARIUS: Finances are highlighted this month and in a positive way. That may sound like nonsense in this set of circumstances but honestly, you’ll either create a new income stream now or formulate one for the future. It’s a great time to start addressing the finances and prioritise.  Now is the timeto shake up your daily routines – the type of changes that will make your life run completely differently. Go for it!

Tarot Card:  The Hermit – Discrimination, discretion, detachment, withdrawal.  Search for inner wisdom, needing the truth at all costs, self-searching questions, looking for direction and guidance, trusting your intuition, wisdom and experience.

Oracle Card:  Higher Power – Conscious contact with a Higher Power; the presence of the Divine; seeing Source energy in all things; committing to a partnership with Spirit. This card reminds you that you are more than a person trying to get ahead and make things happen for yourself and others. You have an immortal soul and are gifted with a human life through which a Higher Power can express itself. At this time you need to be conscious of your connection to Spirit and to foster it through prayer and meditation. Ask – what is the highest good for all? How can I serve?  Then get out of your own way and trust that there is a plan for your life more wondrous than you can ever know. You are always protected and Divinely directed.

CAPRICORN:  The powerful Jupiter / Pluto alliance is in your sign this month!  This means that it is an ideal time to open up to the new, while at the same time releasing the ‘old’.  You really can use this time constructively to set your goals and intentions, do so under this influence and you’ll soon see your intentions manifest into form. The Full Moon this month urges you to find equilibrium between your Capricornian urge for success and your desire for a balanced personal life.

Tarot Card: Ace of Swords – Clarity, truth objectivity, honesty, justice. Cutting through illusion, realizing the way forward, using logic and facing the facts, establishing what is right and wrong, facing up to reality, analysing your motives, mental adroitness. Also ‘cutting out the dead wood’, watch your stress levels!

Oracle Card: Clean it Up – Getting to the core of a situation, freedom from a burden, cleaning house, sweeping away what is no longer needed. Do you ever feel so bogged down with emotional gunk that you can’t think straight? Could you be surrounded by physical clutter in your house? Too much work? Overwhelmed? Time to clean house! Every item out of place natters away at you. Every unresolved resentment, every comparison to others that leads to a sense of lack takes up energetic space.  Every unpaid bill just adds up to an unnecessary feeling of being overwhelmed. Now is the time to free yourself by energetically cleaning house.  Just do it!  Make room for the miracles that are lining up for you.

AQUARIUS: This month it seems of all the signs that you, more than most, are encouraged to look within, to examine your ‘inner landscape’. You may feel drawn to meditation, yoga and listening to your intuition.  If you do, you’ll be amazed by the insights you can achieve, which can be of great benefit both personally and professionally.  The New Moon energises your 4th House, which is the part of your chart relating to home and family. Set your intentions to make the changes you require.

Tarot Card:  The High Priestess – Secrets, hidden feelings, intuition, the healer, feminine power, silent potential, the unconscious, hidden motivation, mysterious influences, developing talents.  Trust your intuition, you will see beyond the obvious, secrets revealed and a significant memory surfaces.

Oracle Card: Milk and Honey – The taste of prosperity; opportunities born of authenticity; nurturing abundance; trusting that your needs will be met.  You’ve entered a sweet time in your life, enjoying ‘ the land of milk and honey’ that everyone wants to experience. It’s an interlude that feels more languid than ambitious, when all your senses are awake to the unlimited possibilities if the Universe. These times are precious and only come when you are in your authentic zone,  ‘wearing the world as a loose garment’, not wanting yet able to be nourished in ways both tangible and subtle.  Abundance is an energy that you are a living part of.  All your needs are being net.  You are given the gift of nourishment in every form.

PISCES: You have been through a great deal in terms off relationships in the last few years.  This alignment gives you the opportunity to finally cut the ties from toxic people, let them go!  Time to be ‘ruthless’ with your friends list and cut out the dead wood.  Under this planetary influence, it is entirely possible that some long cherished desire can be manifested.  It is also probable that you could think up a fantastically brilliant idea that could greatly and positively impact your finances. Looking at original solutions can solve any problems you are experiencing. Go for it!

Tarot Card:  Six of Wands – Pride, victory, reward, accomplishment.  Receiving acclaim for your actions, being the centre of attention, feeling accomplished, looking after number one, taking it all in your stride, also team effort and collaboration with like minded others.

Oracle Card: The Tribe – Community, belonging, being seen and understood by others, like minded connections, a sense of family and friendship, knowing your place in the world.  This card signals a new affiliation with a group. Humans are social creatures, and we need to know we are useful to our tribes, families, and communities. In a tribe everyone has an important function and feels ‘I matter’. Membership of the group provides a sense of belonging, of kinship, and of purpose that comes from working together for the greater fulfilment of all.  Perhaps you are part of a spiritual community, or an artistic one. Perhaps you are in a learning community, where you share your love of education. Regardless of its form or focus your community brings you joy. You will be inspired by it and want to contribute to it. Your contribution may be as small as showing up or as large as becoming its leader.  No matter your position in the tribe, your presence is needed.

Lastly, a reminder that during this ‘lockdown’ I have decided to make my readings more accessible to those concerned about their finances, as to some degree, we all are!

