Cosmic News

From time to time I will post some ‘Cosmic News’, when the planets are having a major impact or there is a cosmic configuration of particular interest.

I am not an Astrologer, however, any Tarot practitioner will know that each of the 78 cards in the deck have a direct affiliation with the planets and Astrology. Therefore a working knowledge of the Heavens is a requirement for any serious Tarot reader. I also post the ‘ Cosmic News’ on my Facebook page and Twitter.


Hello everyone, here is Astro News and Tarot Card of the month for March.  The main news this month is that Mercury is retrograde from 5th– 28thMarch.

The phenomenon happens three or four times a year, and it affects everything from technology to communication to travel.

You can expect computer and communication issues, delayed or cancelled travel, broken contracts, paperwork mishaps and just about anything designed to irritate and frustrate.

On March 5, Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces and lasts until 28thMarch.

During retrogrades, trusting in ourselves is very important.

Using the prefix “re” is recommended to make the best of a retrograde.

Review, reunite, reconnect, and research. Having said all that, under a retrograde Mercury you can make great progress in administrative matters, particularly if moved to have a good clear out of paperwork, clothes or other items.

Aries: You may experience some irritability and frustration this month.  It feels like one step forward and two steps back. But by March 20th, the Spring Equinox, you’ll, be able to push forward again and express you enthusiasm and passion.  However, be very clear in your communications, especially around the Full Moon on 6thMarch. Be patient, your spontaneity and courage is an example to others.

Tarot Card:  Eight of Pentacles – Proficiency, diligence, discipline, knowledge. Dedication and perseverance pay off, as do paying attention to detail and widening your knowledge. Recognition.

Taurus: Enjoys comfort, yet the winds of change may unsettle you this month.  The focus is on career, seeing the ‘big picture’ and knowing how to build a firm foundation for long-term projects to succeed.   Be practical, open and honest, particularly with family. You’ll need to put yourself and your goals first in March.  Your common sense will provide stability.

Tarot Card: Knight of Swords – Self assured, impetuous, decisive, need to analyse the situation and curb impatience, also cut out ‘the dead wood’.

Gemini:  The focus this month is onfinances, which may cause delay and frustration.  You can resolve these issues as the month progresses. Your flexible and spontaneous demeanour assists in career developments. There are new possibilities in your area of career assisted through your strong communication skills. Try to take things a little slower and see others point of view. A spur of the moment break can restore balance and energise your senses. The stress of recent months recede and you’ll manage to remain grounded for the many people and projects you are involved in.

Tarot Card:  Five of Swords – Overcoming dishonourable or hostile behaviour.  Sticking to your guns, realising that other’s opinions may not be the truth.

Cancer: You are in the final stretch of a challenging two years. Nearly there! Contemplate your direction, stick to recent decisions and find comfort in refection. Let go of what is not worth keeping. Yes, by mid-summer matters will have been satisfactorily resolved. The New Moon on March 10th will activate your strong intuitive skills, and bring new creative ideas. Look at the possibility of fulfilling along held desire to travel.  It is possible to begin that journey now.

Tarot card: Three of Pentacles – Skill, cooperation, teamwork, planning. Professional growth, material gain, proving yourself, being aware of your potential.

Leo: This month it is possible to heal relationships.You can confidently take charge as a result of valuable insights which come from looking beneath the surface of people and situations. You are in a good position to discover the truth. Remember, “All that glitters is not gold.” Listen, really listen, to the intentions of another, and your courageous nature will illuminate the path for others to be more of who they are. Organisation at work is key and achievable. Your focus this month is on career, relationships and shared resources.

Tarot card: Two of Wands – Achievement, courage, worldly desires, personal power. Feeling you have the world in your hands, having the courage to prove your point, embracing new ideas and broadening your horizons.

Virgo:  This month you may well experience demands and have to make commitments to others leading to a feeling of being out of balance. However, there is a possibility of improvements at work, of receiving recognition and support.  Try not to over analyse matters.

Tarot Card: Six of Cups – Innocence, nostalgia, playfulness, childhood. Goodwill to all, sharing and reconciliation.  Creating good memories with another.

