Cosmic News

From time to time I will post some ‘Cosmic News’, when the planets are having a major impact or there is a cosmic configuration of particular interest.

I am not an Astrologer, however, any Tarot practitioner will know that each of the 78 cards in the deck have a direct affiliation with the planets and Astrology. Therefore a working knowledge of the Heavens is a requirement for any serious Tarot reader. I also post the ‘ Cosmic News’ on my Facebook page and Twitter.



A major Luna event occurs on Thursday, July 12, with a new moon in Cancer begins a new series of eclipses. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) will be impacted by these events in a major way: eclipses influence the areas of our chart related to destiny, so pay close attention during this partial solar eclipse. Notice important people, events, and circumstances.

22 July sees the Sun move into Leo, a time of heightened drama but also a time to shine!

26 July Mercury goes retrograde until 20 August. Allow extra time for travel, avoid signing anything binding/legal and be aware that technology, particularly to do with communication, is liable to malfunction.

27 July we have a ‘Blood Moon’ total Luna eclipse in Aquarius. This is rather big news for us all…




Aries: This month’s cosmic activity could be exhausting! Take every chance you get to rest and restore your energy. July 12th New Moon activates a fresh start for home and family and new paths will begin to unfold. Avoid being a mediator or referee – it could back-fire!

Tarot Card – The Hanged Man. Transition, readjustment, limbo, paradox. Anticipation of progress, time to prepare for the next step, changing priorities.

Taurus: Expect some major realizations over the next few weeks and avoid unnecessary confrontations from Thursday, July 26 when Mercury turns retrograde. This can definitely cause frustrating communication breakdowns. To avoid being misunderstood, don’t be afraid to clarify your opinion.

Trot card – Five of Swords. Possible no win-situation. Conflicting interests. Dealing with hostility. Need to be tactful.

Gemini :Leo season starts on Sunday, July 22, moving into the fire sign associated with creativity, drama, and theatricality. There’s a positive link between Gemini and Leo: Your ability to express yourself is perfectly paired with Leo’s love for glamor. Over the next few weeks, your calendar will be filled with a variety of social engagements.

Tarot Card – Seven of Cups. Wishful thinking, too much choice. High expectations (fantasy?). An array of options open to you. All that glitters is not necessarily golden. Possible move.

Cancer: On Thursday, July 12, the moon and sun join forces with a solar eclipse in your sign. This isn’t a one-off: July’s eclipse is the first eclipse in a powerful two-year cycle that will influence changes in your world. Starting this month, the eclipses will begin illuminating the Cancer-Capricorn axis, fueling major changes in — well, every aspect of your life.

Tarot Card – Nine of Pentacles. Accomplishment, refinement, independence, self-reliance. Being resourceful, knowing you are in control. Financial & material security. Enjoying the finer pleasures of life. An inner sense of security. Self-disciplie.

Leo: On Sunday, July 22, the sun (your ruler) moves into your own sign. Leos love to be center stage. For the next month, all eyes will be on you, so embrace flamboyance and make bold choices.Tarot Card – Seven of Pentacles. Evaluation, assessment, fruits of labour. Where or what next. Review of your options, making sure you re on target, ready to make your next move seeing results of your efforts.

Virgo: Thursday July 26 Mercury turns retrograde and since Mercury’s your ruler you are always impacted by this. During this time, make sure any major secrets are securely locked away. Otherwise, it may be time to confess before the secret is found out.

Tarot Card – Temperance. Self-control, compromise, moderation, virtue. Harmony and understanding, willing to consider a new path, moderation is the key to success. Finding work/life balance.

Libra: Librans are natural charmers. Effortlessly you sweep people off their feet. On Sunday July 22 the sun moves into Leo and you’ll be influencing many more people. As the sun enters the area of your chart connected to the community, you’ll find yourself networking. This is a great time to investigate organizations that support your values. Brainstorm creative ways to make a contribution.

Tarot Card – Liberation, inner calling, transformation. Speaking your truth. Revaluation, dropping old values, accepting new ones.

Scorpio: Thursday, July 12 sees a new eclipse series begin as the sun and moon join forces in Cancer. July’s partial solar eclipse influences the areas of your chart connected to travel, philosophy, and exploration. Think on new ways to broaden your horizons. You’ll be eager to expand your world, and now you realize that there are boundless opportunities that will help facilitate growth.

Tarot Card – The Magician. Initiation, persuasion, conscious awareness, action. Ability to manifest, realizing your potential, knowledge is the key to success but don’t deceive yourself that you know all the answers. Focusing on a goal, influencing others.

Sagittarius: On Monday, July 9, Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and money) moves into Virgo, activating your professional aspirations and public image. Now, a powerful bond is formed between relationship and prosperity. Over the next several weeks, you’ll be increasingly drawn to ambitious individuals who support you. It’s not about being opportunistic; it’s about cultivating relationships with people who encourage the best from you.

Tarot Card – Six of Pentacles. Generosity, willingness, gifts, consideration. Loss and gain, giving and taking, shift in power, domination or submission, seeking approval.

Capricorn: On Thursday, July 12, the lunar nodes move into the Cancer-Capricorn sky. Life is about to get real. Through until January 2020, the eclipses will influence your reality with your destiny, the next two years will herald massive transformation. Pay attention to the events that occur mid-month: Make a note of who, what where. They’ll come in handy later.

Tarot Card – The Emperor. Power, authority, father figure, leadership, the power of reason. Assertive (dogmatic?) thinking. Establishing rules, family values. Taking control of a situation. Structured thought. Traditional values.

Aquarius: Leo season begins on Thursday, July 22 when the sun moves into your opposite sign. This solar energy is activating your partnership area, you’ll be considering the merit of a possible partner. You are independent but now, you realize that you can achieve more when you join forces. Whether you’re committing to a relationship or a business enterprise, the next several weeks are all about the power of pairs.

Tarot Card – Page of Pentacles. Practical approach, realistic aims, concerted effort, focus, study, progress to new projects. Looking for opportunities, knowing your strengths. Diligent worker. News of finances.

Pisces:  This month, you’ll be on both giving and receiving romance when Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and money) moves into Virgo on Monday, July 9. Existing relationships stabilize, you may be inspired inspired to make a major commitment.

Tarot Card – The Ace of Cups.  Romantic love,  expressing  your emotions, establishing new bonds. Desire for a deeper connection.







This is a month of heightened emotions, the highs as well as the lows. There is a full moon on 28th June in Capricorn, conjunct Saturn retrograde, in a nutshell – challenging. The vibe is serious, possibly restrictive and fearful. However, Uranus brings opportunities to make changes for the better, somewhat hindered by Saturn’s influence making this harder to achieve. June is all about our emotions, don’t be tempted into negative thoughts, that’s Saturn on your back and the good news is, it’s temporary. New Moon 13th June.


This months Astrology and Tarot card are rather more ‘minimal’ than usual as I am distracted with a new project…


Aries: Until 9th July you’ll feel the drama, the heightened emotions and passions of the cosmic mix. Venus in Leo may tempt you to be ‘over the top’.


Tarot:   The Fool – You may feel that you need just a bit more information before you take the next step. That makes sense but you are also required to make a ‘leap of faith’ .


Taurus: Value, self-esteem, confidence, possessions. You may need to reassess your budget.


Tarot: 9 of Swords: Possibly feeling unable to cope, overwhelmed, regrets for past actions and sleeplessness. Feeling vulnerable.


Gemini: Mars urges to you slow down. No rushing. Incorporate more reflection.


Tarot: Try not to take on too much at once, you’ can’t please everyone at once! Factor in more ‘you time’ and fun…


Cancer: June is your month and this one brings buckets of intuition to help you steer towards a number of fresh starts.


Tarot: The Sun – Positive energy, happiness, joy, creativity, growth, accomplishment, self-confidence, energy, health.


Leo: This month the emphasis is on teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, networking and broadening your horizons.


Tarot: 3 of Cups – Celebration, team spirit, friendship. Abundance and enjoyment of social network. Being part of a group. Sharing good times.


Virgo:  A time of careful cultivation for lasting growth. Pay attention to your contacts, networking is key.


Tarot: 2 of Cups – Connection, partnership, moving towards another, attraction. Merger, romantic love, understanding, intimacy.


Libra: You’ll find yourself intellectually stimulated by like minded others this month. You communication skills are ace!


Tarot: Strength – Courage, self awareness, compassion. Facing reality and taking control of your life. Taking responsibility for your actions, ability to forgive and be tolerant of others faults. Inner strength


Scorpio:   Receiving significant information will assist you in reaching your goals. Ignore gossip.


Tarot: 9 of Pentacles – Accomplishment, self-reliance, independence. Being resourceful and knowing you are in control of a situation. Financial and material security. Enjoying the finer things of life. An inner sense of security, acting on your own initiative. Self-discipline.


Sagittarius: Recent events have taught you the value of personal boundaries. Be aware of the difference between providing support and being heavily leant upon!


Tarot: 9 of Wands – Preparedness, at the ready, strength and awareness. Being cautious, developing strength, prepared to face anything, persistence and perseverance.


Capricorn: Collective goals, joint ventures, pairs, twos, on every level. Spread the responsibility.


Tarot: The Star – Inspiration, truth revealed, insight and self belief, knowing you will be successful. Visionary progress, new trust in a relationship.


Aquarius: You’ll find yourself at the centre of attention, your view being sought, opinions requested. Gentle flirting might well develop….


Tarot: Ace of Pentacles – Reward for efforts, prosperity, abundance. Practical accomplishment, tangible results, power to get hat you need, trusting the situation.


Pisces: You are so good at showing empathy to others. Now it’s time to focus your compassion on yourself. This will aid you in achieving your goals.


Tarot: Queen of Pentacles – Dependable, nurturing, warm-hearted, sensuous, generous. Taking a realistic view of life, matter of fact attitude. Reliable and loyal, feeling secure and home loving, creative and resourceful.



Don’t forget, I am available for one to one readings, parties and corporate events. I have also two workshops on Tarot at The Crystal Path, one in July and one in August. Details on the ‘Workshops’ page of my website.




The full moon of 29th April is still influencing us all. This month, May, brings great change for all signs, as the great outer planet Uranus will change signs and enter Taurus for the first time since 1934 to 1942. This year, Uranus will show us what to expect in the coming years and give us all time to adjust to the new energies. Uranus remains in Taurus from May 15 to November 16, 2018. Uranus will turn retrograde from November 16 to March 6, 2019. When Uranus returns to Taurus next year, he will remain for seven years, until 2026.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, disruption, independence, eccentric, rebellious, and creative – emphasising the realm of the sciences and mathematics. Uranus is associated with electricity, with TV, the Internet, and all newly invested forms, such as artificial and alternate reality. Uranus strikes suddenly and without warning, the reason astrologers nickname Uranus the Great Awakener. Uranus will sweep away anything that is not of future relevance.

Aries: This month you will be able to consolidate your gains and enhance your reputation. The full moon on April 29 urged you to stabilize your finances. Career progresses well in May – it is also a great time for all manner of negotiations. Management will notice and appreciate your efforts you will also start to see ‘the bigger picture’. This is a unique and positive month for Aries, just be aware not to ‘burn the candle at both ends’.

Tarot Card: The Sun Communication, sharing, happiness, joy, positive energy, creativity, growth. Accomplishment in love, new friendship, belief in self, self-confidence.

Taurus: This is an important month for you – Uranus, the planet of chaos, disruption, genius, innovation, independence, and all things unexpected, leaves Aries for a spell and enters Taurus. The phase of your life will be exciting, you can make all the bold moves you have dreamt about and you will be sure of your direction. A new confidence and independence rises within you, renown may well come your way. Creativity is highlighted.

Tarot Card: Four of Swords Repose, temporary retreat, contemplation, truce, self-nurture, relaxing and taking ease, standing back and reviewing the situation, preparing for the future.

Gemini: Uranus in Taurus, will trigger part of the chart that is associated with a highly creative energy for you. New ideas and endeavours are highlighted. You may be are highly analytical, but with this influence, you’ll be willing to explore your playful and experimental self and allow you to stand out. Great ideas may come to you in flashes. Those ideas will spring from deep within your subconscious. You’ll work best being solo and able to express your originality. Mercury is your ruler, and its influence with Uranus makes you a super accomplished communicator. Uranus is called the planet of genius for good reason

Tarot Card: Six of Pentacles Generosity, willingness, gifts, consideration. Loss and gain, give and take, shifts in power, seeking approval.