From today, 1stApril 2020, for one month I am offering 45 minute readings for £40.00.  I am available to read by phone, FaceTime or WhatsApp.  For details please call 07771 854343 or email me at

I hope you have enjoyed reading the Astro News and Cards for your sign. Look after yourself and please feel free to share this among your friends.


Here is the planetary overview for March 2020, with the major astrological aspects and planetary transits. During the first ten days of the month, retrograde Mercury brings confusion, issues with transport communication and technology. Following three years spent in Capricorn, Saturn enters Aquariuson March 22nd. This is the best time to clarify your goals, but also to establish the groups you feel that you belong to.

9th March: FULL MOON IN VIRGO – Baby steps and reducing large goals to smaller components will help avoid ‘burn out’ and bring a satisfactory sense of accomplishment.


Transiting this sign (ruled by Uranus), Mercury urges us to original thinking and reminds us that rules are made to be broken.

16th March: MERCURY ENTERS PISCES – During this phase we come closer to our intuitive side but watch out for daydreaming!


Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. This is when night and day both have approximately equal length all over the globe. It is time for rebirth and new beginnings.


Saturn in Aquarius is about orderly preparation for the future. It is an optimum time to clarify goals. It also assists us to attract like-minded people and become involved with the groups we belong to.


This is probably the best day of the year to initiate something new. This is the time to leave the planning phase and welcome the action phase. Don’t over-think it! Just do it!


You’ll be able to express yourself in a unique and original way. Key influence is that you’ll relish your freedom.


Aries:  Fitness and general wellbeing can be maintained with plenty of rest and relaxation. Relationships also benefit from more ‘quality time’. The possibility of study – of academic growth and travel activities are highlighted. However, this month finances are slightly erratic. Career can progress this month if you put in the effort.

Tarot Card of the Month:  Seven of Wands – Standing your ground, coming from a position of advantage, keeping on top of things. Feeling strong, taking a firm stance, having the strength to battle on and tackle challenges, making your terms and conditions clear.

Taurus:  Relationships are harmonious, finances stable and health is good this month.If married or partnered, there will be plenty of romance and sensuality. While finances prosper, there may be unexpected issues with family members requiring cash input. Health is balanced. Challenges in career are possible, though nothing you can’t handle. You may experience some tension within the family.

 Tarot Card of the Month: Two of Wands – Waiting, yearning and looking out to new horizons. Holding a world of desires and ideas in your hand, ready for expansion, business partnership, negotiating opportunity coming your way.  Thoughts of family and travel overseas.

 Gemini: Success is possible and finances are stableand speculations/ investments could increase your wealth. Career progress requires hard graft. Health or energy levels will improve towards the end of the month. Home life could see differences of opinion.

Tarot Card of the Month: Two of Swords – Decision time! Perhaps a decision you really don’t want to make? Having split opinions, trying to see both sides, feeling stuck in the middle. Keeping your head above water, and intuition rising. Ask yourself ‘what do I really want’ and know that there are no ‘wrong’ decisions.

Cancer: Professional and career prospects are positive, particularly if you want to change profession.  Singles will experience opportunities for love relationships. Aspects of Mars are urging for career enhancement. Pay attention to finances and act logically. Family matters could be turbulent.

Tarot Card of the Month: Three of Cups – Celebration, party, rejoicing, spread a little happiness, two become three. Sharing good times, satisfaction, reunion, and generosity of spirit, good news, and happy days, finding ‘your tribe’.

Leo: This monthpassion is highlighted. Any involvement with study is positive.March promises to be busy and stimulating. Venus assists singles to enjoy their love interests. Rest and relaxation are encouraged. Financial gain can be achieved with the input of others.

Tarot Card of the Month: – Four of Pentacles – Security, hanging onto what is yours, being careful of possessions, fear of loss, looking after your own interests.  ‘Hanging on’ to the old way no longer serves you.

Virgo:  Professionals will prosper this month.  Singles will be determined in their romantic pursuits. Health is stable and family matters will be harmonious. The family will encourage career progression. Finances could be a bit erratic under various planetary retrogrades.

Tarot Card of the Month:  Four of Swords – Enforced rest or retreat.  A need for tranquility, time to re-charge your batteries so you can come out fighting again.

Libra:  Career prospects are positive and, this month, health is very good.March’s cosmic influences contribute to excellent achievements. Marital or partnership balance can be achieved via shared and enjoyable activities. It is a favourable time for initiating partnership projects. If involved with study, significant academic achievements are possible.

Tarot Card of the Month: Ace of Swords –A new, assertive and clear thinking start.  Courage and determination channeled into action. Using legal or official advice to tackle issues, intellect, justice, success but watch your health and stress levels.

Scorpio:Hard graft pays off. Singles may experience those ‘love at first sight’ opportunities. Mars provides great energy for sports people and athletes. However, this months planetary aspects are not encouraging for wealth creation. With the help of your social circle, career development will be excellent.

Tarot Card of the Month: The Fool – Often appears when we are the start of a new journey or phase in life. It could indicate we are ready to take a ‘leap of faith’, carefree and prepared to take risks. It emphasizes the need for travel and brings an air of optimism. Try not to be overly trusting….