Libra: There are many calls on your energies from others this month, but you need to focus on you at this time! 2019 can bring new contacts, new work ideas but pace yourself.

Tarot Card: Five of Pentacles – A sense that something may be missing in your life. Soul searching, feeling emotional.

Scorpio:  Home life brings great comfort this month and your creativity is flowing. Children benefit from your deep sensitivity and intuition. This is the month to dream, play and explore your capacity for intimacy. Try to avoid holding onto any resentment from the past. Stagnation transforms into movement and relief. Significant communications take place. Remember to maintain integrity and compassion and to trust your intuition.

Tarot Card: The Fool – The eternal optimist, taking a leap of faith, stepping out into a new adventure, spontaneous and carefree.

Sagittarius: Problems highlighted from November 2017 to January 2018 are finally resolving and inner transformation is taking place. Truly, you can breathe more easily and see positivity and growth. Retreating your spiritual home self brings revelation, healing and understanding from within. Remind yourself daily that this new year is full of new promise and possibility.

Tarot card: Nine of Cups – Wish fulfilment, emotional satisfaction, sensuality, pleasure, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, being organised, contentment and counting your blessings.

Capricorn:  Have you been burning the candle at both ends and working too hard? Everyone needs a break now and then. Don’t miss the opportunity for reflection that can lead to a new perspective of your direction. Avoid the temptation to be negative during the first ten days of March 2019. There is huge creativity within you. Ideas flow and nourish the ideas of new projects. When you take a time out and release expectations, you can revisit your aims with greater clarity. While you are normally the practical one, your life path will benefit from sharing responsibility. This sharing frees your energy for a new lease on life.

Tarot Card:  The World – Completion, fulfilment, freedom from fear. Reward for hard work and effort. Feeling the world is your oyster. Travelling physically and mentally. Accomplishing what you set out to achieve.  Finding a solution, feeling at one with the world.

Aquarius: Despite economic and political trends, you are in the right place at the right time. Trust your vision for the future. Your world perspective is enhanced by strong intuitive energies. Try to resist the temptation to ‘save’ others. If you can now genuinely appreciate yourself, you’ll be free to sow seeds of compassion in your world. You are able to develop financial security in miraculous ways. While your area of financial improvement is strong, you can also benefit from taking advice from an expert.

Tarot card: Ace of Pentacles – Reward for effort, prosperity, abundance, realism. Practical accomplishment, tangible results, trusting the situation, starting afresh, being grounded in the real world.

Pisces: Happy Birthday Pisces! Uranus is in your Sun Sign for the next seven years, so your creativity is highlighted. March is the month to focus on your goals and allow them to spontaneously unfold in new ways. Be alert, and open to positive surprises. Universal guidance is very strong, activate your gift of receptivity. This is the month to hold onto your aims, keep them in your heart, and don’t let present reality deter you. Because you believe in yourself, miracles will happen. You may have spent some time being the victim of circumstance, but you are now waking up to a new path. Your vision can reveal a new direction unfolding! Let your ‘intention’ speak to you. March is your month to realise how powerful intention really is. The universe supports you, leading you to a new freedom in being exactly who you are.

Tarot Card:  The Empress – Action, development, feminine sensuality, vitality, abundance, compassion, creativity, nurturing, feeling good about life.  Focusing on beauty and art.







Hello everyone, can you believe it is February already! Where did January go?

Here is my Cosmic News and Card of the month for each sign. Before you scroll down to see what is in store for your sign this month, take a moment to have a look at the two moon events this month.

The New Moon which falls on 4thFebruary and the Full Moon which happens on 19thFebruary.

Aware that some of you mentioned that you found the January and 2019 overview a bit ‘sparse’, I have attempted to give a much more in depth look at Februarys Astrology influences.  Please feel free to like, share and generally spread the word!

Best wishes – Rosemary


 January has been hugely busy as everyone wants a preview of the year ahead.  Things are calming down a bit now and I have plenty of availability in February.  If you introduce a friend and both come for a reading on the same day, I will give each reading for £65.00 instead of the normal £70.00.