Cancer: This month brings respite from last month and a more harmonious environment. Uranus has been in Aries for some time, causing disruption and change, you may feel the effects with a completely new job, or a complete career switch. Uranus in Aries was very challenging for you because Uranus and Taurus compliments your Cancer Sun, and the sign of Aries does not. Reviewing the past years you’ve experienced many changes and challenges to your career. You may have encompassed a career change, or altered the way you work via learning new aspects of your craft.

Tarot Card: Strength – Strength, courage, awareness, compassion. Facing reality, taking control of your life, learning to take responsibility for your actions, ability to forgive, inner strength, awareness of your instinctive responses, tolerance.

Leo: May will be significant for all but especially for Leo. Uranus, the planet of surprising, unanticipated events, for the first time will enter Taurus in your house of recognition, rewards, and achievement.

You may have enrolled on a college course. Or, you may have received recognition for your creativity. Uranus is the planet of surprise, but is also associated with foreign people, so you may meet and interact with people from backgrounds very different from yours. Rest assured there will be excitement and stimulation in your career.

Tarot Card: Knight of Swords Self assured, incisive, frank, impetuous, impatient, critical, powerful intellect, analytical at the expense of intuition and emotion.

Virgo: Very noticeably life is changing for the better. Legal and financial matters might have been of recent concern. This period of challenge is slowly drawing to a close. When you get to March 2019, Uranus won’t return to your finance zone in your lifetime. Towards the end of this year and the start of next year your two financial houses are given a boost by the full moons in November 18 and March 19, you will see the difference. So whatever the challenges your are experiencing now, take heart, this phase is temporary!

Tarot Card: Four of Wands   Celebration, joy, spontaneity, freedom, exuberant about life and love, enjoying a happy event, domestic harmony, feeling proud of your achievements, being released from the chains of responsibility, feeling free, dumping emotional baggage.

Libra: This month you’ll be concerned with how to enhance your financial situation. Early in the month any financial talks will see deals conclude, and it appears that there is help to increase your cash flow. However, you’ll need to retain a conservative attitude to your finances. You may also be exploring the idea of buying or selling property, if this is the case, arrange a meeting with your lender quickly, the full moon’s influence of April 29 is only potent for the first few days of this month. The timing is also good for you to entertain the idea of renovation, selling, moving, renting as you have three powerful planets supporting this aspect of your home and environment
Tarot Card: Six of Wands   Pride, victory, reward, accomplishment, being centre of attention, feeling accomplished, taking it all in your stride, remember to be humble!

Scorpio: This is a significant month, if you have made any kind of agreement recently it will remain long term. Particularly in the area of relationships, Uranus will introduce an entirely new energy that you’ve never experienced before. Stimulation and excitement will come from your marriage partner, or to a business partner, or both. If you are married, your partner may surprise you in different ways, ditto business partner. Uranus is the surprise planet and questions traditions, too. Anything Uranus considers no longer appropriate he sweeps away in an instant, but he also assists you to think of more productive ways of handling the same matter. Be aware and cautious about who you sign as a business partner, agent, manger, accountant, creative partner, or other professional you consider joining forces with in your career Do your research, check references, and perhaps suggest a trail period, to see how you work together before you commit to contracts. The last thing you need is a surprise from a business partner or spouse.

Tarot Card: Three of Cups Friendship, celebration, enjoying social network, team spirit, abundance and healing, putting trust in others, celebratory rituals, sharing happy feelings.

Sagittarius: Here come big changes!, But never more so than this May, under the influence of the surprise planet, Uranus. Everyone will feel a shift in everyday life, but in different ways. Work, projects and health benefit, the period of chaos and disruption of the last two and half years is coming to a close and you’ll feel lighter and more positive than you have for a long while. Feelings of confidence and security are growing, you may be attracted to some charitable works and creativity blossoms too. Your psyche urges you to ‘speak out’, this is not a time to blend in but to step forward.

Tarot Card: Page of Cups Sensitivity, intimacy, romantic feelings, trusting your intuition, creative idea’s, a young lover, a light hearted flirtatious admirer, being able to forgive, social activities.

Capricorn: Capricorns may over the past years been concerned with home, property, and family matters. Some Capricorns may have moved house multiple times. You’ve experienced many challenges regarding your living environment – you may have struggled with finances to do with your home. This disruption has taught you to be adaptable and flexible. Uranus now departs from your home sector in May, and Saturn pops in for a three year stay. Uranus shifts into the area concerned with relationship, children and creativity (which will bloom over the next few years). Good news! New energy springs into your relationship or you meet someone new out of the blue! You have the ability ti turn a hobby into a thriving profession.

Tarot Card: The Hanged Man Transition, readjustment, limbo, paradox. Bored but anticipating progress, static relationship, seeing life from a different angle, preparation for future success, changing priorities. Patience.

Aquarius: Jupiter appears now giving you the opportunity for luck and advancement in finances and career, this May the planets are making a very harmonious line up just for you! Career and finances both receive a boost. Creativity and strategy are highlighted, logical and tactical thinking will pay off. You may experience some competition this month but it is ‘healthy competition’ and will inspire rather than hinder you.

Tarot Card: The Tower External disruption, unexpected events, revelation. Breakdown of the old to herald the new, learning to adapt, suddenly seeing the truth of a matter, unexpected challenges, chaos, having a change in fortune,.

Pisces: This month sees a lightening of a load that began in 2010. You’ve faced so many difficulties for months, and in some cases, even years. These are about to fade as a new energy begins in May. Surprises and unexpected financial challenges – often coming out of the blue – have not been good surprises, you’ve experienced multiples of that type. It may be so that you likely made more money than you ever imagined since 2010, you also might have been challenged with larger expenses and taxes than you expected. It is crucial that you remember you had the most challenges with the Aries and Libra new and full moons and eclipses, for they light your financial houses. The new moon in Aries was your last clash with Uranus, you have a new fresh start and will feel lighter and more optimistic.

Tarot Card: Nine of Pentacles Accomplishment, refinement, independence, self-reliance, being resourceful, knowing you are in control of a situation, financial and material security, enjoying the finer pleasures of life, an inner sense of security, acting on you own, self-discipline.





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SECOND BLUE MOON OF 2018 – Very Rare!

The March 31 full moon is a blue moon. It is the second full moon of the month. This blue moon is supported by challenging aspects to Saturn, the planet of sadness and limitation.

This Blue Moon will encourage you to take action about your fears and challenges. Any issues in your life will be brought to the fore. It is as an opportunity to release fears and anxieties.

A positive aspect that lasts until the end of April 2018 is the Pluto/Jupiter link. It brings success through creative change. This is an organic progression, associated with an increase in power, influence, spiritual and personal growth. Using the powerful influences for good that this Full/Blue Moon provides will transform any negative energy into positive outcomes. Confront your anxieties and fears head-on and your life really can be transformed by the March Blue Moon 2018.


MERCURY RETROGRADE Mercury turned retrograde on 22nd March and this continues until 15th April. It increases the potential for communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost items. It will be easier to close business deals and make final plans and decisions after Mercury has turned direct.




Aries: The challenging conditions of March 2018 continue into this month with the first week of April 2018 being the most frustrating time. There are a few minor irritations and after that you can expect a well deserved spell of peace, love and harmony in the last week of the month.


Aries Tarot Card of the Month: The Page of Swords – Get ready to take swift action, you’ll be required to ‘think on your feet’. Use logic, reason and mental dexterity. Be sure to communicate clearly.


Taurus: Taurus have had good planetary influences lately and your birthday month is no exception. This should be a stable and productive time. Enjoy your birthday in between making hay while the Sun shines!


Taurus Tarot Card of the Month: Two of Pentacles – Flexibility, juggling, dexterity, balance. You are adaptable and agile in dealing with practical matters. You are able to multi-task and feel confident in your abilities. You are willing to go with the flow and accept change.


Gemini: The positive conditions of March 2018 continue. While there are only two beneficial transits this month. Yet the Full Moon should bring more harmony to your private and home life until mid-April when you can expect more professional challenges.

Gemini Tarot Card of the Month: Five of Wands – Competition and minor disagreements. You may feel challenged and a need to defend yourself, this could be an irritating and frustrating phase but it will become clearer.


Cancer: In March you would have faced some testing conditions, causing delays and frustration. There are still some challenges to face this month especially in the first week. However, the rest of April 2018 looks more promising and you start moving forward again. The March 31 Full Moon brings the possibility for relationships tension in your private and home life.

Cancer Tarot Card of the Month: Two of Wands – Courage, achievement, personal power. You are able to persuade others of your talents and to prove your point. You are being inventive and demonstrating that ‘you mean business’, new ideas and confidence.


Leo: There are a mixture of influences in April but overall your April horoscope is positive. There are two helpful and two challenging transits. However, one of the helpful transits lasts nearly all month and provides you the mental powers to deal with any challenges. The Full Moon on March 31 should bring more harmony to your private and home life.

Leo Tarot Card of the Month: The Empress – Action, development, abundance, compassion, creativity, nurturing and feeling good about life. Embracing the feminine, focusing on beauty and art, harmony and sensual awareness.


Virgo: This should be a stable and productive month. Your self-confidence and enthusiasm receive a boost making this a good time to start new projects. You should be feeling energised and brave and can tackle difficult tasks. Increased charisma will make you look and feel flirty. Go with your intuition and take action.


Virgo Tarot Card of the Month: The Lovers – Choice, commitment, temptation, love. The power of love and how you deal with it. Seeking wholeness and being true to your values. Romantic desire. Knowing what is right for you. Wanting union.



Libra: The challenging conditions of March 2018 continue intothis month with the first week of April being frustrating time. One or two brief irritations after that and then you can look forward to a time of peace, love and harmony in the last week of the month. However, the 31 March Blue Full Moon brings the potential for relationships tension – most likely to occur in your private and home life.

Libra Tarot Card of the Month: Two of Swords – Faced with choice, unsure of decision, defensive attitude, blocking others. Listen to your intuition!


Scorpio: Scorpios have had good steady transits lately- this month is no exception. However, you will be required to put more effort into your professional life than usual to get the same results. But this should be a stable and productive phase of life. The current planetary influences increase your strength, courage and self-esteem. You should be feeling more motivated to achieve your aims and are more assertive and direct. Your initiative and positive energy kick start new movement and progression and impress superiors. Love life is energetic and fun!

Scorpio Tarot Card of the Month: King of Pentacles – Enterprising and savvy, charismatic and a sound business leader. Good with finances, reliable and unshakable, a competent, no-nonsense approach. Responsibility.


Sagittarius: This month you express yourself clearly and smoothly. This is the perfect time to negotiate for a better deals in any area of life, professionally at work, or in the sphere of personal relationships. Home life is highlighted, entertaining and socialising at home.


Sagittarius Tarot Card of the Month: Page of Wands – New insight, fresh ideas, confidence. Willing to go in a new direction, showing enthusiasm, being creative, taking a chance, light-hearted energy.



Capricorn: Last month brought some testing conditions causing delays and frustration. There are still some challenges to face in April especially in the first week. However, the rest of April 2018 looks more promising and you start moving forward again. The Full Moon brings the potential for relationships tension. Mars brings energy, strength and courage. This is a positive time to begin new projects and complete challenging tasks. Be direct and assertive to get what you want but be nice about it if you want to win.

For Capricorns Saturn in your sign represents the culmination of years of effort and striving. The more diligently you work and the more responsibly you take your duties the more productive this transit will be. Extra responsibilities accompany more personal advancements.


Capricorn Tarot Card of the Month: Ace of Cups – Love, new romance, intimacy. Expressing your feelings, being in touch with your emotions, establishing new bonds, desire for a deeper connection.


Aquarius: The excellent conditions of March continue through to the middle of April 2018. But even then you have nothing to worry about because Mercury gives you the mental powers to overcome any challenge you may face. Mercury increases your creative thought processes and mental activity, energizing all communications and social interactions. A busy and productive time.

Aquarius Tarot Card of the Month: The Tower – Disruption, unexpected events, revelation. A breakdown of the old – to herald in the new. Learning to adapt and adjust quickly. Suddenly seeing the truth of a matter. A change of fortune, challenges.


Pisces: 2018’s planetary influences provide you with patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic. These attributes, together with a sense of duty and responsible attitude, make this a good year to achieve goals. You will be determined to get practical results without error. Advancement and recognition are possible in your professional life. This April the Jupiter/Pluto link brings success through positive changes. The changes are a natural development associated with increased power, influence, spiritual and personal growth, wealth creation and professional advancement. Powerful forces are influence to promotion to a higher level.


Pisces Tarot Card of the Month: Three of Cups – Celebration, team spirit, friendship. Abundance and healing. Social network, making friends, community spirit and celebration.

