Sagittarius:  Thisisn’t a month when you can focus on relationships.  The month presents vacillations and absurdities. Partnership growth could be distracted by family issues. Career could see differences and conflicts with colleagues and seniors. However, finances are enhanced via Investments and speculations.

Tarot Card of the Month:Nine of Pentacles – Independence, solitude doesn’t mean loneliness, fruitfulness, cultivation, ownership. Spending on home comforts, happy with your own company, going freelance or self-employed.

Capricorn:  The emphasis this month is onacademic achievement, study and research. Mars and Venus boost the compatibility of couples. Health improves from the 20th of the month. Income will be sufficient to cover expenses. Prospects for education are encouraging, while career may face some challenges.

Tarot Card of the Month:  The Empress – Situations relating to female family members, fertility, marriage, female generations. Creativity, fruits of labour, productivity, a time of plenty, fortunate times and plentiful abundance.  Seek advice from women who have trodden the path you need to know about.

Aquarius:  Mars is busy in your career sector, bringing changes.Partnership harmony whilst enjoyable could see sudden volatility. Health improves as the month progresses. Career growth could experience significant changes. Finances will prosper. Family harmony could be disrupted by disagreements.

Tarot Card of the Month: Ten of Pentacles – Money coming to you, riches, gifts, inheritance.  Support from family.

Pisces:  Cosmic influences could trigger radical changes in your career. If partnered, life with your beloved can be delightful. Singles could find love partners via good communication. Strong determination in your career will see ambitions achieved. Finances are positive and family matters harmonious.

Tarot Card of the Month: – The Magician – A good time to study or train for something new. Prepare for new projects and opportunities.  Hour knowledge and skills are recognized now, confidence abounds. You can manifest what you want, feeling strong, capable and motivated.


The start of February has a very different vibe to how it will close. Mercury moves into intuitive Pisces on 3rdFebruary and Venus glides into Aries on February 7th. This combination heightens our intuition, boosts our confidence and with the full moon in Leo on 9thFebruary, we will all feel a ‘lightening of the load’.

However, on the 16th, comes great change. First of all, Mercury begins its retrograde motion this time, near to Neptune. The same day, Mars planet of action and boldness, moves into Capricorn, a most auspicious combination.   Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, which means we might all be daydreaming a bit more. Then there is Mars in Capricorn with the emphasis on perfection. This ‘see saw’ between fact and fantasy defines the rest of February on into March.

The sun moves into Pisces on the 19thFebruary and the new moon in intuitive and wise Pisces on the 23rdFebruary, brings a great boost of optimism.


Aries: Venus will move into your sign on the 7th, and you may feel like expressing yourself in a bold manner. With the full moon in Leo on the 9th, romance is possible.

Significant change in your career is also possible as Mars glides into Capricorn on the 16thFebruary. You may find you are able to voice your needs and requirements more forcefully and also those of your colleagues. Your ideas for workplace improvements will be well received and even implemented!

The new moon in Pisces on the 23rd is a perfect moment for you to reassess, review, step back and recharge your batteries. A short break will restore balance and perspective.

Tarot Card: The Star – Inspiration, truth revealed, ideal love. Realization of a dream, insight and self-belief are essential for happiness, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing you are going to be successful, freely giving yourself in love, visionary progress, new trust in a relationship.

Taurus:  On the 7thFebruary, Venus moves into your sub-conscious zone. This is an optimum moment to capitalise on some solitude. You may be aware that a fundamental area of your life requires change and the best way to find a solution is with a little asolitude. The solution might arrive during meditation or via a communication from a trusted mentor on the 23rd. The full moon in Leo on the 9th prompts entertaining at home.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 16thFebruary; you may find long lost friends, former colleagues and acquaintances getting in touch ‘out of the blue’.  You have no obligation to engage unless you really want to!

The new moon in Pisces on the 23rd February is an opportunity to expand your social circle. It’s a great time to join a group or take on a course of study.

Tarot Card:  Page of Swords –Vigilance, ready for action, logic and reason, mental dexterity. Wisdom from experience, communication of your plans, researching facts. Youthful ideas, refreshing honesty, a young at heart person. Also be ready to respond quickly.

Gemini:  Great inspiration can be accessed under the influence of Mercury as it moves into Pisces on the 3rdFebruary, you may also find you are being acknowledged and appreciated for your creativity. Your ideas and opinions are sought after from from friends, colleagues and loved ones. On the 5thFebruary, pay particular attention to your intuition, it could guide you to brilliance!

At the full moon in Leo on the 9th, you may feel overwhelmed with demands from family and endless lists of tasks to do. Being thankful for all the people and activities in your life will knock out any resentment.

Under Mercury retrograde from 16th, you may feel that you can’t properly communicate with your clients, your boss or your colleagues. However, things will lighten up after the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd. It’s a good time to set intentions about your career.

Tarot Card:  The Magician – Initiative, persuasion, conscious awareness, action. Ability to manifest, realizing your potential, knowledge is key to success, focusing on a goal.  Also an element of ‘performance’ or going before others to speak?

Cancer:  On 7thFebruary, Venus enters Aries, boosting your public image. Your innate instinct is to nurture, – however, you’re starting to really assert yourself – gaining respect from friends and co-workers. The full moon in Leo on the 9th positively highlights finances for you.