 The New Moon on February 4thin Aquarius has a positive influence because it is conjunct Mercury and trine Jupiter. So it brings optimism, generosity and a philosophical outlook. The new moon at the midpoint of Saturn sextile Neptune increases spiritual awareness and understanding.

This New Moon is very fortunate.It is the most positive of any moon phase for over a year. It provides good luck, good news, enthusiasm, generosity and happiness.

The New Moon also offers spiritual wisdom and will assist you in reaching your goals. This New Moon is expansive, charitable, philosophical and is full of optimism and goodwill.

The Sun conjunct the Moon brings an invigorating blast of energy and highlights initiative. This is an excellent time for starting afresh, turning over a new leaf, or beginning a new project. You can also address and change old habits, behaviours and beliefs as you quest for new, innovative methods for making progress.

The influences of the February 4th New Moon will be felt for four weeks up to the March 6thNew Moon.

Because of this New Moon’s conjunct two stars in the minor constellation of Delphinus, the Dolphin – it brings light-heartedness, pleasure, travel, and enjoyment of sports in general. In addition, it also brings disatisfaction, possible dissembling and duplicity, and even ingratitude.


 The February 19th Full Moon in Virgo is conjunct the powerful fixed star Regulus, in the centre of the Leo Constellation. This is a strong, sensual and adventurous full moon.  Regulus brings courage, independence, ambition, success, power and recognition. It is the star of monarchy, military, world leaders, sex symbols, sports celebrities and astrologers. Regulus assists people to be more competitive, aggressive, generous and open-minded.

However, brash self-confidence, coupled with the success and frankness of Regulus evokes jealousy, resentment and powerful enemies. Throughout history, to become the king you had to kill the king. The US President has Ascendant and Mars conjunct Regulus. He will be especially combative during this eventful two-week moon phase.

The Moon conjunct Regulus also brings interest in the occult, influential  friends, gains from speculative activities and public prominence, with great power, honour and financial improvements. However, such benefits are transitory and there is risk from enemies and false friends, violence, trouble and sickness. Regulus with the Full Moon also encourages women to be more independent and as a result, high-spirited!

The constellation of Leo is associated with the royal family and events within it. Particularly the ascension or passing of kings and queens, the election or death of heads of state, uprisings, assassinations, massacres, currency, the Stock Market, also the Vatican and the European Union.


Mars Conjunct Uranus brings a powerful urge to break free of limiting conditions. On its own, this is an unpredictable, erratic and volatile conjunction. But – the harmonious aspects to the Sun and Moon reduce the possibility of reckless behaviour and unsettling events. Which means, you can afford to take a few risks. Allow this full moon enhance your life with change, excitement and adventure!

Trust your instincts and follow your passionate desires. You can fully express your unusual side under this sexually provocative influence. Experimentation could reinvigorate an existing intimate relationship, or bring a passionate new romance. Allowing yourself to be un-inhibited brings greater personal freedom and unexpected opportunities.

This is a great Full Moon to get new projects off the ground with a rush of adventurous energy. Although your determination and adrenaline will eventually fade, you can get new projects to a level where that energy is no longer needed.

While on its own the conjunction of Neptune and Mercury influence may bring confusion, apprehension, deception andscandal, the sextile to Venus, Saturn brings sensitivity, romance, sensuality, attraction and creative imagination.

Venus conjunct to Saturn on its own can bring sadness, loneliness and lack of affection. But the sextile to Mercury Neptune brings companionship, true love, reassurance, loyalty and commitment.

Together, the alignment of these four planets Mercury, Neptune, Venus & Saturn brings compassion, healing, selflessness, clairvoyance and spirituality. This is a good full moon for dreaming, psychic awareness and exploring occult subjects such as astrology and Tarot.


 Both Regulus and the Mars Uranus conjunction have the potential to bring upheaval, rebellion and violence. However their energetic, hearty and outgoing natures complement each other – providing positive change, adventure and excitement.