Dear all

I know, I am ‘late’ with my Cosmic News this month. I’m glad to say that this is because I have been very busy! Many people want to know the shape of the year to come consequently, January and February are my busiest months.So I’ve decided to give you a ‘bonus’, as well as Tarot Card of the Month, I will pick a ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ card for each sign. I love these cards, they are wise, compassionate and usually ‘hit the nail on the head’. They were created by Colette Baron-Reid.

It has been suggested that I change my Facebook status to Astrologer & Psychic. I am not an Astrologer, however, working with Tarot one has to have a practical understanding of Astrology.

Before we get into the Cosmic News, I just wanted to let you know that I will be presenting three workshops this year (there may be more, I’ll keep you informed). April 28th & 29th I am at The Banyan Retreat at Ashford in Kent giving a weekend Tarot workshop ‘Tarot & The Dynamics of the Psyche’, suitable for beginners and intermediate.

On April 30th I’ll be giving readings at The Banyan Retreat.

In July, on 7th & 8th I am presenting the same workshop at The Crystal Path in Suffolk (Nr Bury St Edmunds), I’ll be available for readings on 9th July. Also at The Crystal Path in August, 18th & 19th the follow-on course, ‘Mysteries of the Majors Unlocked’.

Further information about these workshops will be posted shortly on Facebook, Twitter and my website.



2018 in numerology is a number 11 year ( a ‘master number’), however it also holds the vibration of number 2.

February is the second month of the year so it holds the vibration of 2, indicating that the month ahead is assists us to link with the energies of the entire year. By the end of February, no matter your sun sign, we will all be feeling a sense of balance and harmony. It is also the month in which paying particular attention to our relationships, including our relationship with ourselves, will pay off for the next 10 months.

This energy is further enhanced by the Partial Solar Eclipse that falls on the 15th-16th in the sign of Aquarius.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is assisting us to communicate and express ourselves to our nearest and dearest. In fact, relationships are really going to be highlighted around this Eclipse, so remain open and see where the Universe is guiding you.

February also heralds the Chinese year of the Earth Dog bringing a grounding energy and will facilitating us all with building, manifesting and creating what we want to in our lives.



With Bonus – ‘Wisdom of the Oracle’ Card

ARIES: February 2018 brings you closer to your own independent path. Professional success depends on hard work and financial progress well aspected. Family relationships may reveal tensions. The Sun and mercury will assist your social life and any child related issues. Watch your stress levels TAROT CARD: Eight of Wands – News coming in which may require one to act quickly and decisively. Establish priorities and commit to change. Energy speeding up, maybe too quickly. Falling in love, infatuation, drama. Travel overseas. ORACLE CARD: ‘Time to Go’ Endings, completion, walking away from something because there is nothing left to experience in that situation.


TAURUS: The planets are assisting in your professional aspirations, particularly to complete tasks now.  Venus highlights your love life and family members are supportive of your aims. Social life will be busy and health and energy levels are good. TAROT CARD: Five of CupsLoss, breakdown of relationship although not necessarily irretrievably.   Emotional shock, disappointment or betrayal. Reappraisal of feelings. Appreciate what is left. Feeling isolated. The best is yet to come! ORACLE CARD: ‘Soul Mates’ Harmonious partnership, love, friendship, companionship, a relationship fostering personal growth.


GEMINI: While the Sun is trying to help your career development – a retrograde of planets is holding you back. The Moon assists with finances in February 2018. Relations with your partner may require mutual understanding. Try to get more rest after the 19th.  TAROT CARD: The Fool

Starting anew, journey, innocence, radical thinking, individuality, personal transformation through experience ‘a leap of faith’ ORACLE CARD: ‘Building Blocks’ Strong foundations, a beautiful work in progress. Focus on the foundations you make now for future excellence.


CANCER: Career focus on career is dominant in February 2018. However, possible turmoil in your financial situation requires attention. Energy levels are good but pay attention to your partner as relationships will face some disturbances. Singles attract romantic partners. TAROT CARD: Four of Cups Interference, petty gossip. Looking at a relationship objectively and seeing the truth. Taking stock. Feeling let down or taken for granted. Apathy – ‘same old’ syndrome. Look at each opportunity on its own merit. ORACLE CARD: Intuition, listening to the oracle within, empathy, hypersensitivity.


LEO: This month, romance and social activities are assisted by Uranus in your sign. Health matters improve after the 19th. Financial situation is somewhat static until the 16th. You are strong emotionally, this will drive your career success. TAROT CARD: Two of Pentacles – Money is available for new projects. Time to develop practical plans. Juggling or balancing (financial commitments/time/jobs etc). ORACLE CARD: ‘Time for a Nap’ – Rest, rejuvenation, renewal, temporary non-action, allowing dreams to arise.


VIRGO: A retrograde of planets in February 2018 is causing Virgo energy to flag a little. Creativity and new career opportunities assist financial success this month. Virgo perfectionism may limit the choice of love partners for singles. Health needs attention.  TAROT CARD: Six of Cups – Period of calm reflection. Thinking about past relationships. Childhood memories. Nostalgia. Possible to win back an old love or relationship. Sense of security and well-being. Friendship. Childhood or past life connection. Gifts and pleasure. ORACLE CARD: ‘Clean It Up’ – Getting to the core of a situation, freedom from a burden, cleaning house, sweeping away what is no longer needed.


LIBRA: The focus this month is on finances. Family and the position of Venus will help. Love is highlighted and singles will have the possibility of romantic alliances. Watch your diet fitness. Career will takes a backseat in February 2018. TAROT CARD: The World – Stability, restriction, limitation, completion, positive, an organic ending, rewards for efforts ORACLE CARD: ‘Fork in the Road’ Time to make a decision, considering the consequences as you prepare to act, owning up to your obligation to make a necessary choice.


SCORPIO: You have the influence of Venus, Uranus and Neptune making love relationships exciting! Finances need more input to maintain the same level of income after the 19th. Career development is very well aspected, but watch stress and get more rest. TAROT CARD: Six of Pentangles – Financial stability, money problems overcome, financial reward, charity philanthropy, sharing, generosity. Beware of giving out more than you’re getting. ORACLE CARD: ‘To Be Fair’ Balance Justice, a need to consider options, mutual benefit, the law of Cause & Effect.


SAGITTARIUS: February 2018 indicates that career is overshadowed by family, domestic and psychological issues. Social contacts will assist with finances. Relationships are static until after 16th. You need to conserve energy. TAROT CARD: Eight of Pentacles – New opportunity or avenue at work. Building a foundation.   Working very hard. Putting things in order. Productivity. Success from past efforts, recognition. ORACLE CARD: ‘By The Book’ – Abiding by social rules, conformity, respecting cultural or family customs, universal laws.


CAPRICORN: Family assists with finances, energy levels are good, though romantic life is not exciting, singles will face no problem in getting new partners. Career may provide more security. TAROT CARD: Two of Wands – A time to wait, usually for something better! Choice, wait and see. Cross roads, where to go from here. Determination, holding firm. Expansion, branching out. ORACLE CARD: ‘The Never Ending Story’Self Criticism, the wounded ego, unnecessary dramas.


AQUARIUS: Your charm is supported by the Sun and Mercury. Career prospects benefit from ambition and hard graft. Finances are stable. Your immediate environment may manifest turmoil. Health is fine.

TAROT CARD: Eight of Cups – Loss, letting go in order to move on. Realizing that something is no longer working. Walking away from that which no longer serves you. Withdrawing and taking stock. A new perspective. ORACLE CARD: ‘Truth Be Told’ – Honesty, accepting things at face value, coming out of denial, the willingness to be transparent, clarity of communication.


PISCES: The planets support Pisces career prospects. Finances are improved by indulging in the notion of ‘tithing’ and ‘speculate to accumulate’. Health is good in February 2018. Your partner may is busy with their professional activities to pay you much attention. TAROT CARD: Ten of Cups – Security, solid relationship. Emotional stability and satisfaction. Wholeness and completion. Coming home. At peace with one’s self. Maybe ready for new stimulus. ORACLE CARD: ‘Co-create’ – Creativity, art, inspiration, fruition, manifestation.
















First of all, Happy New Year!   I trust you all enjoyed a peaceful and happy Christmas and I wish you peace, health and prosperity in 2018.

January and February are my busiest months as everyone wants an ‘overview’ of the year to come. If you would like to book in for a reading with me, please get in touch sooner rather than later – as bookings are already very busy and my evening sessions are particularly popular.


There are two full moons in January 2018. The ‘Wolf Moon’ on the night between 1 and 2 January 2018 is a Supermoon in Cancer.

This Full Moon is especially good for Taureans, Cancerians, Virgos, Scorpios, Capricorns and Pisceans, but it’s more challenging for everyone else. The energy can highlight vulnerability.

The following Full Moon is on the 31st. It has no given name, which makes it a Blue Moon. However, this particular Blue Moon will likely look red in some areas, because it will cause a total lunar eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon.

Super Blue Moon eclipse on January 31. The Blue Moon – the second of two full moons in one calendar month – will pass right through the Earth’s shadow, to stage a total eclipse of the moon during the night time hours on January 31, 2018.


The blue moon has long been associated with the divine feminine and heightened psychic and intuitive abilities, its influence that we relate to most is that of second chances. As January draws to a close, the blue moon gives you an opportunity to speak your piece before a new month begins. This final burst of lunar energy is definitely worth planning ahead for, too — especially when you consider that February has no full moon at all!


The New Year’s Full Moons form an astrological ‘kite’ with Neptune and Mars. Mars then makes a conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio, (for the first time since 1982), also engaged is an encouraging link with the Sun. Prepare for an inspiring month of unique energies!


Aries 2018 promises to be a major shift year for you as the planet of chaos, Uranus, leaves your sign having been with you since in 2011. This heralds positive changes and a lot more tranquillity! : In 2018 pressures are there but they are much more manageable … as long as you don’t avoid hard work. For success, focus professionally. Tarot Card: 3 of Cups – Friendship, celebration, team spirit, exuberance. Abundance, social network, making friends, sharing happy feelings, community spirit.

Taurus This year is about change for you. It might feel scary at times but you will be able to make changes much more easily than you have done for years. 2018 could feel a bit like plugging into the mains, energetically speaking! In a nutshell you may experience apparent chaos but this is the year to embrace change and be excited! Tarot Card – 5 of Cups – Emotional confusion, regret, loss, sadness over lost opportunities, a change in priorities and knowing the best is yet to come!

Gemini – The demanding planet Saturn removes from your opposite sign which means a lightening of the load and you may expect some financial gains this year. You’ll find a more positive attitude emerging too. This is particularly important when it comes to money, the more positive your outlook the more abundant you’ll become. Tarot Card – 6 of Wands – New perspective, recovery, travel, moving away from trouble, heading into better times, mental and physical shifts.

Cancer – This is a mixed year in that, while there may well be many magical events, there will also be challenges, mainly from other’s volatility. Make sure you stay centred and find your own inner calm. Tarot Card – The Moon – Trusting your intuition, listening to your ‘inner voice’, creativity wanting to emerge. Don’t allow insecurities to hold you back!

Leo There are several eclipses in 2018 and four of them are either in your sign or your Relationship Area. This is a year to set your intention. Leave the past behind – here is 2018 with the energy to quite literally change your life! The energy of an eclipse is that it can direct you to a new path, assisting you to the authenticity of your life purpose. This process will be eased if you consciously release the past. Tarot Card – The Wheel of Fortune Turning point, destiny, timing. Synchronicity, cycles, change, coincidence. Identifying and generating opportunities for yourself.

Virgo – This year you have a renewed ability to see the good in life and to think positively. Once every decade you encounter a year like this one when your focus is on happiness, so that is what you manifest! Demanding Saturn in your Social Sector could make the year just a little harder to enjoy, however maintaining positivity will bring benefits. Tarot Card – Four of Pentacles – Limiting your viewpoint or trying to hold on to the old ways will not serve you, a fresh approach is needed. Don’t resist change and allow yourself to be generous!

Libra – Since 2011 the maverick planet, Uranus, has been in your opposite sign, making it a challenging period of ups and downs, exciting but tiring too! That cycle finally ends in May 2018. Your challenge this year will be focussed on home and family, which may be a source of tension in 2018. Don’t worry, just set some ground rules and adhere to them. Tarot Card – 8 of Cups – Moving on and changing direction, commitment to new values and exploring a different lifestyle. Leaving behind that which no longer serves you. A journey of self-discovery, starting afresh.