Misunderstandings are possible with those close to you as Mars enters Capricorn. This time, though, you have the capacity to listen and discuss. This conversation continues through to the end of the month and achieves a breakthrough to understanding on the 21stFebruary. Keep communicating.

The new moon in Pisces on the 23rdhighlights a need to take a break away from it all, but wait until Mercury resumes direct motion on March 9th before committing to travel.

Tarot Card:  Seven of Wands – Defiance, purpose, gaining advantage. Refusing to budge on principal, sticking to your guns, confidence to say ‘no’, being aware your perspective may be changing, strength against adversaries.

Leo:  The full moon on the 9th puts the spotlight on you! There is an urge to treat yourself, to welcome in a little luxury and/or pampering.

Physical well-being is also highlighted this month. On the 16thFebruary, Mars influences the area of your chart associated with exercise. So it’s a good time to join a gym, try weight training or if you have some spare cash, hire a personal trainer. With Mercury retrograde bringing some confusion into the mix, you have a greater focus when you have to live up to someone else’s expectations.

The new moon on the 23rd is all about balancing finances and exorcising any skeletons in the cupboard. If you just go for it, a cosmic boost on the 24th assists you to get it done.

Tarot Card: Strength – Courage, strength, self-awareness, compassion. Facing reality, taking control of your life, learning to take responsibility for your actions, ability to forgive imperfections in others, inner strength, awareness of your instinctive responses.

Virgo:  This month focuses on your intimate relationships, On the 3rdFebruary when Mercury moves into Pisces – and also into your relationship sector, avoid the impulse to be picky and let your conversations revolve around the bigger issues. Whatever the issue, future planning is especially productive on the 5th and 28th, when Mercury connects with maverick Uranus.

The full moon in Leo on the 9th is in your sub-conscious sector. Don’t hide your light, be fully seen and let yourself shine. Be appreciative of your own power.

As Mercury moves retrograde on the 16th, a contentious issue with a loved one resurfaces. The conversation wasn’t completed on their side so discussions would be beneficial.  Let the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd be the time to refresh your commitments.

Tarot Card:   Two of Cups – Relationship, connection, partnership, attraction. Moving towards another, attraction and romantic love, establishing a bond, mutual understanding, harmony and cooperation, reconciliation and forgiveness.

Libra:  On the 7thFebruaryVenus moves into Aries and you find you are open to love.   Weather romance or friendship, you ‘have to be in the forest to catch the fox’!  In other-words, make an effort to be more social this month.

You may have just settled into a new flat or house or the urge to move is highlighted as Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th. If you are unable to satisfy the urge to move, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to re-decorate!

The new moon in Pisces on the 23rdcoupled with Mercury retrograde prompts you to reconsider your routines.

Tarot Card: Two of Pentacles – Balancing, dexterity, flexibility, juggling. Agility in dealing with material things, adapting to relationship needs, dealing with several problems at once, feeling confident in your abilities, having fun, juggling options, being willing to go with the flow, learning new things, understanding change.

Scorpio:  The full moon in Leo on the 9th marks a significant moment for your career. The hard graft becomes more satisfying as you step into your leadership qualities. Congratulate those who have assisted you and acknowledge your own accomplishments.

As Mars enters Capricorn on the 16th, your daily schedule is more demanding than usual. With Mercury retrograde, people form the past may suddenly appear. These events are a distraction, keep your focus on the tasks at hand.

The sun enters Pisces on the 19th, and on the 23rd there is a gentle new moon in Pisces. You can renew your relationship with your innate creativity. Yes, you may be recognized for ingenuity at work, however, what really nourishes your soul? Set intentions to make time for that which inspires you.

Tarot Card: The Sun – Communication, sharing, happiness, joy, positive energy, creativity, growth. Accomplishment in love, new friendship, feeling enlightened, positive accomplishment, believing in yourself, self-confidence, being the centre of attention, shining under the spotlight.

Sagittarius: As Mercury enters Pisces on the 3rdFebruary, you’ll be aware how domestically disorganized matters have become. The beginning of the month is a whirlwind of confusion. Set your house in order before the full moon in Leo on the 9th, when you have the opportunity to travel.

On the 16th, you’re in for a disruption on the home front as Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces. You may have some expense to layout on home repairs but best to get it sorted!

At the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd, take time to set some intentions about what you want from your ‘family’. This could be with your birth family, or your chosen ‘tribe’. Communication is key.

Tarot Card: Three of Pentacles – Skill, cooperation, teamwork, planning. Professional growth, material gain, proving yourself, a competent strategy, being aware of your potential, getting together with others, team spirit, recognition of skill, being obsessed with detail, too dependent on others opinions?  Also property matters.

Capricorn:  As Venus enters Aries and your domestic sector on the 7th, you’ll be up for making aesthetic changes. At the full moon in Leo on the 9th, you may receive a payment or windfall that you’ve been expecting for months. On the 16th, Mars enters your sign and brings you more energy.

You have great determination this month. However, Mercury goes retrograde possibly heralding irritating pockets of chaos. You’ll have to think hard about sticking to a routine while dealing with domestic demands.

At the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd, you’ll need to reassess how to keep in touch with everyone, without the pressure to respond immediately.