Likewise, the negative influences of Mercury conjunct Neptune and Venus conjunction Saturn are ameliorated by the sextile aspects that link them.

Therefore the incredible volume of energy created by Regulus, the full moon and the three planetary conjunctions, combine in a sympathetic and harmonious way that is safer and more user-friendly than each on its own.

So the Full Moon in February 2019 brings exciting opportunities that will evoke feelings of freedom and vitality. Many disparate matters that have confused, frightened or depressed you will appear to come into better focus and make more sense. This should restore your faith that God, or the Universe, does indeed have a purpose for you.


Aries: Februaryheralds harmony with opportunities for improvement in the areas of love and money. You’ll want to express your love and affection for someone special. Increased attractiveness and charisma makes this an excellent time for making new friends and dating.

Tarot Card: Queen of Pentacles – Dependable, nurturing, warm-hearted, sensuous, generous, earth-mother, she takes a realistic view of life and has a matter-of-fact attitude. She feels secure and is home loving, loyal and reliable. She has a genuine desire to help others, she is both creative and resourceful, she has a ‘roper understanding of her own worth’.  You also have these qualities now.

Taurus:Love, compassion and affection are highlighted. Inner peace and harmonious relationships make this a good time to chill out or go on holiday. Work will be more enjoyable and you may receive acknowledgement. Increased charm, confidence and popularity makes socializing more enjoyable and dating more successful.

 Tarot Card: Seven of Pentacles –Evaluation,. Weighing up options and reviewing your strategy. Making sure you are on target, preparing for a new strategy, ready to make your next move, taking a break from hard work.

Gemini: Februarykeeps you busy with the need to think and communicate more. Your thinking could become nervous or rushed, leading to confusion, mistakes or misunderstandings. Avoid any arguments through compromise. Be aware to take extra care with important decisions and business matters.

Tarot Card: The Moon – Intuition, possible self-delusion, all that glitters is not necessarily what it appears to be. A suggestion of anxiety but also allowing your insight to guide you.

Cancer:This month you express yourself more fully, are more in tune with your inner self. This is a freeing and pleasantly surprising stage of life. You could be offered a new job or promotion, or possibly a welcome change. It is likely that you will encounter new and unusual people and become more involved with friends and groups.

Tarot Card: Nine of CupsWish fulfilment, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, pleased with what you have achieved, content and emotionally satisfied, counting your blessings, also a capacity for being organised.

Leo: Expect disruption from unplanned changes that influence your routine and life in general. Thus may become stressful and you will want liberation which may upset others. You might be more impulsive than usual, more erratic and somewhat odd. However, you are establishing your own unique self-expression, which in the long term is most beneficial.

Tarot Card: Three of Cups – Friendship, celebration, community, team spirit, exuberance, abundance and healing, making friends, networking successfully, sharing your happy feelings, being part of a group, putting trust in others.

Virgo: Februaryincreases the pace of life, this could make you feel anxious or confused. Difficulty in expressing yourself clearly may result in misunderstandings or arguments. Other people may feel you are being selfish and irritating. Try to compromise, see both sides or at least hold off for a while before pushing your agenda.

Tarot Card: Justice – Fairness, harmony, equality, cause and effect. Objective thinking restores balance, interaction and communication are essential. Taking responsibility for your choices, making decisions, looking at both sides of the argument, the law of Karma, possible legal dealings.

Libra:   This monthgives you a strong impulse to break free any limiting situations in your life. You require change and excitement. However, a tendency to behave spontaneously or erratically could cause un-necessary surprises and upsets. Risk taking is not the best option now.

Tarot Card: Eight of Cups – Changing direction, moving on, commitment to new values, leaving behind a difficult situation. Walking away from the past. A journey of self-discovery, looking for spiritual or emotional truth. Realizing it is time to start afresh, moving on to better things.

Scorpio: This monthpresents challenges you have to deal with in order to achieve a specific goal or simply to express your individuality. It may feel as though others are in your way or opposing you. Select your battles mindfully. A compromise, resolution or tactical withdrawal might bring the best outcome. Exercise or sport can relieve the tension but avoid overexertion and risk-taking.