Scorpio – In many respects this is a positive year. Jupiter (associated with ‘luck’) assists you and you can rely on positively expanding your life in many different areas. Remember, you also need to put in the hard graft, do this and you’ll see great results. Tarot Card – 10 of Pentacles – Family solidarity, the good life, wealth, convention, traditional values, security, seeking affluence, spiritual and emotional prosperity, worldly success.

Sagittarius Finally Saturn departed your sign on 22nd December 2017 after an almost 2 year stay. You have been tested to your limits during that time but now that demanding and uncomfortable cycle is finally over. Well done! You survived! This year you’ll feel a lightening of the load and be able to breathe freely again. Now you need to focus on finances, nothing difficult but your awareness and attention will be beneficial. Tarot Card – The Hanged Man –Transition, readjustment, limbo, paradox. Anticipation of progress, seeing life from a different angle, the ability to make a 360 degree turn, preparation for better times, changing priorities.

Capricorn – Your ruler, Saturn, returns to Capricorn for the first time since 1991. This is a time of ‘growing up’, gaining wisdom. It may be a testing year but it will also be constructive. There is an eclipse in your relationship sector so anything could happen! Avoid dramas and maybe make room for new love in your life? Tarot Card – Seven of Cups – Feeling a little overwhelmed with too many options, be organised and you’ll make the right choice. Remember, ‘all that glitters is not necessarily golden’, take a closer look!

Aquarius Projects and career have a healthy ‘once in 12 years’ boost this year. There may well be changes and upheaval in family matters but this is the year not to be distracted but to focus in your direction. The eclipses this year encourage you to pay attention to your wants, goals, needs, desires – be very clear on these and the rest will follow. Tarot Card – The Hierophant – Tradition and education, also a new sense of faith in yourself (and possibly the divine also). Discrimination from wisdom, wisdom from experience, knowing what is right.

Pisces This is a good year to assess friendships. Are your friends ‘there for you’, are you ‘putting up’ with people? It is an ideal time for a reassessment. Be very discerning, this year you can learn a great deal from your friends so make sure you associate with those who are really there for you. Embrace the ‘life – enhancers’, avoid the ‘drains’! Tarot Card – The Lovers – Love, completeness, choice, temptation, commitment. Seeking wholeness, being true to your values, making a choice, knowing what is right and wrong for you personally, feeling drawn to another, wanting union.

I trust you have enjoyed the above and I look forward to reading for you in 2018!






Before I talk about what the Supermoon means for you, I’d like to remind you that I have Gift Vouchers available for a half hour telephone reading or a one hour face – to – face reading. Why not give your loved one an interesting and unusual gift this Christmas? Email me for details.

You can still book me to read Tarot at your Christmas Party! It is a busy time for me, however, I do have some free dates before Christmas. Email me for details.

January is my busiest month, as everyone wants a ‘preview’ of what is to come in the New Year. I am already taking bookings for readings in January 2018 or why not get a group together and have a Tarot Party! Email me for details. 

There is only one Supermoon in 2017 and it occurs on Sunday 3rd December at 3.46pm in the UK. This Full Moon will appear bigger and brighter than any other Full Moon of this year. There is a message with this moon. A message about the end of the challenging ‘Saturn in Sagittarius’ cycle. On the same day, Mercury turns retrograde. This Supermoon is going to feel like the final mile at the end of a long journey, particularly if you have Sagittarius in your chart.


Saturn – the planet associated with challenges, tests, waiting-games, obstacles, lessons – moved into Sagittarius (the sign ruling foreign people and places, travel and immigration) on September 19th 2015 and it does not depart until December 20th, 2017. So, this Supermoon is the end of a long journey. A Full Moon is always significant. It is a moment of truth, the pivotal point. This particular Supermoon will have global influence and is about the way we relate to each other across national, cultural, religious and language boarders – or the way that we usually fail to relate!

You could say that the Supermoon indicates that it’s time to wave this cycle goodbye. This will be a relief for so many of us. It will, however, be a delayed ending because Mercury Retrograde indicates current situations are not entirely over – not just yet – but the intention and emotion will be there, even if the minutiae takes a while to settle down.

In the global arena there is a likelihood that this will be a dramatic time for international relations, issues about borders, passports, residency etc. There is only one Saturn in Sagittarius cycle every 29 years and this Supermoon is a very strong indicator of endings and of change!



As approach saying goodbye to the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, an ending will manifest in your life, facilitating a new beginning – where will that be?

ARIES – Education, international relations, travel, publishing, international relations, the internet. Tarot Card: 6 of Swords – Sometimes called ‘The Ultimate Travel Card’ and it can indicate physical travel, yet there is also a sense of reaching ‘calmer waters’ after a period of turbulence, the card also relates to spiritual journeying. A new perspective, recovery, moving away from trouble, heading on to better times, change of location, leaving the past behind and being more positive about life.

TAURUS – Money, business, property, investments, charity, possessions. Tarot Card: The Emperor – Indicating that you are in a better position than you imagine, also suggesting the need for some advice from a person of authority, certainly someone you respect. Power, leardership, reason, taking control, structured thought.

GEMINI – Love relationships of all kinds. Also enemies, opponents and rivals. Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles – Hardworking, responsible, persistent, realistic, considered, loyal, straightforward, determined, dedicated, gets the job done, faithful but slow to commit.

CANCER – Health, day to day work, service and duty to others, pets. Tarot Card: 9 of Swords – Feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, sorrow, feeling vulnerable and bothered by persistent thoughts – a temporary condition.

LEO – Children, young relatives, fertility, love relationships. Tarot Card: 7 of Cups: Too many choices, feeling disorganised, daydreaming, high expectations, an array of options open to you, seeing the ‘glamour’ rather than the reality, having your cake and eating it?

VIRGO – Your home and neighbourhood, family and household. Tarot Card: Strength – Courage, self-awareness, compassion. Facing reality, taking control, taking responsibility for your actions, ability to forgive imperfections, toleration, inner strength, awareness of your intuitive responses. Getting ready to ‘roar’!

LIBRA – The internet, communication skills. phone, media and books. Tarot Card – The Star – Inspiration, ideal love, truth revealed, realisation of a dream, insight and self belief essential for happiness, knowing you will be successful, visionary progress, a new relationship?

SCORPIO – Your standpoint and beliefs. Integrity. Finance, property, business, possessions and charity. Tarot Card – 2 of Cups – Relationship, connection, partnership, attraction. Moving towards another, alchemical merger, romantic love, mutual understanding, forging a bond, cooperation, reconciliation, forgiveness.

SAGITTARIUS – Your profile, appearance, reputation and image. Tarot Card King of Cups – Subtlety, wisdom, diplomacy, generosity, support. Emotional security, awareness of human nature, a wise person, accepting one’s limitations, keeping hour head in a crisis, acting from controlled emotion rather than instinct, evaluating a situation, choosing a balanced response.

CAPRICORN – Hidden matters, your secrets, other people’s secrets. Tarot Card: The Wheel of Fortune – Destiny, inevitability, turning point, timing, luck. New beginning, change, coincidence, taking advantage of chance, generating your own opportunities, unpredictable, though positive, events.

AQUARIUS – Your friends, society, association, group. Social media or social life. Tarot Card: 7 of Swords – Subterfuge, stealth. Watch your intellectual property, guard your possessions and ideas. Tendency to be a ‘loner’, keeping secrets, avoiding confrontation – also others taking advantage.

PISCES – Ambition, career, aspirations, academia, voluntary work. Tarot Card: 3 of Pentacles – Skill, cooperation, teamwork, planning. Professional growth, material gain, proving oneself, competent strategy, being aware of your own potential, teamwork.




I don’t normally post about New Moon activity but the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio is a big deal!

Information about the upcoming INTENSE


New Moon in Scorpio


UK: November 18, 11.42am


This New Moon is powerful. When a New Moon occurs, it influences the astrological situations taking place just after it.


The November 2017 New Moon in Scorpio, is clash between the two most combustible planets, Mars and Pluto.


Intensifying the flames of Mars and Pluto, these two volatile planets are both strongly associated with Scorpio, the sign in which this New Moon takes place.


Mars is the historical ruler of Scorpio and Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio.


This is makes for very intense and possibly volatile energies!


It is a time to watch your temper and avoid people you know to have a cruel streak.


On the positive side, Mars/Pluto’s clash encourages drive (sometimes with a hint of compulsion or obsession).


Within intimate love relationships, the energy could be very passionate and ardent.


Be aware that the Mars/Pluto combination can ignite violence and even fury – however most people, though feeling the tension, will channel this energy into creativity.


If you are in a relationship or situation where there is the possibility of threat or menace, be extra vigilant.


Having said all the above, the New Moon is still a tool for manifesting. The Scorpio energies are so intense, that manifesting intentions will be sharper as well.


Consider your ambitions and how to make them manifest in ways that will benefit everyone.


Here, in brief, is what this New Moon means for you. Read your Rising Sign as well if you know it.


Aries – Highlights sex and money


Taurus – Focus on your love life


Gemini – Pay attention to your daily life


Cancer – Regarding romance, children and creativity


Leo – Being at home and with family


Virgo – About the way you express yourself and regarding close associates and neighbours


Libra – Focus on your finances and self-worth


Scorpio – This is YOUR New Moon, so your whole life!


Sagittarius – Highlights your fears and spirituality


Capricorn – About your social life


Aquarius – Sheds light on your career


Pisces – Matters to do with travel, study and deeper spirituality




This is a busy month in which the Full Moon takes place in Taurus.


Full Moon in Taurus


LONDON: November 4, 5.22am


New Moon in Scorpio


LONDON: November 18, 11.42am




To begin, Planet of the Mind, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. This happens at least once a year and normally around this time of the year.


Essentially, it really is an element of the Christmas season, which is about peace on earth and goodwill to all.


Mercury governs the way express ourselves & Sagittarius is the sign that likes to laugh.


It’s been another year of serious challenges on the world stage, as we move towards the end of 2017 Mercury is in comedy loving Sagittarius – this lifts the spirits!


Also Mercury in Sagittarius is very generous, another great combination for this season. It brings optimism and positive expectations.


Mercury’s placement in the skies as it moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac, triggers different parts of each sign’s chart.


Mercury deals with communication and it’s about what you are thinking.




The next major astro-event of November is the move of the planet of romance and riches, Venus, into the mysterious sign of Scorpio. Again, this is about an annual event.


The move of Venus into Scorpio beside the move of Mercury into Sagittarius means we are going to experience some total contrasts.


While Mercury in Sagittarius is lighthearted, full of laughter and fun, and somewhat adventurous, Venus in Scorpio is profound, shadowy and perhaps even a little ‘unusually complicated’.


Bear in mind that Venus is the planet of love, intimacy and relating, while Scorpio is arguably the most profound sign of the zodiac; also the most obsessive and compulsive.


Venus in Scorpio triggers love and passion with perhaps even a hint of paranoia thrown in!


We all have Scorpio in our charts somewhere, we all have the 12 signs in our charts.




Here is a quick overview of where Venus is for each sign this November and how she is affecting you


Aries – Highlights your sex life and finances.

Tarot Card: The Tower – External events, disruption, revelation, need to adapt, think quickly, unexpected challenges.


Taurus – Your love life, plain and simple.

Tarot Card: Two of Pentacles: Balancing, dexterity, juggling, flexibility, agility, multi-tasking, having fun, confidence in skills.


Gemini – Your daily life

Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles – Hardworking, realistic, responsible. Determined, realistic, dedicated.


Cancer – Focus on your children, your romantic life and your creative projects.

Tarot Card: The Moon – Intuition, illusion, confusion, apprehension. Trust your intuition!


Leo – Home and family

Tarot Card: The Hermit – Discrimination, detachment, withdrawal, discretion. Seeking direction and guidance. Try not to ‘over think’.


Virgo – How you communicate with others

Tarot Card: Seven of Wands – Advantage, purpose, defiance, principal, strength against adversity.


Libra – Financial and your self-worth

Tarot Card: Knight of Cups – Sensitivity, idealization, emotional rescue, imaginative, sentimental.


Scorpio – Your whole life!

Tarot Card: Six of Wands – Accomplishment, pride, victory, reward, acclaim, being ‘centre stage’.


Sagittarius – Love secrets and fears

Tarot Card: Ace of Swords: Clarity, truth, objectivity, honesty, justice. Cutting through illusion, using logic, mental adroitness.


Capricorn – Friends and social networks

Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune – Luck, timing, turning point, destiny. Recognizing – also generating opportunities for yourself. New cycle stating.