Tarot Card: Temperance – Self-Control, compromise, moderation, virtue. The blending of ideas, harmony and understanding, moderation is the key to success. Alchemical process, recognizing cooperation, healing energy.

Aquarius:  This is your month, Aquarius. On the 9thFebruary, the full moon in Leo alters your focus to your commitments. You’ll want less time with admin and more time with people who enhance your life.

On the 16thFebruary, Mercury moves into retrograde motion in the area of your chart associated with your finances and values. This can herald a time when substantial amounts of money are coming in and almost immediately being spent out. With Mars entering Capricorn, stress and anxiety are highlighted. Balance can be restored by a no-nonsense, practical approach to your finances and by considering your expenditures very carefully.

At the new moon in Pisces on the 23rd, take time to set intentions around your finances. Is your income what you would wish or is there room for improvement? Your financial outlook improves from the 25th. Plan for abundance!

Tarot Card: The Emperor – Power, authority, father figure, leadership, the power of reason. Orderly chaos, taking control of a situation, structured thought, sticking to the rules, establishing laws or family values. Also you are in a much better position than you think and may have a know, or un-known mentor to hand.

Pisces:  Take advantage of the lull while it’s still Aquarius season, because when the sun enters Pisces on the 19thFebruary, you’re in the spotlight. When Mercury enters your sign on the 3rd, your ideas become creative. On the 9th, the full moon in Leo encourages you to address an issue you’ve preferred to avoid. Plan ahead so you can deal with all the admin demands, leaving you time for more leisurely activities.

With Mercury going retrograde on the 16th. You may experience a ‘who am I’ moment and have the urge to try a radical change of style. On the 20th, an acknowledgement of your work or compliment stabilise you.

Your signs season begins on the 19th (happy birthday to you!) and is followed by a new moon in Pisces on the 23rd. Self-nurture isn’t simply about facials! It’s also about addressing the more difficult issues too. Commit to something exciting, yet possibly scary, that guarantees growth.

Tarot Card: – Rushing ahead, action, news, options. Getting your priorities sorted out, making clear your intentions, taking swift action, receiving important messages, quick developments, taking stock and re-evaluating the situation.


Saturn in Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn) is the major influence this year, highlighting achievements and successes. Saturn urges you to set goals, formulate a strategy and strive for what you want. Saturn also challenges you to be the best you can be!

The powerful planet Mars assists you to achieve your aims – and quickly. Mars begins 2020 in energetic, ambitious Aries, so you’ll be able to accomplish much of your ‘to-do’ list soon into January. Mars in Aries gives a competitive edge, providing you with a positive sense of accomplishment from the start of 2020.

There are three Mercury retrograde phases in March, July and November. All three of these cycles are happening in the intuitive and emotional water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), so heightened awareness of your feelings will be prominent during these times. The formula for breezing through Mercury retrograde phases this year is to trust your intuition. If it feels right, it most likely is right.

Pluto is also visiting Capricorn in 2020, and will be retrograde between late April and early October, Pluto then ends the year resuming direct motion again. The breaking down and building up of whatever you deem worthy of your input makes anything possible, so long as you have the belief that you can achieve your goals, you will!

The Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) are motivated by excitement, and there is plenty of that this year. The expansive planet Jupiter is in extrovert Sagittarius until early December, you can therefore expect to enjoy a blend of fun and adventure. Travel and involvement with other cultures is possible. The goddess of love, Venus, has no retrograde periods in 2020, so the mood is passionate (and possibly aggressive) when she visits the fire signs (Aries in late April, Leo in late July, and Sagittarius in early November). Meaning? There could be a great deal of excitement in your love life!

The Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) tend to use logic more than other signs, so you’ll feel happy with Saturn’s situation in down to earth, practical Capricorn. This is a grounded energy helping you to connect with details. From late April until mid-September, Saturn retrograde may trigger a slowing down or temporarily impeding of your progress. The expansive planet, Jupiter, also enters Capricorn in early December, increasing the desire to learn. Exploring education, studying and reading assist you advance to the next level.

The Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) will experience slow-moving Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) transitioning from fiery Aries into the slower-moving Taurus in early March. This slightly ‘at odds’ energy (Uranus is experimental, while Taurus is more traditional) may impede progress, however, money-focused Venus moves into Gemini in early June, presenting some exceptional financial opportunities. Be practical, be steadfast, and keep your eye on the goal.

The exciting news for water the signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) in 2020 is that you host Mercury’s retrograde cycles (March in Pisces, July in Cancer, and November in Scorpio). If your plans meet obstacles, employ your intuition this will see you through. Ethereal Neptune is retrograde in Pisces between late June and late November, so dreams, aims and goals might see temporarily delays or set backs. If you’ve been in denial about something, this period could provide a very rude awakening. When you welcome the voice of reason, however, your year should become more successful.


ARIES: Is a fire sign – and is always ready for the challenges of life, and this year is no exception. The dynamic, power planet Mars brings you vital energy and 2020 starts with this assertive planet in Sagittarius, sign of adventure and knowledge. Extensive travel is now an amazing possibility accompanied by abundant and valuable learning experiences. By the end of June, Mars achieves its most dominant placement in your sign, where it remains for the in July and August. Achievement is your main drive but be aware that you can be grumpy if things don’t go quite to plan!