Tarot Card: The Fool – Impulse, optimism, taking each adventure as it comes, spontaneous and carefree, embarking on a personal quest. Ready to leap into anything. A leap of faith, but look before you leap!

Sagittarius:Februarysupports your self-esteem, strength, vitality and courage. This is a good time for exercise, manual labour, fighting and sporting activities, especially of a competitive nature. Friendships, especially intimate relationships, will be enhanced by your extra warmth, charisma and sexual attractiveness.

Tarot Card: Nine of Wands – Preparedness, at the ready, strength and awareness, developing strength through self-awareness, better able to defend yourself, persistence and perseverance.  Knowing your strengths.

Capricorn:  Now you can make important changes without the attendant disruption that significant shifts often bring. Stimulating change and a sense of inner excitement mean you can express a more light-hearted side of your personality. There will be opportunities to encounter those from more varied backgrounds.

Tarot Card: The Hermit – Discrimination, discretion, detachment, withdrawal. Search for inner wisdom, needing to know the truth, looking for direction of guidance. Needing to be alone to think. Trust your intelligence, experience, intuition and wisdom, let them be your ‘guiding light’

Aquarius:This monthmay challenge the balance of love relationships through unexpected urges or events. You may sense a need within you for freedom and more fun, this could test your patience with loved ones or lead to a roving eye. You may be attracted to exciting or eccentric people, perhaps from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds.

Tarot Card: Two of Wands – Achievement, courage, worldly desires, personal power. Feeling you have the world in your hands, persuading others of your talents, having the courage to prove your point, making a mark on the world, showing you mean business, being inventive and different, embracing new ideas, widening your horizons.

Pisces:  Februarybrings you mental agility, quick thinking and many interactions and communications with people. You will be open to share your ideas, and find it easier to express yourself clearly. So this is the best time for meetings, negotiations, business dealings, exams, applying for work and socializing.

Tarot Card: Three of Pentacles – Skill, co-operation, teamwork, planning. Professional growth, proving yourself, being aware of your potential, getting together with others, team spirit, recognition of skill, paying attention to detail.  Also property matters.


Happy New Year!   I am now taking bookings for Face to Face and telephone readings. Everyone want to know what the New year will hold so January is a very busy time for me.  Get in touch now to book your reading!  Contact me on 07771 854343

This promises to be an exciting year. Mars enters Aries today, a very clear indication that it is now time to greet 2019 head on. Steady forward progress is possible now. With the assistance of the Sun’s alignment with Saturn, planet of discipline and achievement (as well as the teacher through challenges), which takes place on 2ndJanuary, emphasises that whatever you begin now with have a lasting impact this year.

Aries: Your ruler, Mars, moves into your sign today, bringing you a surge of energy to start 2019 with great enthusiasm,courage, confidence and passion. You’ll be able to disengage from other’s dramas and focus on your growing confidence, take back control and ride the wave of a new momentum.  Your leadership qualities will be noticed and between now and mid February, you’ll be able to tap into your ambition and make progress.  Jupiter is with you for most of the year activating your adventurous streak and urges to explore new horizons.

Tarot Card: Six of Cups – Innocence, nostalgia, playfulness, acknowledging your inner child, goodwill to all, sentimental memories, sharing, reconciliation.  Also traditional values, love of nature, security, morals and establishing where you stand.  Possibly – boy meets girl….with similar values!

Taurus:As we move into the New Year, this is a time for re-evaluation and honest self-assessment. Your outlook holds great potential. You now have the power to change the way you view your life… in turn, this will bring the adjustments you want. This year’s solar eclipses occur in the areas of your chart associated with having fun for the sake of it. You’ll feel encouraged to travel and make new connections. You may have an urge to express yourself with creative activities, experiment, you may surprise yourself with your hidden talents. Your audience awaits!