Aquarius – Career and ambitions

Tarot Card: Four of Swords – Contemplation, repose, retreat, contemplation, re-charge batteries.


Pisces – Anything to do with travel, adventure, study and teaching

Tarot Card: Ten of Pentacles – Traditional values, security, the good life, emotional and spiritual prosperity, worldly success.


That’s an overview for Venus this November – here are some specifics.


Overall the Venus action this month is very positive about love and money issues. Venus covers both of these aspects of life. So when Venus is happy, we are happier too!




Friday November 3 – Venus sextiles Saturn – good for commitments and stability regarding love and money, deals and agreements of contracts including marriage contracts.


Saturday November 4 – Today’s Venus energies are somewhat chaotic, there could be some radical changes, but not if your love/money situation is firmly grounded


Tuesday November 7 – Venus moves into Scorpio


Monday November 13 – Venus meets Jupiter for their once-a-year interaction. Today is one of the most promising times for romance and riches this year…


Thursday November 16 – Venus is connecting harmoniously with Neptune – this highlights romantic elements and makes tonight an ideal date night.


Tuesday November 21 – Venus connects harmoniously with passionate Pluto – extreme crushes and passionate love affairs are possible. Great date for both singles and couples.


Sunday 26 November – Venus/Chiron – it is link helps if there have been any upsets to do with love or money, it starts the healing process, including healing of historic wounds.




On November 11 we get the biggest astrological event of the month; a harmonious connection between slow-moving Saturn and Uranus. The reason why this is important is simple. The moving planets, Saturn and Uranus are both much slower moving than Mercury and Mars. So when planets such as Saturn and Uranus connect, it’s important news!


Here is a bit about what this means:


Saturn is in the sign of Sagittarius – this means Capricorns, Cancerians, Geminis and Sagittarius will all be very aware of this link, and anyone with any of those as rising signs.


Uranus is in of Aries, so all Aries, Libran and Aquarians and anyone with any of those signs rising will also be affected.


How does the connection between Saturn and Uranus play out? It’s remarkable; Saturn is the heavy and ponderous planet, while Uranus is the electric flash of unpredictability.


This combination suggests:


  1. This is a very good time to make positive changes in your life. Don’t wait for the 2018. Matters will run smoothly.
  2. You can be confident and calm as you map out the changes you want to make in your life
  3. November is also a very good time to begin something new, to experiment. Creative self-expression is well starred.
  4. Frequently it’s tough to implement new ways of doing things but now you should find it’s relatively effortless.
  5. In particular regarding work, it’s a wonderful time for change and many will feel now as though all their hard work in the past two years is finally paying off.


So there you have it! Novembers Astro News and Card of the Month


Don’t forget: I am available for Christmas and New Year parties. I‘m already taking bookings for my January ‘overview of the year to come’ Clairvoyant Tarot Readings!







A little late this month, I have been away on a small Mediterranean island idyll, an unspoilt and well kept secret – bliss!



The Full Moon in Aries on Thursday October 5th is going to be a powerful full moon and a conjunction between Venus and Mars signals the beginning of a new romantic cycle and a time for self-assessment.

Under the Aries Full Moon ask yourself honestly if you have found yourself a little short-tempered lately.
The fiery energy of the Full Moon in Aries is an ideal time of the year to be totally honest with yourself about your temperament. Any time is a good time for self-improvement!

Aries is the infant of the zodiac – the Full Moon in this sign highlights our more childish behaviour.

Aries energy can be very unsubtle. It reminds us of how we ought to behave, and encourages self-improvement.




Compromise and cooperation will work for you this month. Professional growth is supported. Financial prospects are positive. Jupiter helps with romance if you are a single. Be aware of your health and stress levels.


Tarot Card of the Month: 9 of Cups – Security, wish fulfilment, pleasure, and emotional satisfaction. Enjoying the simple pleasures of life, pleased with what you have achieved. Contentment and counting your blessings. Also a great time for getting more organised (do the filing)!





Your spiritual side will emerge in October 2017. Jupiter and Neptune are assisting your career. Finances are stable and love relationships are possibly challenging.


Tarot Card of the Month: 6 of Swords – This is known as the ultimate travel card, however, the journey may be internal, taking you from some inner turmoil to a calmer way of being. It also suggests ‘recovery’ from something, a new perspective and moving away from obstacles, leaving the past behind and gaining more positivity.





Mercury will make Gemini people more aware of their spiritual selves in October 2017. If unemployed, your job prospects receive a boost. The Solar eclipse will bring challenges in your love life. The Moon affects your financial journey bringing small irregularities. You’ll feel well and energised this month.


Tarot Card of the Month: Queen of Wands – a bubbly outgoing woman with a very strong ability to read people. She is charismatic and creative, attractive, optimistic, up beat and confident. You’ll be displaying these qualities in October.





Fasten your seatbelt! October 2017 is a challenging month for Cancer individuals. Undergoing a major transformation on a personal level due to the Lunar eclipse. You may change your job. Both finances and relationships are complex. Watch your stress levels.


Tarot Card of the Month: 8 of Swords – This card exactly reflects your astrological set-up this month. Expect some frustration and feeling of limitation. Watch out for self-sabotage!




Mars makes professional life busy for you this month. Your spiritual beliefs will expand. There is a touch of the altruistic in you this October. Singles will experience ‘flirtations’. Be aware, you’ll need to ‘stress-bust’.


Tarot Card of the Month: 6 of Pentacles – Generosity, willingness, gifts and consideration. Giving and taking, seeking approval? Be aware that your generous side could be taken advantage of. Time to set boundaries!




Jupiter assists you to expand your intellectual foundation via study and research. Travel in October is likely. You can achieve your career goals so long as you focus now. The eclipses urges you to change your financial plans. Relationships will be more enjoyable. A month in which you feel well and energised.


Tarot Card of the Month: The Empress – Action, development, fertility, feminine vitality, abundance, feeling good about life, focusing on art and beauty, harmony and sensuality. A good time to ‘plant seeds’ to ‘harvest’ next year.




Venus impacts career and health this month. Professional expansion demands persistence. Jupiter enhances wealth. Major changes in relationship weather partnered or single are possible due to the Lunar eclipse. Make time for more relaxation.



Tarot Card of the Month: 7 of Cups – A time of many options, possibly confusing. Look at each opportunity as it presents. Avoid ‘wishful thinking’; instead take practical steps to make it happen. Thoughts about location change.




You’ll seek new spiritual knowledge in October 2017. You are in an ideal position to do want in life. Jupiter assists you with better prospects. You will attracted to and spend on luxurious items. Planets highlight your charming and lovable side. Do look at your health and well being routines.


Tarot Card of the Month: 4 of Wands – Celebration, joy, spontaneity and freedom. Harmony, pride in achievements, release from responsibility, dumping emotional baggage, also work that inspires you and family celebrations.




Friendships will undergo re-assessment this month and the strong ones will survive. Finances are challenging and erratic. Love relationships may be a tad confusing. A busy month! Your health is good.


Tarot Card of the Month: The Moon – Intuition, illusion, fear, confusion and apprehension. This month trust your intuition. Your psyche is asking you to think more creatively.




Capricorn people need to avoid risks in October 2017. Jupiter supports your career goals. Jupiter assists with your finances. Love relationships seem to be more for entertainment.


Tarot Card of the Month: 4 of Cups – Hesitation, introspection, feeling a little out of touch or having a ‘jaded palette’. Contemplation, self-questioning and possibly unable to see what is on offer. Passivity, apathy and lack of initiative. Time to shake up old routines and see things differently!







Career ambitions are paramount for Aquarius people in October 2017. Uranus changes spiritual perspective. Jupiter assists your professional growth. Financial management may be challenging. Your family environment might undergo significant changes. Romance is highlighted.


Tarot Card of the Month: 3 of Cups – Friendship, celebration, team work, abundance, enjoying social network and making new friends, community spirit.




You will be challenged by the extraordinary events in this month. Don’t worry, they are positive! Career is attracting important changes. Finances are stable, but you’ll need to put more effort in. Tact and diplomacy are required to maintain good social relations. Health can be improved by conscious ‘stress-busting’.


Tarot Card of the Month: Wheel of Fortune – Luck, timing, turning point, destiny. Coincidence, change opportunity and unpredictable events. Taking advantage of opportunities.






Hello again, it;’s the first of September, where does the time go!?  Here are my insights for this month;




In September, all the personal planets transit the sign of Virgo: the Sun (starting August 22nd), Mars (starting September 5th), Mercury (starting September 10th) and Venus (starting September 20th). On September 20th, the Moon conjunct Sun in Virgo, so that we have New Moon in Virgo, when this sign’s analytical skills are highly activated and each sign can use them to understand what course of action to take.


This month, as well as ‘Tarot Card of the Month’ for each sign, I have decided to throw in a card from Chuck Spezzano’s ‘Archetypes & Shadows deck’. I hope you’ll enjoy the extra dimension!


Aries: This is transitional month for you. Your focus will be moving from home and family issues to career challenges. There can be enormous growth supported by favourable planetary influences. Venus, Jupiter and Mars are cooperating to make your financial situation improve. Your health is good this month but don’t expect partners or dates to be perfect!


Tarot Card: Ace of Cups – Love, deep feeling, new romance, intimacy. A time for expressing your feelings and being in touch with your emotions. Establishing new bonds and a desire for deeper connection.


Archetype Card: Protector – you have become responsive to those around you who need help. Yu are capable of displaying sacrifice and heroic acts in order to ensure others wellbeing.


Taurus: Should attend to family matters in September 2017. Career will hold no surprises so use this period to make new plans for growth. Mercury is supportive in your financial sector. Family matters will be peaceful. For your health consider detoxification and a proper diet.


Tarot Card: 3 of Pentacles – Cooperation, team effort, building for the future, making foundations, skill and planning, professional growth, recognition of skill. Possibly – property issues.


Archetype Card: The Wise Fool – You have the ability to communicate with and advise those more powerful than yourself, also to bring much needed humour to a situation.


Gemini: Needs to be aware of enhancing their emotional balance in September 2017. Finances can be improved via speculation. In relationships, decide whether it is ‘just fun’ or a more important commitment. Guard against ‘burning the candle at both ends’ this month.


Tarot Card: The Sun – Communication, sharing, happiness, joy, positive energy, creativity, growth. Accomplishment in love and new friendship, feeling enlightened, belief in self, confidence, shining in the spotlight


Archetype Card: Old Wise Woman – You have access to great intuition now, this will guide you to greater freedom, ease and truth. The feminine side of your nature will enhance relationships.


Cancer: Take a back seat and allow matters to unfold naturally. Networking will assist you in your career. Saturn aids you in making sensible decisions regarding finances. Pay attention to family matters. The planets this month give you an ‘energy boost’.


Tarot Card: Conquest, limitations, conflicted interests. Winning the battle yet feeling defeated. Experiencing hostility.


Archetype Card: The Critic – The balance required between the feeling of superiority and inferiority.   Try not to project the inferior parts of yourself onto others. You have innate good taste!


Leo: will be free to pursue whatever inspires them. Mars makes you powerful in your career sector. The moon clarifies your finances. Relationships are well aspected this month.


Tarot Card: The Star – Inspiration, ideal love, truth revealed. Realisation of a dream, insight and self-belief are essential for happiness, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing you are going to be successful, visionary progress, new trust.


Archetype Card: The Healer – You are responding to the calls for help from those around you. Healing fulfils a higher purpose and your gifts can ease and help to heal those who are experiencing difficulties.


Virgo: Family matters will require your attention this month. However, career also requires your focus to make strategic moves forward. You may well see an unexpected windfall in your finances. Relationships need to go at their own pace, don’t rush!


Tarot Card: Generosity, willingness, gifts, loss and gain, giving and taking, shift in power, domination or submission? Seeking approval, also – don’t let your generosity be taken for granted, look at your boundaries!


Archetype Card: Ally – Partnering and sharing augments and increases power to the benefit of all. Your inspiration will in turn inspire others.


Libra: The Sun a more spiritual vibe this month. Venus highlights your attractiveness, your partner or potential partner will have a deeper bond with you. The Moon assists on the career front. Your have support towards greater prosperity. Meditation will help you to maintain good health.


Tarot Card: 5 of Pentacles – Soul-searching, inability to ‘look on the bright side’, fear of lack, felling alone or excluded. Neglecting your own needs, a sense of something missing. Also, the ability to assist others less fortunate.

Archetype Card: Warrior – A need for action and courage to deal with issues that need attention. The warrior deals with injustice and stagnation, time to shake things up!