The sun enters your sign from mid-March to mid-April, bringing, courage and inspiration for your birthday! There may be an anticipation building heralding something amazing. In your element for the next month you’ll bring ‘warrior’ energy into the mix, (especially when being competitive). You are able to vanquish any obstacle and can enthusiastically progress to achieving your targets. Be aware you may have less patience than usual with those who do not share your vision.

The wounded planet, Chiron, is in your sign all year, brining with it the urge towards greater self-awareness. Chiron challenges our beliefs, aims and ambitions and asks us to question our life’s purpose. The Chiron retrograde cycle from early July to mid-December assists you to re-kindle the characteristic Aries fire and to comprehend where you may have been undervaluing yourself. There are many opportunities for spiritual healing

Tarot Card: Two of Wands – Achievement, courage, worldly desires, personal power. Persuading others of your skills and talents, seeking new horizons, expansion, making your mark on the world, having the courage to prove your point, showing that you mean business, embracing new ideas, widening your perspective, being inventive and different.

TAURUS: Your enjoyment of the finer things in life motivates you to accomplish great things this year!  Venus, goddess of love and money, is your ruler and as she commences the year in experimental Aquarius (Venus in Pisces January 1), your thoughts become open to new ideas in both areas. You‘ll feel more comfortable when Venus enters your sign in early March and stays until early April and then again in Libra (the other signs she rules) for about three weeks at the end of October. Leisure pursuits and passion blend here to help you enjoy the good things in life. The one retrograde cycle your ruler experiences this year is from mid-May to the end of June, during her journey through curious Gemini, causing you to consider the dualities of love and money. While you can’t imagine existing without a great deal of both it’s interesting to ponder the alternatives.

The sun remains in your luxury loving, down to earth sign between mid-April and the end of May, bringing a very happy birthday to loyal Taurus! You’re focused on hard work – in exchange for the pleasures, beauty and abundance that life has to offer. You need not apologize for appreciating beautiful things—this is an essential part of your nature and drives you to succeed. All your senses are awakened now, and you appreciate fine dining, fine wine, exotic perfume, luxurious fabrics and beautiful art. Uranus, the planet of change, is travelling in your sign all year, brining upheaval in many areas. Although Uranus is retrograded only until January 10, it cycles back again to a retrograde phase in mid-August until the end of the year. So what this means for you Taurus, is having an ability to be adaptable to change.  This is not strictly  your forte but maintaining an open-mind and a flexible attitude will navigate you through challenging periods during this progressive transit.

Tarot Card: Four of Wands – Celebration, joy, spontaneity, freedom. Exuberance about life and love, enjoying a happy event, domestic harmony, feeling proud of your achievements, mutual celebration, being released from the chains of responsibility, dumping emotional baggage, freeing yourself from others expectations.

GEMINI: This years energies urge you to a deeper connection with yourself and others.  Mercury is your logical, perceptive ruler – and as one of the swiftest moving planets, it changes signs very quickly. It appears that everyone’s aware of Mercury’s retrograde cycles, and because Mercury is your ruler, you should have an extra awareness of these phases. Not that these will slow you down at all, however, this year the three retrograde periods between February 6 and March 9, June 17 and July 11, and October 13 and November 2 are all dates to be aware of. It’s also important to note that all three retrogrades pass through the emotional and intuitive water signs, advising you to remain calm and collected when experiencing obstacles such as miscommunications, misunderstandings and travelling mishaps.

The sun travels through your sign from the end of May until the end of June, bringing a mentally alert phase when you’ll be able to communicate and exchange ideas super articulately. Around your birthday curious, perceptive Gemini, you’ll be at your most perceptive and will notice things that other people miss. Mercury is also the planet influencing sibling relationships, and your birthday month is a great time to reconnect with a brother or sister. Whether you are in constant touch or haven’t seen one another in years, strengthening your connection is highlighted now.

At the end of August as the sun enters Virgo, you’ll be aware of the minute details (Mercury also governs Virgo). Self-care and Health matters will be highlighted now as well, especially stomach or intestinal issues, which may require attention.

Tarot Card: Temperance – Self-control, compromise, moderation, virtue. The blending of ideas, harmony and understanding, moderation is the key to success, alchemical process, recognizing cooperation, healing energy, work/life balance.

CANCER:  Put yourself first this year!Your sign is associated with extremes of emotion, so no wonder your ruler is the emotional moon. Becoming aware of the moon’s movements will help you to better understand your moods this year, beginning with a full moon/lunar eclipse in Cancer in mid of January. This lunation it is closely associated with family relationships, in particular parent-child. Reunions and healings can occur now, if you are aware of the old, possibly unhealthy dynamics that have hitherto been in place.

A new moon/solar eclipse in your sign at the end of June occurs at start of your birthday month, giving you the ability for a fresh start regarding your priorities and the relationships that have begun or ended in the last year. It is an opportunity to address what has been lacking and also what  needs to be discarded.

The sun in your sign from the end of June until the end of July is the ideal time to practice self-care and to protect your loved ones. When you look after yourself, you then have the ability to look out for others.