Tarot Card:  Knight of Wands – Impetuous, daring, impatient, passionate.  Self assured, charming, seductive, enthusiastic, adventurous yet restless. Travel and exploration…

Gemini: The New Year brings the ability for you to do something familiar in a new way. It’s a good time to implement the changes you’ve been considering. The planets encourage you to take a stand. Change anything! Change your wardrobe, your diet, your furnishings. Change, even if small, encourages other changes…which can lead to your life taking a different path. 2019 is full of potential. Relationships are a major factor this year. On January 22ndthere is a Jupiter – Venus link so passion and romance may well be on your mind.  April and May bring Mars into the mix, giving you a self-confidence boost.

Tarot Card:  Ace of Cups – Love, deep feelings, new romance, intimacy. Expressing your feelings and being in touch with your emotions, establishing new bonds, desire for a deeper connection.

Cancer:This is a fantastic time to rekindle your interest in a ‘back burner’ project. At the beginning of 2019 Mars moves into Aries, the perfect time to channel your energy into boosting a project. Your ideas can become reality.  The solar eclipse in your sign on July 2 seems to divide the year into two separate halves. From January to June you are concerned with the consequences of decisions you took toward the end of 2018, these will demand your attention. However, the second half of 2019 will enable you to make the changes you want. Beware of making promises in the second half of 2019, you may not be able to keep them. Naturally you have responsibilities but you don’t need to volunteer for every new project or mission. If life isn’t fun, reassess what you are doing and how!

Tarot Card:  even of Pentacles – Evaluation, assessment, fruits of labour. Checking on your progress, evaluating where you are and making sure you are on target. Being prepared for a new strategy, ready to make your next move, seeing results from your efforts and taking a break from hard work.

Leo:The New Year is a time for forward thinking and anticipating. Yet observing your past achievements provides valuable lessons as well,  giving helpful insights regarding the best method to achieve success in 2019. Shortly, events and encounters will encourage you to re-examine a past experience (or relationship) and this provides you with the opportunity to achieve greater insight into a particular decision you’ve made. Increased self-awareness leads to a more optimistic beginning, which continues throughout 2019. Jupiter brings you creativity that others can appreciate.  Your confidence in new found abilities will soar.  The planet of change, Uranus, arrives in your career sector in March. You’ll ‘make friends and influence people’ widening hour circle of friends this year.

Tarot Card:  Judgement – Liberation, judgement, inner calling, transformation. Accounting for past actions, re-evaluation and revival, dropping old outmoded values and embracing new ones, putting your foot down (with yourself)? Having faith that the next step will emerge organically.

Virgo: To achieve anything we need courage. However, that alone won’t bring success. Sensitivity, kindness and patience are also required to find a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.  If you can reduce the stresses in your life and factor in more of the aforementioned qualities, this years journey will be one of energy and dynamic change.  Neptune can bring an ‘all that glitters is not golden’ factor, particularly in relationships, so listen to your intuition more.  Mars from mid August until early October inspires you to take an in-depth look at your own needs.  This may lead to you removing certain commitments, or even people, from your life but all change is good and clears the decks for better things.

Tarot Card:  Nine of Wands – Being prepared, at the ready, defensive strength, awareness. Feeling cautious but developing strength, persistence and perseverance, gathering your resources for the next push forward.

Libra: Your intuition is highly charged this year. Learn to pay more attention to your instincts, they will serve you well. The planets of relationships, Venus and Mars, join forces in a celestial waltz around the zodiac this year, and highlights that you will seldom be required to ‘dance alone’. From mid-September to mid-November, when first Venus, followed by Mars, travel through your birth sign bringing a variety of wonderful connections, some personal, some professional and, yes, some very romantic. Travel is also highlighted and you will explore new places of interest in and around your home base.

Tarot Card: Six of Pentacles – Generosity, willingness, gifts, consideration. Loss and gain, giving and taking, shift in power, be aware that your giving nature could be taken advantage of, if you fail to set boundaries.