Scorpio: Concentrate your career enterprises. Spirituality is highlighted this month and will assist in overcoming difficulties in your profession. There are several possible financial opportunities to capitalise on.


Tarot Card: 2 of Pentacles – Balancing, dexterity, flexibility, juggling. Agility in dealing with material things, adapting to relationship needs, multi tasking, feeling confident in your abilities, having fun, juggling with options, being willing to go with the flow and understanding change.


Archetype Card: The Magus – Power and passion for matters that will help humanity, finding a better way and giving it your all. You combine the energy of mind, body and spirit to make a contribution to the benefit of everyone.


Sagittarius: The focus in September is on career. Professional growth is assured. Contacts and networking contribute for your financial success. You’ll be energised and achieving this month!


Tarot Card: 4 of Swords – Repose, temporary retreat, contemplation, truce, inner fears, making time for yourself to be alone, finding your own space, relaxing and taking it easy, standing back and reviewing the situation, preparing for the future, taking stock of your objectives, slowing down.


Archetype Card: Optimist – Your mind is gifting you with continuous positive perspective, you mind opens to all possibilities. Guidance and inspiration are yours and you can inspire others.


Capricorn: Will notice significant career growth. Finances require attention and possibly assistance from friends to improve. The Moon enhances romance. Try not to get too stressed or overtired this month.


Tarot Card: Strength – Courage, self-awareness, compassion, strength, facing reality, taking control of our life, learning to take responsibility for your actions, ability to forgive imperfection, being tolerant of other’s faults, inner strength, awareness of your instinctive responses.


Archetype Card: The Clown – Celebrate life and enjoy yourself! You humour enhances your life and the lives of others, you have the ability to dissolve the boring and repetitive – your sense of humour allows you to see life from a different perspective.


Aquarius: September is a challenging month.   Pluto and Mars highlight your career sector. Financial wellbeing requires a more intuitive approach. Relationships receive a positive boost and you’ll feel energised this month.


Tarot Card: The World – Completion, fulfilment, freedom from fear, reward for hard work and effort, time for celebration of self and others, feeling the world is your oyster, travelling physically and mentally, accomplishing what you set out to achieve, discovering a solution, feeling at one with yourself and the Universe, also tying up loose ends, completion of a cycle.


Archetype Card: Goddess – Embrace the feminine principal. Power, beauty, grace, sexuality, nurturing, receptivity, wisdom are available to you now and therefor others as well. Innocence, courage and love bring about healing. It is a time of receiving great bounty and the ability to pass the benefits on to others.


Pisces: In September you’ll need to be adaptable. Elders and friends will assist your career ambitions. Financial opportunities can to be found overseas. Sun, Venus and Moon will help your romantic life. Take better care of yourself this month.


Tarot Card: 10 of Cups – Family happiness, joy, peace, harmony. Promise of more to come, safe haven. Feeling one with the world, seeing the light, emotional fulfilment, completion of a cycle, love’s ideals attainable, restoring the status quo.


Archetype Card: The Man – If you are a woman you have the ability to embrace the masculine principle for balance, strength and courage to begin and sustain projects. Humour, camaraderie and friendship are highlighted for both genders.






Hello, here is the Astro News for August.  A lunar and a solar eclipse this month and really positive energy to work with!


How To Use the 21/08/17 Eclipse Energy


A great deal has already been written about the energy of the spectacular 21st August solar eclipse and I have already posted some of it!

Here is a list of things you can do under the eclipse energy that will bring tremendous results if you commit to them under the eclipse influence. Pick what you feel drawn to do from the list below, or go for it and do it all! The results will be amazing.


One:  Work out a Financial Plan

Get advice

List 3 top things you are saving for

Name one ridiculous expense – ditch it!

Get up earlier

Eat lighter

Move More


Two: Work on your Self Worth

List 5 things you value about yourself

List one thing you’d like to do for yourself this week – DO IT!

Sit quietly, focus on you and list all the things you like about yourself


Complete tasks

Break with negative people


Three: Be sensual and kind to yourself

Buy yourself flowers

Bathe with essential oils

Get a massage

Have an early night

Write plans for the next day the night before


Four: Character Check

Who are you kinder to, yourself or others?

List one thing you can’t be bothered to do and DO IT!

What could you be less stubborn about?

Carry out Tasks on plan

Live differently

Overcome fear

Make more time for solitude/Meditation


Five: What are you giving up on?

What can you push yourself to do?

Write plans and do them

Make one long-term goal and DO IT!






The solar eclipse on Monday August 21, 2017 is at 29° Leo. The solar eclipse August 2017 astrology points to bold, confident changes leading to long term success.

Determined and sustained effort will bring the growth and happiness you desire.

New moon August 2017 aligns with the major fixed star Regulus to give ambition and adventure. A positive link to Uranus makes this a six-month eclipse phase of anticipation and excitement.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Meaning

Like any new moon, a solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. An eclipse cycle of six months not a new moon cycle of four weeks. The strongest and most important aspect in astrology is the Sun in conjunction with the Moon.  It means all possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future.

Old habits, behaviours and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start by writing a to-do list on a blank sheet of paper.

This solar eclipse will compliment themes found in the 7th August Lunar Eclipse.  Together they act as an eclipse phase which lasts until the January 2018 lunar eclipse.




Aries: The truth is that there are many ways to demonstrate strength, and many ways in which our voices can be heard. Interaction with others becomes easier if we are also prepared to listen to opposing views. Understanding is so much more persuasive than a show of force. With the August Total Eclipse linked to Uranus, in your sign, it’s your capacity to be counter-intuitive that brings enables you to achieve your goals this month. Tarot Card: 3 of Pentacles – Co-operation, team work, taking advice from experts, getting the foundations laid for future prosperity, professional growth, material gain, being aware of your potential, a competent strategy.


Taurus: In August, whatever shakes your foundations; the ground isn’t going to open up! However, it is a necessary part of your journey, a catalyst to encourage you makes a significant changes that once seemed unlikely. Tarot Card: 3 of Swords – Getting to the heart of the matter, triumph of logic over emotion, disappointment, disbelief (the ‘catalyst’).


Gemini: Knowledge is gained through experience and time. If you don’t have an answer, there is no shame in asking. What’s so bad about admitting ignorance? With Mercury retrograde, and a total Solar Eclipse, if you present openness whenever you meet an awkward question this month, the answer will organically emerge. Tarot Card: 3 of Wands – Foresight, expansion, contemplation, exploration. Seeking new adventures, having an open perspective, starting a new journey, awareness of your intentions, a sense of vocation.


Cancer: This month Venus travels through you sign and you’ll see some of your priorities change for the better, enabling you to self-nurture as much as you nurture and care for others. With your needs better taken care of, you’ll be free to manifest your desires. And you’ll be very pleased to welcome your new priorities and the changes they bring. Tarot Card: 7 of Cups – Too many choices, self indulgence, wishful thinking, fantasising, high expectations, an array of options open to you.


Leo: The Total Eclipse in your sign brings you courage and conviction upon which you can create a brighter future.

It is a very good time to consciously assess goals and reduce/eliminate the limitations to your freedom of expression. However, power surges can be draining so look after your health and stress levels. Don’t be afraid of the energy at your disposal in August. An exciting month! Tarot Card: The Lovers – Love, completion, choice, temptation, commitment. The power of love and how to deal with it. Seeking wholeness, being true to your values, feeling drawn to another, making the right choice, knowing what is right for you, wanting union.


Virgo: You may be experiencing mis-communication this month. It is simply a nudge from the cosmos asking you to listen more and say less! This way, you’ll be able to assess what you encounter and make better informed choices. Tarot Card: The Wheel of Fortune – Turning point, destiny ‘luck; synchronicity and coincidence, taking advantage of change, identifying opportunities and grasping them.


Libra: The nature of Libra is to see both sides of the argument and instinctively strive to restore balance. The negotiations you encounter this month may seem ‘black & white’ but you rightly suspect that others have a self-serving agenda. It seems the issue is fraught with secrets and controversy. The influence of both the Total Solar Eclipse in harmony with Uranus, assist you to choose your direction, take a firm stand and you’ll see that the truth of the matter will become clear. Tarot Card: 5 of Swords – Conflicting interests, accepting limitations, conquest. Possible friction, resolving a ‘no-win’ situation.


Scorpio: This month your ability to ‘perform’ shines through. There is an influence towards a more public and authoritative persona. Your insight and strategic thinking will be admired; just don’t let it go to your head! Keep matters in perspective; this is an opportunity for significant change. Tarot Card: 6 of Wands – Team work, success, the assistance of like minded people, positive acknowledgement. Pride, victory, reward, accomplishment.


Sagittarius: Self-belief, faith, conviction, all these have been shaken in your world recently leaving a sense of mistrust and disillusion. This month there is great news; Saturn and Pluto are on the way out. This will be such a relief. Finally your faith and belief in the benevolence of the Universe are restored heralding a new phase of success in your life. Tarot Card: 2 of Cups – Relationship, connection, partnership, attraction. Establishing a bond, mutual attraction, harmony and cooperation, reconciliation and forgiveness.


Capricorn: This month, you have the chance to break the cycle of patterns from childhood and become more self-aware, wiser and stronger. However, you may be required to face a circumstance that feels uncomfortably familiar, in order to break the repetitions of the past altogether. Welcome the developments that August brings. Tarot Card: The Sun – Communication, sharing, happiness, joy, energy, creativity & growth. New friendships, positive accomplishments, self-confidence, believing in yourself, enthusiasm.


Aquarius: August brings you a focus on the outside world and your influence over the people and situations you encounter. The influence of the Solar Eclipse makes a harmonious link with your ruler and encourages your creativity, courage and optimism. New possibilities are emerging. Tarot Card: The Fool – Innocence, the eternal optimist, a leap of faith, welcoming new adventures. A personal quest, spontaneity, naivety moves into experience.


Pisces: This month brings the opportunity to change the way in which you have been going about our daily life, it could herald a new career path or that you choose new route to work. The significance of the change is up to you but the cosmic assistance is there, as a facilitator for fundamental transformation, should you wish to take advantage of the August influences and energies that are at your disposal now. It can be a time of profound transformation. Tarot Card: Knight of Cups – A temperamental idealist, a knight in shining armour, emotional rescue, an invitation to love. Also loyal friends, short journeys.










Here are some matters to meditate on, or give attention to during this New Moon. It is also a great time to set your intentions and make affirmations for manifestation in the next four weeks

Family time – make an effort to spend time with those who mean the most to you, family or friends who feel like family.

Insecurity – A Cancerian New Moon can highlight insecurities – so if you want to become more self-aware and live consciously, this is the time to assess yourself and see if you need to self nurture and build up confidence and self-belief.

Nurture yourself and others – The Cancerian energy is very much about being cosy and looking after yourself and others, be it with social gatherings, providing delicious food or by pampering yourself having a massage, facial, or indulging in lovely expensive bath oil for example.

Review your goals – We are now half-through 2017. How many of the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year have been achieved?

Bathe – Cancerian energy loves water! If you can’t swim in the sea, or a river, lake or pool, do honour the Cancerian energy with a soak in the bath, Jacuzzi or or similar. See what ideas come to you as you relax.

Here are New Moon times around the world

New Moon at 3 Cancer

LONDON: June 24, 3.30am

SYDNEY: June 24, 12.30pm
NEW YORK: June 23, 10.30pm





FIRST QUARTER MOON IN VIRGO: 1st June sees the Moon in Virgo. And this is what it’s good for:

◗ Good for… Releasing addictions, creating order and new routines in your life.

◗ Not so good for… Being wild and reckless
◗ Do… Be helpful.

◗ Don’t… Be too critical.

 Scroll down for more about your sign.

 The emergence of powerful planetary influences comes into play this month as Mercury from the 7th transits through its ruling sign of Gemini until the 21st.

On the 18th Mercury opposes Saturn a combination that can bring confusion in transport and technology but also great depth in collective thinking.

The big news that will dominate the astrological news is Jupiter going direct in Libra on the 10th; this is especially good for the UK as it moves through the placement of a countries persona.

The planet Venus on the 6thmoves into its rulership of Taurus adding economic stability for the rest of the month and a general feeling of security.

On the 9th we have a Full Moon at 18 degrees in Sagittarius ‘A man’s face painted with grotesque scrolls and surrounded by a mass of tangled hair’ it is the degree of ‘disorder’.

This Full Moon is heavily affecting the USA’s natal chart and therefore expects some home truths coming up in the collective consciousness.

GOOD NEWS! For anyone who has been up against it lately June falls into the category of ‘smooth sailing’.

Overall, the middle of the year looks as though it will work out quite pleasantly for most of the signs.