Tarot Card: The Wheel of Fortune – Inevitability, luck, timing, turning point, destiny. There is no certainty in life except uncertainty, in each moment a new beginning, the only constancy is change itself, synchronicity and coincidence, seeing patterns and cycles repeat in life, feeling you are being swept along with the tide, taking advantage of change, unpredictable events, the ability to generate your own opportunities.

LEO: 2020 brings you the opportunity to really shine!
Leo loves attention, so it is appropriate that your ruler is the sun. At the outset of 2020 the sun is in the sign of earthy, responsible Capricorn, so you’ll be on a practical streak, doing things for the sense of accomplishment, more than for recognition. By the end of July, however, that changes when the sun travels into your sign and welcomes in your birthday month. Your attitude is outgoing and playful, and you‘ll appreciate an audience for your extrovert capers. For the following four weeks, you’ll be the life and soul of the party, bringing colour and drama into your loved ones’ lives.

The Cancer moon/solar eclipse at the end of June also brings new awareness for you. The emotional moon is the yin to the sun’s egotistical yang, so this highly reflective phase may unearth some uncomfortable emotional topics and it might feel as though you are ‘out of kilter’. So, make space for a new insight and fresh emotional beginnings.

The wounded planet Chiron is also traveling through Aries this year – which can bring on some “who am I?” moments. A lack of self-confidence is Leo’s worst nightmare and can put you under a lot of stress. However, you get away from this anxiety between the beginning of July and the middle of December, giving you space to remember who you really are.

Tarot Card: Six of Pentacles – Generosity, willingness, gifts, consideration. Loss and gain, giving and taking, shift in power, to have and to have not, seeking approval.  Also set boundaries so you don’t get taken advantage of!

VIRGO: This year try to incorporate more care of your mind and body. Your ruler, Mercury, is one of the fastest moving planets, so your mental agility naturally quick and alert. This year Mercury starts in practical, kindred earth sign Capricorn and quickly forms a conjunction with expansive Jupiter, bringing an optimistic tone for 2020. Feeling broad-minded and sociable is a great way to start the year.

There are also the usual three Mercury retrograde periods to be aware of, this year between February 16 and March 9, June 18 and July 12, and October 13 and November 3. Since Mercury is your ruler, you probably understand that these transits will affect travel, communication and electrical items, but don’t worry – your positive thoughts will be effective. This year’s Mercury retrogrades all take place in the emotional and intuitive water signs, so intuition often triumphs over logic when navigating obstacles and dealing with dilemmas.

The sun shines in your sign from the end of August until the end of September. The final days of summer are the perfect time to clear the clutter and get organized. Friends and family might ask you for your help in getting themselves organized too, as you have a reputation for being meticulous! This period also a good time to take care of any health issues.

Tarot Card: Four of Cups –  Hesitation, introspection, feeling withdrawn, unable to see what is on offer, a feeling of ‘same old’, contemplation for healing, self-questioning, a gathering of inner energy.

LIBRA: Your sense of fairness drives you to success this year.
Your lovely ruler planet, Venus, begins the year in Aquarius but swiftly moves into sensitive, compassionate Pisces in mid January. This is a comfortable pairing creating a romantic, dreamy flow of love, bringing more understanding, forgiveness and affection. Venus moves through your sign starting at the end of October, highlighting close relationships. Don’t allow your willingness to negotiate lead you to static indecisiveness.

The one retrograde cycle your power planet experiences this year is from mid-May until the end of June while in cerebral Gemini, urging you to ponder deeply on any incongruities in your life. This transit encourages you to explore dualities in your life and work out love/hate relationships so you can restore the balance and peace that you value so highly.

The sun highlights your sign for a month starting in late September, your beauty (inside and out) is evident, and you’re often regarded as the standard that other people want to achieve. Decision-making could be challenging now as you strive for the ultimate fair solution, but sometimes there just isn’t one that will make everyone happy!

Tarot Card: Seven of Pentacles – Evaluation, assessment, fruits of labour, where to or what next? Checking one’s progress, making sure you are on target, taking stock, prepared for a new strategy, ready to make your next move, seeing the results of your efforts, having a break from hard work.

SCORPIO:  Nothing can shake your confidence this year!
You have the Scorpio charm and charisma already and you’ll really be feeling powerful when your ruling planet, Mars, lingers in your sign at the very beginning of the year. A few days later Mars moves into adventurous, knowledge-seeking Sagittarius, then Mars in Aries, (the other sign it rules), exerts more of an energy surge when they team up at the end of June, and the energies could also influence you to become more impatient and self-centred, not inherent Scorpio qualities.

Your co-ruler, contemplative Pluto, spends the year in Capricorn, so it will become even more important for you to strive for what you want. You may well go to great lengths to reinvent yourself, but you are doing it for you! This is your year for you, Scorpio.

The sun spends time in your confident sign at the end of October until late November, highlighting all your best qualities. Happy birthday intense, determined Scorpio! Your aspirations, desires and wants come to the surface, and you crave closer, more intimate relationships. You could well be even more secretive than usual, but you will still expect full disclosure from everyone else. You also emit a magnetism that’s cannot be ignored, but you’re extremely discerning about who you admit to your inner circle.

Tarot Card: The High Priestess – Secrets, hidden feelings, the healer, feminine power, silent potential, the unconscious, hidden motivation, mysterious influences, developing talents. A secret needs to be revealed, trust your intuition, seeing beyond the obvious, remembering something significant.