Scorpio: The New Year brings you the ability to tackle a tricky issue by turning it on its head. As Mars arrival in Aries brings a box, you can think outside it! Innovative ideas abound. You have all the resources you need to turn a challenge into a triumph. Creatively and imagination are key, start 2019 as you mean to continue.  The eclipses in January and July inspire you to explore the infinite ways you use your mind and the variety of ways your mind interprets the world. Education is highlighted as a path to success in 2019, no matter your age or situation, you’ll find that every day has something fresh to teach you – about yourself, other people and reality in general. Explore and apply new ideas on a daily basis. When Mars enters your sign in mid-November, your adventurous spirit progresses you further than you can ever have imagined.

Tarot Card:  ten of Cups – Family happiness, joy, peace, harmony, promise of more to come, safe haven. Feeling at one with the world. Seeing the light, emotional fulfilment, completion of a cycle, restoration of the status quo.

Sagittarius:  We all express our creativity in different ways. At the beginning of 2019, as Mars moves into Aries, it highlights your impulsive, spontaneous nature – which should be acknowledged and celebrated. You’ve endured some hard times over the last few years; it’s now time to relax. Circumstances are about to provide you with some well-deserved fun.  Your ruler, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in your sign up until December, so this is your year to sparkle! What are your motivations? What is your inspiration? Focus on that and make it the centre of your world. In January, when Mars is linked with Jupiter, also in May, July and November, your endeavours to make changes for the better could have a greater impact that you can imagine too. The world is certainly a better place for having you in it.

Tarot Card: Three of Pentacles – Skill, cooperation, team-work, planning. Professional growth, material gain, proving yourself, a competent strategy, being aware of your potential, getting together with others, team spirit, recognition of skills, building for the future – acquisition or enhancement of property?

Capricorn:You may have been very busy, saving the day and rescuing underdogs. Just remember, your commendable sense of moral duty is not an obligation. As we move into 2019, it’s a good time to devote your energy towards self-nurturing and your own needs. There is a solar eclipse in your sign on Jan. 6, and over the following six months – until the lunar eclipse, also in your sign, in mid-July – you will be able to achieve greater progress than you thought possible. You have a sense of mission, combined with ruthless ambition, which could lose you a few friends along the way, but that’s a small price to pay for the success you have desired for so long. By the time Jupiter enters your sign in December you will have taken the world by storm – and created a few storms of your own!

Tarot Card:  Two of Swords – Decision required to unblock ‘stalemate’.  Trying to see both sides doesn’t help in this instance. Ask yourself, ‘what do I really want’, what are you not seeing?  Look more closely and trust your intuition.

Aquarius: Mars’ arrival in Aries brings a chance for you to review an issue from the recent past, and reinvent your attitude towards reconciling it in your own mind. When you help yourself, you assist others as well.  This year friendships are well-aspected and if you are passionate about a social or political cause, or want to be more involved with your local community, now is the time to make a contribution. Be aware that not everyone will celebrate that you are spending more time with new people than with those close to you. Communication is essential: Inform loved ones what you are doing and invite them to become involved too. Your views are not always conventional and the influence of Uranus from early March indicates that you won’t be alone in having revolutionary ideas.

Tarot card:  The World – Completion, fulfilment, freedom from fear, reward for hard work and effort, time for celebration of self and others. Feeling the world is your oyster, travelling physically and mentally.  Accomplishing what you set out to achieve, feeling at one with yourself and the universe.  New beginnings.

Pisces:As we begin 2019 you’ll be assessing your friendships, who stood by you in 2018, who was there to support you through challenges?  Your awareness and intuition assist you in knowing who are the significant people in your life.  Have faith that you are supported by those both incarnate and discarnate. Know that the future holds immense promise for you.  The most significant time of the year is the two-week period between the solar and lunar eclipses on July 2 and 16. Creatively, you will be making important strides,  so identify what you most want to achieve and set your goals higher than ever before, because what many will say is impossible, you will achieve with grace. Just before that, from mid-May to the end of June, is also an important time, as the impact of Mars will provide you with the enormous levels of energy. Pisces will shine!

Tarot Card: Ten of Wands – Taking on to much responsibility, uphill struggle. Too willing to please and over extending yourself. Can’t see the wood for the trees. However, realising that reducing issues to their basic requirements and resisting ‘over-complication’ will assist you in seeing the way through.  Your goals are achievable, have faith!