Anything to do with romance and finance seems to be well-aspected this month, thanks to the movement of the planet Venus through Aries and into Taurus.

Whether you’re single or attached, or just in something complicated, expect an improvement.

Pamper yourself, feel fabulous and go out in to the world and see what you find! If you are long-married and you know you need to revive the spark, this is great month for it.

If you’re single and looking, the energies this month are great for meeting someone new.

The best dates for relationships (any kind) this month are June 1, 2, 9, 19 and 23. They are great for being with your partner or a friend or your family. They are days when relating to people should flow more smoothly.

Do watch out on June 2 though if you’re in a tense relationship with someone – things could be challenging.



The world might be a challenging place in 2017, but this months Full Moon will hopefully bring lighter energies. It takes place in adventurous sign of Sagittarius, and is closely followed by a link between the zodiac’s lovers Venus and Mars.

This augurs very well, especially since Full Moons can go either way, from super fun to super intense and even plain stressful.

Full Moon on June 9

in Sagittarius

LONDON: June 9, 2.09pm

And the New Moon June 24

New Moon in Cancer

LONDON: June 24, 3.30am


The Sun: this month, the Sun will spend most of its time in the sign of Gemini. Here’s what that means for you. If you know where the Sun is, you know where your focus is likely to be. (It’s also worth reading your Rising Sign if you know it).


Regarding your love prospects, you need to look at the love planet Venus. This month she will spend most of her time in the Earth sign of Taurus. In a nutshell, this is


  1. Really good news for Earth and Water signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorns, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisceans)


  1. Possibly less good exciting or even a tad more challenging for Fire and Air signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarians, Geminis, Librans and Aquarians)


The deal is that for the signs listed under 1 above, Venus will be making harmonious and sweet contacts.


For the signs listed under 2, there could be relationship clashes to contend with.


However don’t be alarmed! A little Venus clash can often be just what you need to sort through an issue with a partner or ex. It can also be a time of sorting things through with a family member or friend.


Venus is about relating. If things have been a little uncivil with someone, it’s a time to make up, whether it’s a question of making up and moving on or making up and reconciling.


ARIES: It is now extra possible to make changes in your personal life and on the home front as the New Moon lights up your Home Zone, and Mercury and Mars power through the same part of your chart. Anything to do with your home or domestic life can be renewed now, from doing up your house, to moving, to sorting things out after a family upset or moving on after a break up of some kind.

The energetic shift that Venus brought to the rams last month has certainly quietened them down, but from the 5th Mars enters Cancer and brings all those emotions boiling up to the surface. How the Aries handle this month is going to be down to their own emotional ties with family and close friends. This could bring out a closeness that has never been seen before or an aggravated outburst that comes from nowhere.

Tarot Card: 10 of Cups Harmony, joyousness and contentment in home and family matters, abundance of good emotion, feeling at one with life, the start of anew positive cycle

TAURUS: A new financial dynamic is aspected for you this month. Forget about your financial past and decide what you want from now on. Abundant Venus in your sign and the Full Moon across your Cash Zones make now the time for you to work out at least a 6 – month but better yet a 12-month or even 5-year financial plan. Venus enters your party from the 6th transiting in Taurus, a combination that exudes charm and self-indulgence, if that’s your cup of tea, which for the majority of the bulls it is. However things also speed up in the financial sector of your chart, your ability to pick two separate directions in income is an opportunity that presents itself over the next four weeks.

Tarot Card: Page of Cups Trusting you intuition, creative ideas, forgiveness, love affair, sensitivity, romance!

GEMINI: The Full Moon in your Love Zone this month means it’s time to move on from any relationships that are not working out. The way to build stronger relationships now is to believe in yourself more. If you expect to be well-treated, you are far more likely to be well-treated. The general speed of the month increases especially from the 7th as Mercury transits your sign helping you to multi task your way through life, something the twins are familiar with. On the 9th we have a full moon in the relationship area of your chart, this can help to illuminate any issues that have been hidden in the past, embrace this energy rather than run away from it, you could get a real sense of liberation.

Tarot Card: The Fool Pure and un-corrupt, innocent, the eternal optimist, ready to leap into anything, leap of faith, considered risk, adventure, spontaneity.

CANCER: This month is hectic, with massive potential. Ask yourself “where do I want to go from here?” Not being intentionally bossy, but the New Moon and Mars in your sign is giving you powers, which you need to use. Chase your dreams! The Summer Solstice is on the 21st June when the Sun transits into the zodiac sign of Cancer. Your month has a certain heightened frequency, meaning your sensitivity to your environments is the key to unlocking new aspects in your personality. The New Moon in your own sign on the 24th helps to emotionally move away from any negative on-going issues.

Tarot card: 3 of Wands Foresight, expansion, exploration, contemplation. Awareness of your intentions, seeing new adventure, sure of your path, knowing your power, a sense of vocation.

LEO: June is a great time to take time out and just meditate and contemplate and eat healthily. The Sun is in the darkest part of your chart – the less you do socially, the happier you’re likely to be. This is a month-long phase and offers you a chance to regroup energetically. As tantalising as it is to go over the top it’s even better sometimes when we know what our limits are and stay within those boundaries. This is the mantra for you Leo’s this month as the pendulum swings between elation and the practical, the trick is trying to get somewhere in the middle of the two, and if there is one sign that can do this, it’s you.

Tarot Card: The Hierophant Conforming, tradition, ceremony, teaching, studying higher values, discrimination from knowledge, knowing how to act appropriately.

VIRGO: If you want to move house, town or even country, redecorate or renovate your home or to change who you live with, you have celestial support. If life at home has been challenging, June should mark the start of the end of the difficulty. Whatever you want, do make a wish as soon as you wake up on June 24! There is a lot of activity this month as the sun shines on the travel sector of your chart, restless with a need to escape from the mundane could see you being rather impulsive. On the 7th Mercury moves into Gemini bringing more questions and less answers in terms of your career, maybe it’s best just to focus on what needs to be done.

Tarot Card: 5 of Swords Be yourself! Ignore those who impose their opinions upon you, accept your limitations and go for reconciliation.

LIBRA: It’s exciting for you professionally now, as success planet Mars makes a once-every-two-years appearance in your Career Zone and the New Moon also lights up the same part of your chart. If you’re ambitious, this is a great time to go for it! If you’re not, it’s still a good time to explore your career options. There is some good news Librans, Jupiter which since February has being going retrograde finally moves forward on the 10th of June in your own sign. Plans that have stagnated over the last four months can finally begin to materialise, the only question is can you handle the amount of opportunities that are going to come your way?

Tarot Card: Death Don’t be alarmed! Death means the death of the old way of doing things, not literal death. It is akin to a snake shedding it’s skin, you are still you, but leaving behind what is no longer needed on board. It marks the end of an old cycle, letting go of the past and being true to yourself, accepting the cycles of change,

SCORPIO: There have been some very important lessons about money for you in the past few years as Saturn has rolled his way through your one of your two Cash Zones. Now the Full Moon over both Cash Zones hints at either you have learned your lessons, which are going to pay off… or, tediously, there are more lessons to come. From the 6th Venus moves into the partnership area of your chart, this enables you to clear up any emotional mess that occurred from last month. There is a cathartic energy about June for Scorpio allowing you to become much more in tune with your immediate environment. This is intensified from the 10th as Jupiter moves direct in your solar 12th house.

Tarot Card: 2 of Wands Achievement, courage, personal power. Persuading other of your talents, having the courage to prove your point. Making your mark on the world, expansion, new horizons, being inventive, new ideas.

SAGITTARIUS: The Full Moon in your sign marks the beginning of the end of a phase. But don’t panic! It’s the beginning of the end of what has been for many Sagittarians, a long and arduous cycle. Think about what the past two years have taught you – literally make a list and start to live your life, from now, acting on those important lessons. The Sun is in your opposite until the 21st, the light is directed towards relationships and how to get the best out of them. With the planet Saturn clashing with the Sun, you just might feel restricted by other people’s expectations of you, time to make a hasty retreat.

Tarot Card: 4 of Cups Doubt, hesitation, introspection, having a ‘jaded pallet’ withdrawal and self doubt, contemplation for healing purposes.

CAPRICORN: There are new possibilities for you romantically as the June New Moon lights up your Love Zone and Mars moves into the same part of your chart after a two-year absence. Work on sorting through issues with the important people in your life, but careful not to come across as aggressive. Also, a very good time to meet someone new. It’s back to work for most of you, as you regain your career stride with energy and vigour that you now have at your disposal. These next four weeks can bring about change in your daily routine and more importantly your general attitude to life, these pearls of wisdom can be given to others, a role that the Capricorn loves to play – the master.

Tarot Card: 7 of Wands Gaining advantage, sticking to your guns, confident to say ‘no’, being resolute, you are on ‘the high ground’.

AQUARIUS: Use this month to make some changes to your daily routines so that you feel better and better about yourself. Whether it’s going to bed earlier, or getting up earlier and doing some stretching or exercise, changing your diet or doing something else you know you need to do, make the changes now and they’ll probably stick. But also pace yourself. There is a playful tone to these next four weeks, social events, group gatherings, everything that the Aquarius likes. The trouble of course is that you can’t be in two places at once, and therefore you have to be careful with what you promise others, try to limit your movements; it will make life a lot easier in the long run.

Tarot Card: 2 of Cups Attraction, relationship, connection, partnership, romantic love, understanding, harmony, cooperation, forgiveness and reconciliation.

PISCES: There could be some tension between your home and working life now as the Full Moon straddles your Home and Career Zones. Diffuse this tension by seeking a balance between your professional life and your need to actually ‘have a life’. Yes you may be under pressure but you need to let off steam too. Start having more fun. Make it your mission! Your traditional ruler Jupiter moves direct on the 10th helping you to release any blocked energies that have been delaying projects over the last four months. It important to respond to the shift in the planets, this is a time to think big, be brave and to make sure that you tell everybody about your new found plans, I’m sure others will benefit from your dreams.

Tarot Card: 6 of Swords New perspective, recovery, travel. Moving away from trouble, heading into better times, getting over difficulties, mental or physical journey. Leaving the past behind, being more positive about life.




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TAROT WORKSHOP ‘Tarot & The Dynamics of the Psyche’ CONTENTS


During the workshop weekend you will learn a brief history of Tarot and achieve a deeper rapport with your chosen Tarot deck.


Your participation will assist you in connecting with your own innate intuition.  We will explore Clairvoyancy & the Tarot.


A greater perception of the fundamental elements and characteristics of each suit (including Numerology, Astrology, Archetypes etc) both Court and Pip (or numbered) cards will be achieved.


We will explore a number different spreads. By the end of the weekend you will be able to confidently read for your sitter using several different layouts.


Together we will begin an analysis of the 22 Major Arcana.


We will discuss preparation for (and presentation of) sittings & professional practice.


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MAY Astro-Tarot News

1st of May saw the Ancient Pagan Festival of Beltane. A time to celebrate Spring turning to Summer, a blessing for fruitfulness and abundance from the animals and the land.

On 3rd May, Mercury turns direct before conjuncting Uranus again.

At the beginning of the year, the astrological setup was dominated by Jupiter, the planet of luck opposing Uranus, the planet of surprises.

While this remains the year’s defining Astro news, another alignment was also forming between Saturn and Uranus. In May, for the penultimate time until 2047, this alignment forms again.

This cosmic configuration will help us all to think on about a fundamental life restructuring process, that if implemented this year, will benefit us for years to come.

More for your sign below, scroll down to find your Astro Forecast and Tarot Card of the month:-

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MAY Astro-News and Tarot Card of the Month for Each Sign:

Aries: Clarify your goals this month then, go for them! Finances have support from Venus/Jupiter, friends and family are in harmony and your love life gains extra sparkle!

Tarot Card: Five of Pentacles: Are you neglecting your own needs? Is there a worry about rejection? If you feel there I something missing in your life right now, know that all you need is the willingness to go for it and you will discover what you seek.

Taurus: Your professional life may be challenging this month. However, partnerships are fun, but you do need to look at your stress levels. Take more exercise!

Tarot Card: Three of Swords: Getting to the heart of the matter, triumph of logic over emotion. Possible disappointment. However, what is yours will come to you and what is no longer needed will depart.

Gemini: You may feel drawn to study spiritual matters this month. Also know that close relationships require more of your attention. Your charisma and charm peak this month!

Tarot Card: Celebration, spontaneity, freedom. Enthusiasm about love and life, happy event, family celebration, harmony , freeing yourself from others expectations.