SAGITTARIUS:  If you can envision it, you can manifest it.
As the fiery Archer, your extravert, adventurous nature is aided by by your power planet, the optimistic Jupiter. This year, Jupiter teams up with serious Capricorn once again, so the atmosphere may not be as light as it could be. Your success is directly allied to your actions this year, essentially ensuring that you generate your own luck by grafting and actively directing your own future. A retrograde period from the middle of May to mid-September gives you a chance to review your ambitions, and reconsider some of your opinions/ideals. If you feel that you are on the right track, great progress is possible. However if you feel you’ve been on the wrong path, admit it and change direction.

You love to engage people in conversation and expand your universe through world travel, which could all come to a standstill during the year’s three Mercury retrograde periods. Be aware of these six-week cycles in mid-February, the middle of June and the middle of October where communication and travel might be erratic and glitches in electronic devices can make life difficult. However, because of Cancer’s watery influence on these retrogrades (Cancer only influences Mercury in the summer), depending on your intuition assists you through these phases.

The sun enters your house between the end of November to end of December, when your focus will be to make intimate connections to something larger than yourself. Happy birthday philosophical, searching Sagittarius! You can have a wonderful time expanding your horizons, visiting new places/meeting new people now. Some people make a mad dash the destination, but for you, it’s all about the quality of the journey.

Tarot Card: The World – Completion, fulfilment, freedom, cosmic love, freedom from fear.  Reward for efforts, time for celebration of self and others, feeling the world is your oyster, travelling both physically and mentally, accomplishing what you are setting out to achieve, discovering a solution, feeling at one with yourself and the universe, seeing the completion of a cycle.

CAPRICORN: This year blend the old with the new for a more successful year.Your home planet, Saturn, arrived in your practical sign way back in December 2017 and continues on that journey for part of this year as well. You may well be especially attentive to your ambitions now and may be particularly focused on your ultimate purpose in life. You must entertain adaptability to meet your full potential, but a hardworking Goat is never phased and always willing to do whatever it takes to navigate to the top. Expansion and progress in all areas of your life are possible this year if your focus is yourself and what is most important to you.

A Saturn retrograde period begins in mid-May, after Saturn has moved into free-thinking Aquarius (towards the end of March). This retrograde cycle provides you with breathing space and encourages you to observe the areas in your life that could benefit from changes.

The sun visits your disciplined sign at the end of December, so happy birthday ambitious, goal-oriented Capricorn! You’re an understated sign who prefers to keep your head down and work toward your goals for the most part, but during your birthday month you might become animated in unusual ways. Some people may not know that you have a wicked sense of humour that you may express with sarcasm, being more open with others will widen your social circle.

Tarot Card:  Eight of Cups – Changing direction, moving on, commitment to new values, leaving behind a difficult situation, walking away from the past, a journey of self-discovery, looking for spiritual and emotional truths, realising it is time to start afresh. Moving on to better things.

AQUARIUS:  This new year is full of changes and challenges!
Your home planet, Uranus, made a major move into steady Taurus in 2019, and these two very different energies are not the most compatible. Uranus is experimental and Taurus takes a conservative view, so there will be some mismatched energy to deal with. The retrograde period for your power planet this year is from mid-August until the end of the year, this should give you a respite from the urge towards rebellion! Turning that rebel streak inward, however, could create its own set of challenges, so be prepared for inner conflicts this year.

The sun always passes through your sign at the start of the year, so from the end of January until the end of February, you celebrate your birthday month. Happy birthday to you, style-maker and game-changer Aquarius! The sun forms a square to your home planet a couple days after its entrance into your sign, giving off a double surge of unpredictability. Look out for a build-up of apprehension about ‘the next step’. You relish your freedom and you don’t thrive on chaos.

Tarot Card: Four of Swords – Repose, temporary retreat, contemplation, truce, emotional ghosts from the past, making time for yourself, finding your own space, relaxing and taking it easy, standing back and reviewing the situation. Preparing for the future, taking stock of your objectives, slowing down.

PISCES:  A mix of illusion and practicality shapes this year.
Your home planet Neptune enhances your idealistic approach to life, and because it’s journeying in your escapist sign all this year, it is time to really have big dreams. Observe your intuition and awareness – your subconscious is a clear window into your soul and what you truly want this year.

Neptune’s retrograde period occurs from late June until the end of November, however, which can cause you to have to face certain ‘home truths’. You’re a great deal stronger than you appear though, Pisces, so a dose of ‘having to face the music’ can actually be a blessing in disguise.

The sun will be gliding through your imaginative sign from the end of February until the end of March, so happy birthday to you creative, romantic Pisces! You have a hugely active imagination, and you need solitude at times to contemplate all of life’s “what ifs.” Because Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and because this transit occurs during the Spring Equinox, this is an ideal time to welcome the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Take a break, Pisces, and re-establish your strength and equilibrium before starting a new venture or a new way of operating.

Tarot Card: Two of Cups – Relationship, connection, partnership, attraction,. Moving towards another, alchemical merger, sexual attraction, romantic love, establishing a bond, mutual understanding, harmony and cooperation, reconciliation and forgivemeness.