Cancer: May requires you to be more flexible and independent. Family is harmonious, finances good, health balanced.

Tarot Card: Seven of Pentacles: Evaluation, assessment. What next? You are in a phase of checking our progress, what will you improve upon, discard or implement for future success? You can see the fruits of your labour, take a step back to review your new strategy.

Leo: Your determination to achieve your goals this month will pay off, but do watch your stress levels!

Tarot Card: The World. Completion, fulfilment, freedom. Reward for hard work and effort, feeling the world is your oyster, travel, accomplishment, achieving solutions, feeling at one with self and universe.

Virgo: Social contacts may help professionally. However, career demands may pressurise relationships. Meditation and time out would be beneficial.

Tarot Card: Five of Wands. Competition, possible disagreements, Dealing with other’s egos, not knowing where you stand. Frustrating circumstances, irritation.

Libra: A balance between career and family is required, health improves, finances are challenged this month and relationships may be a little ‘chaotic’.

Tarot Card: Two of Cups. You can achieve a mutual understanding and harmony within the ‘chaos’ of relationships. Reconciliation and forgiveness are possible. Understanding and cooperation.

Scorpio: If you are job seeking, you’ll find the perfect position. Love life is harmonious but finances a little unstable.

Tarot Card: Eight of Wands. Rushing ahead, action, news, options. Getting your priorities and intentions sorted out, receiving news requiring swift action, quick developments, taking stock.

Sagittarius: Teamwork is key this month. Finances are stable, health good and would benefit from natural remedies.

Tarot Card: The Hanged Man. Transition, readjustment, limbo, paradox. Seeing life from a different perspective, 360 degree turn, changing priorities, preparation, above all patience!

Capricorn: Family relationships require attention. Professionally there is balance – finances are up and down. Look at your health and try some ‘stress busting’.

Tarot Card: Three of Pentacles. Co-operation, being part of a team of talented people, aiming to establish a foundation for the future. Professional growth, proving yourself, being aware of your potential.

Aquarius: Creativity is highlighted this month. Mars/Neptune challenge your finances. Health improves but you need to relax more!

Tarot card: Seven of Cups. High expectations, possibly a little unrealistic? However, there are many options open to you, avoid laziness!

Pisces: You need to put effort into family relationships. This is also a good time to plan career goals. Finances are balanced, for single Pisces, love life could be complicated.

Tarot Card: The Moon. Intuition, illusion, creativity, trust yourself, confusion, worry and apprehension dissolve when you listen to your ‘inner voice’.





Yesterday, 26th April we had the New moon in Taurus.  A very good time to set your intentions for the coming month.

May sees the end of the Mercury Retrograde phase, this ends on Wednesday 3rd May and will make travel and communication much smoother.

I will post more about May’s cosmic activity and draw a Tarot Card of the Month for each sign later, but for the moment:-

Do you live in Suffolk?

I will be giving Clairvoyant Tarot Readings at
The Crystal Path, Upper Somerton, Nr Bury St Edmunds  IP29 4NE
On Saturday 27th May 2pm-6pm  and  Sunday 28th May 12 noon – 4.00pm
For information and to book please call 01284 789632
@theCrysatlPath The  
Weekend Workshop at The Crystal Path
Later in the year, probably July or August TBC, I will be running a  2 day weekend workshop at The Crystal Path, Upper Somerton, Nr Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP29 4NE  For information please contact me directly for details 07771 854343




In the coming weeks I will be posting information about my Tarot Course. For now, here is the April Astro – tarot overview.

We have had quiet a few rare cosmic events in this early part of the year, here are a few more!

JUST FOR YOU: Scroll down to find Astro news and a Tarot Card of the Month for your sign:

11 April: The April ‘Pink Moon’

The term comes from the moss pink herb, or wild ground phlox flower, which is widespread by spring. Other names for this particular orb include the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon or the Full Fish Moon.

So you shouldn’t necessarily expect it to look pink!

In 2017, the Pink Moon should become visible at 6.08am on April 11.

VENUS The planet of finance and romance, Venus has been reversing. Now as she starts to move forwards again, it’s time to re-evaluate your romantic and financial futures. The planet of love and relationships has been in a rare retrograde cycle. As of April 15, that cycle is over.

Regardless of who you are or what your star sign is, relationships that have been under strain for the past few months should start to move forwards again in April.

When Venus is retrograde, we had the opportunity to re-evaluate what really matters. Who are your real friends, are you being a good or a bad friend? Are you just ‘collecting people’ or making real connections?

Use the first two weeks of April to work on your most important relationships. If you need to forgive someone, just do it. There could be very important lessons within romantic, friendship or professional scenarios. Are you being too clingy? Are you in the relationship for the right reasons? Or do you really care for someone and you need to tell them so more often?

Be aware that Venus will clash with Saturn on April 21, which is challenging. Issues of self-esteem can arise under this energetic pairing. Prepare for a slightly ‘wobbly’ day.

MERCURY Speaking of retrogrades, Mercury, the communications planet, starts to go into a reverse cycle this month, too. This time around, it will be in the sign of Taurus, starting on April 10.

That makes the first 10 days of April time to back up your computers, sort out your travel plans and sign any contracts you would like to have set in stone.

After that, we are in a Mercury retrograde phase which means it’s time to rethink, revisit and revise everything!


If you haven’t backed up your computer files or your digital photos in a while, this is an ideal time to do it. Remember, Mercury is the trickster of the zodiac…! This cycle highlights the possibility of Missed phone calls, emails and texts accidentally sent to the wrong person and botched rendez vous are possible.

However, there is also the chance to rethink a very Important Issue in your life. If you’re signing an agreement, be SURE both parties are in agreement.

The key with Mercury retrograde is always to let the cycle unfold without making any major decisions, if you can. Mercury retrograde usually leads to more information being sent your way so it’s best to way and see what transpires before you act.

The good news is that as Mercury goes backwards, it’s a really good time to say sorry or bring up something from the past that needs to be talked through. If you to take back something you said, or indeed if you want to go back to somewhere from your past, that is all good under Mercury retrograde.

 THE FULL MOONLONDON: April 11, 7.08am

 The Full Moon will be especially important to celebrate this month because it’s taking place post the Venus retrograde and while Mercury is retrograde. In other words, we can move on from the past, from part upsets in relationships and from relationships we no longer even want to be a part of.

This is a ‘Pink Full Moon’ The term comes from the moss pink herb, or wild ground phlox flower, which is widespread by spring.  Other names for this particular orb include the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon or the Full Fish Moon.So you shouldn’t necessarily expect it to look pink!

In 2017, the Pink Moon should become visible at 6.08am on April 11.



Aries or Aries Rising – There is a new start financially. This new cash cycle is linked to your feelings of improved self-esteem.

Tarot Card: Two of Wands – Expansion, sure of your skills, having courage to broaden your horizon, being inventive

Taurus or Taurus Rising – This is your annual chance to start ALL OVER again. This is a great chance to leave the past behind, Venus retrograde upsets and all.

Tarot Card: Three of Pentacles – Cooperation, teamwork, planning, material gain, proving yourself also property matters

Gemini – It’s triggering your 12th House, which deals with spirituality.

Tarot Card: Judgement – Liberation, inner calling, transformation, reevaluation, revival, also putting your foot down!

Cancer – This is your once a year Wishing New Moon – be careful what you’re wishing for!

Tarot Card: Ten of Cups – Harmony, joy, peace, family happiness, expecting more good things, emotional fulfillment, status quo.

Leo – There is a New Moon in your Career Zone you can expect professional developments.

Tarot card: Two of Cups – A meeting of minds, soul mate, romance from friendship, mutual understanding, reconciliation, forgiveness

Virgo – The New Moon in your 9th House is a great time to start projects regarding travel and study.

Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles – Reward for effort, prosperity, abundance, realism. Accomplishment, results, power to get what you require.

Libra – Sex and money are both areas of your life where you can generate a restart now.

Tarot Card: Five of Cups – Feeling deprived, something has been taken away from you, regrets over lost opportunities, feeling ‘out of kilter’, misunderstandings in relationships. Time for a review.

Scorpio – Your love life is getting a re-boost as you bring some light hearted energies in!

Tarot Card: The essence is about letting go of outmoded thinking. Hanging on to the old way could lead to missed opportunities. A need to be more flexible, to see all sides of the argument. Don’t be afraid of change.

Sagittarius – Time to think about your daily routines and over-all well-being.

Tarot Card: The Empress – Action, development, abundance, compassion, creativity, nurturing, feeling good about life.

Capricorn – Time to have more fun, to be more creative and playful.

Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles – Realistic, dedicated, reliable, hardworking, responsible, faithful, cautious, achiever. All these qualities are your now!

Aquarius – Home and family matters are highlighted – maybe even a move!

Tarot Card: Five of Wands: Competition rivalry, disagreement, irritating glitches, other people’s ego’s. Remove yourself from gossip or ‘office politics’, you need your energy for better things!

Pisces – Time to change the way you’re thinking and communicating.

Tarot Card: The Hanged Man – Patience! Using a static time for preparation, the ability to turn matters 360 degrees. Transition and re-adjustment.








Thursday March 30


Here is some news about a major planetary pairing. I have also picked a Tarot card for today – The Lovers, affiliated to Gemini, very apt.


The Lovers:


Think about what you mean by ‘love’ and take responsibility for your choices. The card asks you to be more aware of who you are and what values you place on love relationships. Learn to love yourself first, forgiveness, compassion and understanding are indicated. Love is the only thing you can give to others in abundance but cannot command in return.




CRESCENT MOON INTO GEMINI: We have just had New Moon. Now there is a major meeting between two planetary giants, Jupiter and Pluto.


This is significant for us all, no matter our Sun Sign. If you need to make profound changed in your life, now is the time!


The New Moon in Aries heralds the start of the New Lunar Cycle, as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.


Indeed, Jupiter and Pluto both signal a real chance for transformation.


Be certain that you are VERY CLEAR about what you want! The clearer you are about what you want, the more you think about it and day-dream about it and write it down and visualize it, the more likely you are to manifest it.


Jupiter: Rules Sagittarius & Pisces


Was once ruler of the Gods. Expanding intellectual and philosophical understanding in the world. Optimism, justice, loyalty and new learning are all attributes of this planet.


Influences expansion, optimism, good fortune, faith, philosophy, hope, knowledge, excess, abundance, luck, travel, inflation, creative visualization, largesse, generosity, conscience.


Pluto: Rules Scorpio


Pluto was the God who rules the underworld. It highlights challenges, particularly those from the darker side of our own natures! It draws our attention to the laws of Karma.


Influences power, transformation, birth-death-rebirth, regeneration, elimination, taboo, pollution, transmutation, subversion, obsession, compulsion, the unconscious mind, religious conversation, psychoanalysis.


March 28

Today I am giving a brief overview of the cosmic influences we can expect from now and to the end of April.

I also decided to pull a Tarot card for each cosmic date and see what they have to say.

Upcoming cosmic dates…

March 28

New Moon in Aries.

The start of a new cycle. Great energy for choosing your direction now! Be bold and commit to a new way of doing things.

Tarot Card: 6 of Cups.

A touch of nostalgia, reviewing the past. Bumping into old acquaintances, renewing friendships, an old flame may surface, family visiting. Also a vision of how you want your family to be and surety in your morals, values and security.

April 3

First Quarter Moon in Cancer.

A phase in which you can assess how committed you are to your goals.

Tarot Card:Judgement:

Breaking free, time to stand up and have the courage of your convictions. You deserve recognition, so go for it! Take responsibility for your actions, re-motivate yourself and make some positive changes. A new cycle, also putting your foot down, rejuvenation and joy in yourself!

April 9

Mercury Retrograde until 3rd May.

Many of you will already know during this phase you’ll need to factor in extra time when travelling as delays are likely and expect the odd communication glitch. Not a good time to sign contracts or legal documents. Retro Mercury is not all bad, it is a great time to have a major clear out.

Tarot Card: 2 if Cups

Partnership, friendship, unity, engagement, attraction of like minds. Healing, good friendships, co-operation, love affair, romance, like attracting like, contract, peace-making, truce. Infatuation. Also – romance growing out of friendship.

April 11

Full Moon in Libra.

Relationships issues are highlighted. Feel your feelings! If you are ending a relationship now, it is happening at just the ‘right’ time.

Tarot Card: The Chariot.

Taking the reigns of positive and negative and putting your energy into charting our course, being ‘in the driving seat’. A sense of progression, steady movement forward, possible move of home or job. Certainly a new momentum. Keeping control of your emotions and reaching for victory. Challenges can be overcome.